Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 4 (Recap)

kakashi: This is heating up fast... or should we say cooling down? Ling Xi has already made herself indispensable in a completely un-stalkery way. In this episode, the anti-GoW faction makes a move. Thankfully, they're not very clever about it or else we'd have to fear for Jiu Chen who is not well at all.
JoAnne: Get ready for the bitchiest dinner party EVER.
Bunny: Even though Tianjun is a nice guy this time, there's always gonna be another Heavenly Asshat waiting around the bend.

Episode 4

The heart piercing needle has been delivered into GoL's hands. Jing Xiu is invited to stay at GoL's Thunder Head Palace and they just want to start eating and drinking when a bird arrives. I guess it's delivering a message in bird language? Yes! Something urgent has come up involving a magical pearl that needs to be transported from A to B, Jing Xiu needs to leave immediately to take care of it. Kinda without asking, GoL arranges for one of the soldiers (Kai Yang, one of the soldiers who likes to visit GoW) to go help out so that Jing Xiu can stay a little longer. Why do I dig Jing Xiu's looks?
I still don't see him as evil, despite the very spider-y head tattoo.
Yeah, I don't think he's evil either, just someone who will cause massive problems in the future.
So there's substantial power suppression down in that Mountain Spirit Realm, that's why Kai Yang is escorted to the border of the Celestial Realm by Chi Bi. Why is he grinning though when it seems clear there is going to be an ambush?! It's a trap! The one springing it Zhong Hao! The exiled Celestial. He wants that pearl?
This is where I got confused. Who's Zhong Hao? Is he important? 
Kai Yang is hurt in the skirmish... and just when Zhong Hao is about to hack his head off, God of War appears and shatters traitor dudes large sword. Yay, GoW has the longest and best. Mmm... and the hardest I'm sure. Hmmm... he must also have a pretty good intel network if he knew to come here at this time?
I thought it was a little overly convenient as well.
His sword tingled.
Chi Bi goes to his master to report (he's still drinking with GoL). GoL tells the Spirit Men their female leader is too soft-hearted and boasts that he will go after Zhong Hao himself. When they're alone, Jing Xiu demands to know from Chi Bi why the God of War appeared - but of course, Chi Bi has no clue. They both head to the God of War's palace next... where the GoW is healing Kai Yang. He doesn't listen to his doctor, doesn't he... using his powers even though he shouldn't! And indeed, when he takes the medicine from Ling Xin, it freezes. Oh no.
Tsk tsk... some people just don't know how to rest. Too eager to get back into business.
Jing Xiu is announced. GoW doesn't want to see him but he gives 13th a box to give to the Mountain Spirit Man. Hm? What is it? Ah! The pearl! But what does it mean? Does GoW know what their plan is? It seems to me that GoW is at least suspicious and that Jing Xiu understands that.
I'm really kind of lost about the plot just yet.
Me too, Jo. Well mostly just this part involving these men in black and the pearl. Maybe it's selective on my part, I'm too busy swooning over Chang Chen and Ni Ni.
Silly Jiu Chen... he's used too much power, he is freezing again! Smart Ling Xi is able to thaw him by moving the everlasting wood fire closer. She watches over him all night, smiling fondly at his face. But I guess she gets tired at one stage... The next morning, the God of War finds her curled up next to him, gripping his robe.Why are they so cute... SO freaking cute. She's like a little kitten and he just doesn't know what to do with her.
We are predisposed to like a cute girl who has authority over a grumpy man's wood.
He pulls it away roughly and keeps staring ahead as he always does. You know he liked it. Look how hard he's trying to act cool. He can't ignore her though when she brings his medicine and smiles at him sweetly. He asks how many days she's been here. It's 9! And tomorrow, it's 10. Which is when he wants his longevity charm back - or else! What a bully!
You can tell she's starting to have an effect on him. 
Si Ming comes to visit and we hear he became an immortal through hard work and is still working the hardest up in the Heavens. What's with Thirteenth? She is making mooney-eyes when the maid talks about him. A crush?
That was definitely my impression!
This will be interesting... Do we know yet what her gender status is? Is she a male crossdressing or did she actually turn into a female?
Si Ming knows everything about the Spirit People and the Black Bird Tribe, who are famous for being the best advisors. Apparently, the Black Birds plotted a coup against the previous king (Yuan Du), foiled due to the treason of the Black Bird's leader's own son... who happens to be Jing Xiu. After Yuan Du's daughter became Queen, Jing Xiu became her loyal advisor. He's basically running her kingdom since she's not really interested in governing. 
I mean, technically he breaks the filial rule I guess but that doesn't sound like a bad person to ME.
Hmmmmm, why does GoL want to host a grand welcome dinner for GoW all of a sudden? It's mighty suspicious!! Yun Feng suggests to stay away but GoW won't have it, I guess he wants to see what he's up against. He's so cool... It's also happening right now, which is... never mind, I guess immortals don't need days to prepare for huge feasts like mortals! Ling Xi is sent to the Grand Hall with GoW's medicine but gets seated as if she were a guest. You'd think security would be tighter at these things. She ends up next to a totally crazy GoW fangirl (Lu Yi, the medicine king's daughter) who thinks she's his bride already. The level of GoW thirst in this one hall is scary. But can I blame them? No. Did you see him walk in all sexy with his hair up?
And 3, 2, 1...Bitch Mode, engage!

