Crisis: Special Investigation Squad - Episode 3 (Recap)

Where we are forced to ask ourselves who/what causes terrorism.
These type of episodes hurt in a different way because it's easy to see how anyone can fall into the pit.
Episode 3

We open outside the gates of a house surrounded by reporters and bodyguards. Inside the house, a man is watching the morning news with great dissatisfaction. Not surprisingly, since he turns up in the broadcast as Chairman Haomo of policy research and one of the politicians being accused of taking bribes. 
Imagine watching yourself being paraded as a crook on TV. Politicians are really thick skinned.
He doesn’t look scared just annoyed.  One of his people is looking through a monitor that shows the outside.  When he spots a group of school children, he tells our politician, and the man rushes out to his car, pretending to be surprised that the children are on their walk.
Exactly! He didn't look frightened in any way, simple pissed that they dared put his business out there. Obviously, there will be no fall-out from this for him.  I knew he was waiting for something, but I had no idea it was to see some kids.
He breaks from his people to greet the children for this photo op, acting as if he does this every morning. I’m sure that it was his strategy to distract the reporters and have a counter story to the story that is airing. It works for a bit, for he manages to get back in car w/o answering any questions from the reporters.
His rushing to greet the kids is quite a good PR move. A very cute scene.
The car pulls off. He barely has time to ask his driver how he think that went, when his car is blocked by a car on one end and a motorcycle in the back. Two masked men get out of car, smashing the glass of his car and using a stun gun on his guards. They drag him out on his knees.
The carjacking scene was unexpected and so swift. Are the masked men really going to?...
Then they shoot him point blank in the chest. The reporters are filming this entire thing, so they catch it close up when one of the gunmen points the gun at them and stares steadily as if wanting to make sure they have it all on film.
I can't believe they actually shot himπŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Remember, this show doesn't shirk from killing people off.
Meanwhile, on the rooftop at headquarters, Inami is balancing on the outside edge as if he’s trying out for the balance beam portion of the Olympics.
What are you doing Shun?!! Trying to give me a heart attack?
He even closes his eyes to concentrate. It’s pretty serene if a bit nerve wracking until Oyama calls out to him an he falls off . . . only for us to find him lying on his back on the other side—there is another roof only a floor down. Oyama tells him that it’s time to work.

He walks in on the group watching video of the assassination. They all recognize that this group must be practiced because as Kashii states (and with some admiration at the skill), it was all done very smoothly. The motorcycle and car were stolen and found abandoned and as Kashii guesses there were no traces of anything left in them.

Also, 30 minutes after attack, the official government website was hacked by the Heisei Restoration Army (HRA) who claims responsibility for the attacks. They state that they plan to punish those who “put our state in a crisis by using their public power.” Yoshinaga believes that they are going specifically after people involved in something called the Clover Work Bribery scandal.
This can't end well for anyone. And not just this episode specifically but the whole Heisei movement. Can't end well.

Kashii smirks that all of the people in the national diet must be really nervous, and Yoshinaga replies that extra SP have been assigned to all the members of the congress. Oyama rolls her eyes, complaining that once again tax dollars are going to protect people who are corrupt. . .
It IS annoying,  yet the Law must be followed. Vigilante-ism never ends well. At least in the Real world.

When Inami asks what their job is, Yoshinaga using his “official voice” and now rigid body says that they are to arrest the terrorist using their special skills and faster than any other division. But then his body relaxes while he says in his own voice—how does he make it sound like he’s rolling his eyes when he’s not?—that is the charge from their superiors.

It makes everyone smile, but then they get to work because Yoshinaga also reminds them that because they are not connected to any official branch of the force, if they aren't successful, they will all get fired. Their first clue is the gun from the video, a Glock 19, very hard to get, so Yoshinaga sends Tamaru and Inami off to talk to mafia gun people and tells Oyama and Kashii to check all the security camera footage from the scene of the attack. Before they take off, Inami pulls Tamaru aside, telling him he has no knowledge how to begin contacting mafia gun runners, but Tamaru smiles (SMILES, Panda) and tells him that he’ll take care of it.
Tamaru SMILES, and Inami smiles at his back!! Awww, my two babies are sooo cute. It is also funny that Inami has no knowledge of the mafia while the strait-laced Tamaru is the guy with all the connects.

Before we get to see how that happens, we see a young man at a laptop set on a cardboard box checking his email. The email tells him congratulations and to not lose focus. There is a knock on door, and we pull back to see a tiny empty apartment. At the door, is another young man holding a bag of food and a helmet. He comes in and starts setting up the food on the box they are using as a table. There is a third guy still cleaning his gun who says he isn’t hungry, but our leader (the laptop guy) tells him to come eat anyway. They laugh as they start to eat, breaking some of the tension, and if we didn’t know that they had just killed someone, you would think they had just run off together for some weekend fun of video games and beer.
Breaks my heart, they seem like babies! I mean, see them giving thanks for the food. These are not seasoned killers, just extremely, severely misguided.

