Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 6 (Recap)

kakashi: The Celestial hyenas are still out for Jiu Cheng's blood! And things in the Spirit Realm go major wrong. I'm so confused.
Bunny: There, there... take a deep breath and look at that beautiful face down below... Feel better? ... What do you mean that only works on me?
JoAnne: Not just you.

Episode 6

While cleaning around 13th who drops empty sunflower seeds all over the floor like the worst kind of roommate, Ling Xi gets curious about an object in GoW's study. It's the totem of Lie Yi's family, 13th knows (that's Zhong Hao's father, the one who was banished by the Celestials to live in the lower Spirit Realm). We learn: they used to be an esteemed family, even more so than the Yuans are now. But then, Lie Yi was possessed by a Demon and killed people. Following Celestial law, the one who executed him personally was the God of War, even though him and Lie Yi were very close friends. He has the worst job ever. The entire Lie family was "stripped off their immortal bones" and sent into eternal exile. GoW keeps the totem around because he's that kind of guy - one who still honors a friend even if he did very wrong. --The biggest softie in all the realms. 
So was this a separate situation from that battle, then? (yes! much earlier) If so...seems like demon possession was pretty much an every day thing if you were a friend or acquaintance of GoW?
Yes, he says so at one point: during the early days of this universe, they had constant battles between Demons and Gods, including dirty tricks galore
Yikes, it's the God of Lightning, planning his next shittery. (Everytime he pops up on the screen, my had gets all itchy and wants to slap something) He sucks up to the Heavenly Emperor with the GoW seal in his outstretched hands - he used it for 50,000 years but now he wants to return it to GoW, the rightful owner. Heavenly Emperor tells him to go and see GoW himself - he wants harmony between the two gods!
Translation: Do I look like UPS? I am not your errand boy, GoL.  
Harmony my ass. The Heavenly Douche Bros almost throw a fit when they hear about it and start stirring more shit. The one on the right is quite smart and he says they should use this opportunity to push Jiu Chen into a corner. They have a war report of Zhu Xie, a General who perished during that Mountain battle. They could not open it because only the GoW can (with the seal). And now they will force him to open it and reveal the truth!
What good is a war report if only one person can open it? They really need a better system up there.
I can't even think of a good reason for it to be that way other than 'lazy writer needs it'