GoL's lackeys (do we need to learn their names? The Heavenly Douche Bros) are trying to cause trouble, boo, making mean remarks about 100,000 dead and only one survivor. Yun Feng gives him a remote-slap, ha! Those are great, I'd like to be able to use them too. Seriously, the everyday utility of such a thing! Si Ming saves the day by quickly drawing attention to himself before other High Gods can get angry and involved.
That slap was the best thing ever.
Ling Xi observes everything, thinking this place is like a shark pool. Not minding the rules, she walks forward to sidle up to Jiu Chen. He needs his medicine after all! And she tells him to drink less wine because of his health. Awwwww just get married already! He tells her gruffly to go back to her seat, but no, not before he hasn't taken the medicine.
Jiu Chen just doesn't lose his cool, does he. I was expecting a little more of a reaction when she snuck up on him like that. 
GoL thinks his time has come and makes an announcement. He has investigated the site of the massacre at You Du and blessed be! He has found a relic from back then. Liar liar, pants on fire. It belonged to Yuan Zheng: the Heart Piercing Needle! Hmmm, when Madam Yuan touches it (she seems truly overwhelmed to see this favorite toy of her favorite son), it zooms up into the air, turning around itself as if seeking for a target. GoW does some quick thinking and jumps up - to erect a shield in front of the Heavenly Emperor. That wasn't the needles target though it seems - it is now aimed straight for GoW! Was it really aiming for him though? I can't help but think it was aiming for Ling Xi, the same way his sword had gone after her in the last episode for whatever reason. Not minding the danger, Ling Xi jumps in front of Jiu Chen to contain it with her (meager) powers. When it comes speeding their way, GoW jumps in front of Ling Xi to catch the needle in his hand! It takes a lot of power to hold it back, his hand freezes...
Quite the grip there, buddy
Stepping very close, Ling Xi manages to start defrosting his hand without anybody noticing. I wonder why they're trying so hard to hide this. Surely everyone knows GoW is still recovering and can't possibly be back to 100%. GoL is continuing with his plan though - to slander the God of War, claiming it's suspicious the Needle wanted to attack Jiu Chen. Is it because it knows something? And then, he asks the big question: Did the God of War slay 100,000 men himself? (Has he? It is in his memories indeed...)
GoL has a very punchable face.
Madam Yuan adds one more pointed question: how come that all the spirits of 100,000 men scattered and there were no bodies to retrieve? All of them... except Jiu Chen's in the end? Despite all of these accusations, Jiu Chen doesn't lose his cool. But he asks what her real meaning is. Does she want to say he's a coward for surviving? Or that he is guilty of causing the deaths of so many? Or that... he has become himself a Demon? Good on Jiu Chen for having an ornery side. For that last part, he gets told off sharply by Tianjun.
Meanwhile this one focuses on holding her head up - if that tiara gets off balance it will break her neck.
Tianjun seems to think Madam Yuan has a right to ask these questions and since he's kinda forced into it, Jiu Chen finally speaks up about what happened. As expected, it's truly horrid (though probably not the entire story): The Celestial troops trapped the Demon King in the mountains. The demon troops sacrificed their blood and flesh to their King, which made him extremely powerful. To vanquish him, 100,000 Celestial soldiers burnt their souls willingly. Jiu Chen says all this in a dispassionate voice but we all know what it must cost him.
So why was he stabbing them?
I think they were possessed (the troops), it's all that dark stuff floating around them.
Right, that's a pretty standard indicator - but that's not what he said.  In other words, dude is lying. I forgot for a minute that no one else is around who would remember seeing that, though.
Madam Yuan has the gall to ask for evidence, as if the God of War's words were not evidence enough. Tianjun gets very angry at her and then dismisses the God of War, mentioning how tired he must be. Jiu Chen grabs Ling Xi's hand (awwwwww, bb) (yep, I squealed) and drags her out of the Hall behind him.
Can we interpret this as he's starting to care for her? Or is he just making sure to drag her out so she doesn't stay and cause more problems? I can't decide. 


Dammit, this feast was one large trap! Jiu Chen must have known this, but I think he needs to know who the enemy is to be able to act in his own defense. It's clear now it's this Madam Yuan who is the mastermind behind the anti-GoW faction, the GoL is just doing what she tells him I think. He doesn't seem like an overly intelligent man. It's also clear from how Jiu Chen treats the old woman (with quite a lot of grudging respect) that he knows where the true power lies.
Jury still out on that daughter, but she IS thirsty for some GoW loving.
My poor bb being ganged up on by this nasty bunch here. You'd think they'd cut the guy who fought a war for them, who just woke up from a 50,000 year coma, some slack. What motive would he have for killing his own troops? Maybe if any of them had half a brain cell...

But can we talk about Ling Xi's protective streak? Jumping in front of him to protect him from a heart piercing needle! I mean! She's fearless. I am sure his cold heart is touched by all these gestures. And how cute is it that they're standing there in court really, really close, looking like a pair of lovers when she defrosts his hand in secret so nobody knows how poorly he really is?
Love her urge to protect him, it's so heart-melty!
Yes, like a pair of lovers! Straight up PDA they were so glued together. But why did NO ONE bat an eyelash or say anything about that? It's not like they don't recognize her, just a few days ago she was in that same hall standing trial for being buddy buddy with the Tun Tian monster. I guess they're too busy being petty.