At the same time, Tamaru and Inami are at the racetrack meeting Tamaru's mafia contact. The person seems suspicious of Inami because he knows at first glance Inami is not a cop and warns Tamaru that he’s dangerous (interesting). Inami is all like “I can hear you” but that just makes the man laugh.
Inami's happy-go-lucky facade definitely conceals a very dangerous man, with a deadly secret/past. I am extremely intrigued especially since even "straitlaced" Tamaru has hidden depths.

Initially, the guy doesn’t want to help them because he guesses this has to do with the assassination this morning, and he had a beef with the guy who was killed, so he’s glad that politician is dead. However, with a bribe, he tells Tamaru about the only person who would have those guns, a mob boss named Ohato. When they are leaving, he also tells them that he knows someone who takes apart guns to ship and reassemble and to come back to him when they are done talking to the Glock 19 guy. Hmm.
Seems he like he doesn't expect the Mafia guy to be the guy they need. Did you also clock the dirty-ish look Inami gave him when they left? LOL

That night, a man comes out of fancy gated house to the bow of his driver. He is about to get into the car, when they notice Inami. It’s a very quick take out of the two with Inami and Tamaru taking out driver and getting the man in the car and taking him away. It’s a good thing these two are on the side of the light.
Such a useless bodyguard though.

They drive to a deserted location and tell the man they’ve taken that they aren’t mafia like him, so they aren’t going to kill him; they just want information about guns, specifically his Glock 19.
They are surprised at his mood, but then understand when he confesses that he had three Glock 19s and that they were all stolen from him a couple of weeks ago by his own son. In fact, he believes that his son was probably the person riding the motorcycle this morning. He’s telling them all this because he hopes that they find his son before it gets worse. Right now, he’s just an accessory to murder.
That took an unexpected turn... BTW Pops, how are you so sure your son hasn't killed yet?

He also tells him that his son was in reform school, but when he came out he was different, smarter talking philosophy about justice, but he doesn’t know any of his friends. He even tells them where he thinks they might be, an apartment he’s always kept. You can see from their faces that they were not expecting this further complication.
By the time Tamaru and Inami get back to headquarters, they are already pulling up information about this guy, Ohatu Yuzuro, from his reform school record and security footage from around the apartment Ohata had told them about.
BABIES. But wait, he went to the Reform school due to him fatally robbing someone!
But not murder, which is what I think his dad is remembering. Someone died in relationship to robbery. He he had killed them directly he'd be charged with murder, correct?
Oyama thinks that maybe the HRA started in reform school, but Inami thinks that the reform school is just a place of recruitment. He says that it’s a typical tactic by foreign terrorists to recruit in reform schools and jails by touting inspiring language to people who are already feeling angry and disenfranchised.
Methinks Inami is on the right track. Those boys get/got brainwashed at the Reform School by a sweet-talker filling their heads with violent revolution talks.
When Oyama asks about the kinds of things they say, each of the guys in the room gives her an example. Yoshinaga is last and says something really old fashioned at which they all chuckle, but Kashii assures them that the words are effective and that HRA now is trending all over. He says he’s checked through all the sites where the HRA are openly trying to recruit and that those sites are filled with revolutionary phrases.
Scary... This is how cults are...
Yoshinaga agrees but says that they need to focus on the imminent threat right now and must go to the apartment. The group goes into the supply room, each getting a gun before heading out. Inami loads his gun and has a flashback to the scene we saw at end of episode 1 of him shooting someone at point blank range who was begging for his life. Tamaru notices this, pats him on shoulder to go without comment.
I want to know Inami's backstory so bad!