They're planning more evil deeds still. Together with tat-baldy (new official name) Jing Xiu, they rounded up all of Zhong Hao's tribe (he himself escaped, even though he's heavily wounded by GoW's sword). This, too, is part of the plan to harm Jiu Chen, it seems. GoL knows how protective he is of his men and finding out the remnants of the Lie tribe are in trouble will get him to move.
I was really confused here... So Jing Xiu is trying to trick Jiu Chen into doing something by rounding up the Lie Tribe? I didn't realize that tat-baldy was doing this to target GoW (already?)... or was this Asshat 2.0's scheme? Oh boy, I'm lost (where's Chang Chen's face for me to stare at?)
Me too. Really not sure of the reasons for this particular machination.
In the Spirit Realm, Jing Xiu reveals himself as huge Zhong Hao hater - and he orders his entire tribe killed (or rather, fed into some Spirit Chaining Abyss). See, I thought this was the whole reason for it. Nothing to do with GoW. Without informing the Queen. In the meantime, the God of War has heard about the Lie tribe's predicament (his invisible spy network again?) and orders Yuan Tong to go down to the Spirit Realm with a letter of his to convince the Queen to be lenient. Zhong Hao rebelled and killed, so he deserves to die, but not the innocent people in his tribe. P.S. Someone is mighty interested in the exchange between the two...
I'm starting to get bad vibes from baldy. He's arrogant and manipulative. Wouldn't be surprised if he tries to overthrow the Queen later.
I still don't see him as bad, there's just none of the normal trappings other than the whole bald tattoo'd bit.  But he's certainly not in the right here, not to me.Is he killing all Zhong Hao's people because Zhong Hao escaped? And if they keep insisting on giving themselves to the demon is Jiu Chen really wrong?
In my reading, GoL and his cronies are just using the Spirit people for their Anti-GoW plans
Ling Xi is both impressed and jealous with Yuan Tong's beauty, intellect, and overall prowess and pesters Jiu Chen with questions such as: Can I become a Celestial General too? Am I beautiful too? But these kind of advances just make him grumpier than ever. She can't be a general because she hasn't cultivated enough and she shouldn't just believe her father, who is a known drunk about being so beautiful he has to lock her up. Ouch.
I don't even have to say anything for you to know how I feel about this scene. But really, why does this uncle have to be so grumpy? We know for a fact, he's going to be eating his words later.
I don't want the man who killed an entire army to be all sunshine and lollipops after, do you?
Upon finding out through Yuan Tong that the Lie tribe has been captured and was taken to the Spirit Chaining Abyss, Queen Ling Yue hurries there herself. It was at this exact spot that boy Jing Xiu experienced the death of his family by the hand of Ling Yue's father. It seems from this flashback that Jing Xiu was framed - the King bases his judgment on a letter the boy supposedly wrote, in which he claims his father and the tribe colluded with the Demons. So that story Si Ming told us about Jing Xiu being a traitor to his family... that's not exactly true then? But why is he serving the daughter of the father who killed his family?!
I swear if I have to watch that flashback of his crappy childhood one more time... (we've seen some version of it just about every single time he shows up)
I didn't get that he didn't write it - I just thought he was not expecting the result it brought. What did I miss?
I'm not sure about this point, Jo. I just read the situation this way! Because the boy is so clearly distressed and Si Ming made it sound like he was a cold-blooded traitor. 
Queen Ling Yue is very displeased about what her Advisor is doing but he doesn't back down easily, he even defends his choice to put everybody into the abyss several times. By the way, it's a place for dead spirits, we learn, with an entrance but no exit. Since the Lie tribe has been rendered mortal in their punishment, the Queen thinks throwing them into the abyss is just like killing them. ummm...why would it be better for them if they were immortal still? Wouldn't that be worse? When Jing Xiu finally backs down, it's too late though: The Abyss, since activated, is already claiming souls. And then, to make things go down the drain even more, a part of the Lie tribe offer their flesh, blood and souls to the Demon King (is he sitting in that abyss?! -- Nah, he's got his own little hole), chanting "Demon King must return!" He is happy to oblige and sucks the souls out of these people. Not quite sure what happens next... The Spirit people try to contain the black stuff, then everything explodes.
I can't tell if the stuff that happens plot-wise with the Spirit Mountain tribe people is actually confusing or if I just mentally check out. Maybe it's the costumes? Or the CGI? I just find it cheesy and can't engage.
It's not the cheesiness, it genuinely is confusing.
At the same time, the heavily wounded Zhong Hao reaches the site where the Demon King is sealed in the mountain. Lots of black smoke leaking out. The Demon King laughs and says he's the only one who can help Zhong Hao now... and Zhong Hao surrenders his spirit to the evil force, disintegrating in front of our eyes, with his spirit being sucked into the seal.
That was a little freaky deaky.
Yeah, I never like things where it looks like someone's jaw is going to unhinge and their mouth will get really big and that's kind of how this started out.
Up in the Heavens, the Lie family totem reacts by glowing red and then it begins to spit out sand or something like it. Naturally, Ling Xi steps closer to check... but the sand reacts with her body, making a red sign flare up behind her ear. Uh oh, what is that? She falls unconscious just as the totem shatters. Down in the Peach Blossom Grove, a crystal just like the one Ling Xi wears around her neck begins to glow, alerting her Father who rushes to the Heavens immediately. 
Ah, now we know why he insisted on her wearing that thing. It's like a little baby monitor, except more fashionable, and lets you know when your baby may or may not have demonic possession.
Baby HELL-o
At the Spirit Abyss, the Queen orders the old and weak to be released and Jing Xiu obliges, though grudgingly. The Queen is departing when a voice calls out to her from the Abyss... I'll be damned. It's her Father! He isn't dead, just trapped. So, the Queen lied to Jing Xiu?
Just to clarify, her father is the guy from Jing Xiu's flashback reruns who ordered the killing of all his tribe people, right? Yeah... so... I'm confused about his relationship with the Queen, why are they on good terms again?
None of it makes any sense at all, but for what it's worth she seemed surprised.
Ling Xi awakes, finding the Doctor Lady and her Father next to her. Her Father is livid and wants to take her home this very instance. Ling Xi doesn't want to leave. My god, Le Bo is hilarious. He throws a fit when she says all she wants to do is watch the fire and fold quilts for Jiu Chen. He also yells at Jiu Chen quite unafraid for making his daughter a maid. AMEN. You tell em', daddy! (I love this man) Jiu Chen eventually backs down and says "suit yourself" to Le Bo (we know he's still suspicious of why this guy is so protective of Ling Xi and knows something special is going on with her).
Daddy: You're making my precious daughter fold quilts? She's supposed to be rumpling them up with you!
That moment, Yuan Tong returns from the Spirit Realm, reporting on what happened. Getting his timing quite right, the God of Lightning now also makes an appearance, to give back the seal. But that's not all he brings - he also has that war report mentioned before that only Jiu Chen can open. GoL is mighty pleased that he managed to create this spectacle in front of so many people.
Look at that face, he is SO pleased with himself.
What a petty little fucker he is.
With the help of the seal, GoW opens the report as expected of him. Yuan Tong looks about ready to have a heartattack. But instead of opening the scroll and reading it, the God of War drops the letter into the fire. Noooo! I mean Yeeeeees, but Noooooo! That's a serious crime. GoW will be punished TT____________TT
And he does not give AF. Even when driven to a corner like this, bb can still exude so much power. I swooned big time.
So if he is the only one who survived, who wrote that report? Why would he need to open it if he wrote it? I'm sure it says what really happened but again, WHY?
It's a now-dead general named Zhu Xie who wrote it. Before he died. They're expecting it to contain dirty truths about GoW's involvement.


He's too noble! Jiu Chen, the Yuan family isn't even on your side in all this, they want to topple you TT________TT. But learning about the story of Lie Yi's family only confirms what we already suspected: this is a man who values loyalty and friendship above all else and probably cares very little for titles or office. He doesn't mind putting his own reputation on the line in order to protect the Yuans from the fate that Lie Yi's tribe had to endure.
At times like these, I think about cutting the little bird some slack for worshipping him as much as she does. He's truly a dream-boat, grump and all.
Ahh, just cut her the slack.

We've had a bit of a discussion about Ling Xi in the comment section last week and I'm sure her behavior in this episode will not quiet those down who think she's too subservient :D I must say, I laughed out loud during that scene with her father when she keeps repeating how she wants to do nothing but watch his fire and fold his quilts. Obviously, she does not mean it. What she means is: I want to be close to him, as close as I can. And she wants to be noticed by him, as a beautiful woman. But rather than someone like Yuan Tong, she just says it out loud, hahaha. I cringed so much, but in sympathy, not because her behavior annoys me.
I'm still annoyed. But I don't think it's necessarily her I'm annoyed at (but that's because it's Ni Ni). It's more that I'm just annoyed at the set up of their relationship. Am I ever going to be able to stop seeing them as 'man and child' and more like 'man and woman'?!??
I'm guessing you will.

Finally, the Spirit Tribe. I don't get this at all. On whose side is Jing Xiu? What's his goal in life? Revenge? And what's with that abyss? How is it connected to the Demons? Why? What? When? 
You find out and tell me all about it, k? I'm kinda giving up with them. If Jing Xiu and gang are supposed to be the major villains for this drama then I'm a little disappointed. But hey, I guess I wasn't expecting much since all 3310 ever gave us was Qing Cang and his bloody bell.
Maybe they don't seem so bad because no one is really all that great so far.