At the apartment building, they split up: Tamaru and Inami going upstairs while the other three spread out around the perimeter of building. When Tamaru and Inami get to the floor, a neighbor comes out of his apartment startling them, so they are facing him when Yuzuru comes out of the apartment. When he sees them, he yells at the other to to run, whipping out the gun the leader told him to take, to hold them off.
Do you know the first thought that came to mind in this scene is "So these guys really aren't wearing bullet proof vests?" Cos they are not right? But why?! Does it affect the hang of their sexy cut suits? It truly doesn't make sense. Also, was the neighbor just going to stand there, facing a gun until Inami motioned to him to leave?
Tamaru starts talking to him, mainly so the others can hear what is happening. That’s how the team knows to be on the lookout for the other two running. The two young men shoot at Oyama and Kashii as they run away. Meanwhile Tamaru tells Yuzuru that they’ve talked to his father, which makes him mad thinking that his father turned him in, but he he seems a bit shaken when Tamaru tells him that his father asked them not to hurt him. I wonder if this is why neither Oyama or Kashii actually shoot their guns? Inami uses this opportunity to run off.
Those 2 other boys would have been dead here, shooting at officers. Pfft, no-one would care about them being young or not. Well, unless they were rich and ...... But I digress. Inami runs off but to where?
Yukuru hears all the gun fire and smirks to Tamaru hears that his colleagues are probably dead, but Tamaru only smiles back. He isn't worried about his colleagues, but he wonders why Yukuru isn't worried. I wish I'd be that calm staring down a barrel of a gun.
Tamaru is not worried because he is THE COOLEST CAT!
While this is is going on, Inami has run upstairs to pull a belt stunt (Panda, what is with Japanese crime dramas and belt stunts? They clearly see it as one of the greatest stunts Trot. LOL. I mean even the OST when he made the jump was rousing. I’m clearly going to have to buy belts if I ever go to Japan. These are fantastic). Inami takes off his belt, using it as a rope to swing down to balcony and knock down Yuzuru.
Because he's Inami and not Tamaru, he crashes into wall. LOOL. Ouch, that’s got to hurt, so even Tamaru asks if he is okay after subduing Yuzuru. Inami asks how much is danger allowance, but Tamaru grins at Inami’s face when Tamaru explains how little money he’d get. Really not important except for the fact that we get a Tamaru smile out of this.
That makes smile two in this episode alone. Oh la la.
The next morning Aonuma is sitting outside of Kaji’s office next to the chief of Public Security Bureau. He’s silent, but the chief is being snarky, making snarky comments about what craziness the SIS is up to and how it must be a pain to have to watch over them.
Other guy is clearly jealous as seen when he implies he didn't get the job because he went to a different school from the Director.
Turns out though that he’s bitter about not being in Aonuma’s position, assuming that Aonuma got the position because he went to same university as Kaji. Pfft. Aonuma is silent, but I did love it that when Kaji shows up, the chief automatically gets up, assuming that he would be first, but Kaji calls Aonuma instead.

This makes me wonder—what is the relationship of this team with regular law enforcement?
Other Law enforcement agencies have beef with them I would presume.

Aonuma is here to report on the team. Kaji is pleased so far but admits that the team will be on its own now. They were able to find the hideout faster than any other agency, but they lost two of the suspects. If the two are able to carry out another attack, the team will have to take the blame.He’s proud of them for being smart about what they are doing and likes that people are asking about them wherever he goes.
He asserts that if they are successful with this case, they can go “mainstream,” but Aonuma thinks that they aren’t the type of group that should go mainstream. Kaji once again is too excited about this, rubbing his hands in glee in anticipation.
Creepy Dude, very creepy.

Yuzuru is in an interrogation room with Yoshinaga but isn’t talking. Oyama has found out who the other two are—brothers that went to reform school at the same time Yuruzu did. She looks further into their background finding what she thinks is the reason they are so angry. Their father supposedly committed suicide after being blamed for a bribery scandal involving his boss, Congressmen Kurosu, chairman of the policy bureau five years ago.
It looks obvious to the team that this was a set up to have a dead man take the blame, and Oyama suggest that is what the brothers think, too. However, Yoshinaga wonders if that is the case,why they killed Hamao. So Oyama, slowly goes into her stack of compact disks, inserts one in the computer, and tells the team that when she was a hacker, she looked into this case to kill time. Really?
Dramaland coincidence. Let's simply roll with itπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Because she was familiar with this case, she was able to find the connection.There were three politicians who made the most money off of this bribery case: Hamao, Kuruso, and another Arigua Fumiaki.
Yoshinaga goes back into interrogation room while Oyama still looks troubled. Tamaru notices this. He notices everything, and I’m not saying this because he’s TB, but it makes me think that he’d be a good director someday.
No doubt about that.

Yoshinaga stares at Yuruzu, telling him that they have found out the next target. He mentions Ariga and then smiles, thanking Yuruzu for telling him that it’s really Kurosu they are after next even though Yuruzu hasn’t spoken a word. He thanks him (like he did to suspect in first ep) for being so honest as he spells out their plan to distract people by the bigger case, so the brothers could also take their revenge on Kuruso w/o attracting that much attention.
Yoshinaga is a really good boss, and interrogator. Because he isn't involved in the action it might seem he is not dangerous, but some flashes have shown that he might be the most dangerous. E.g. when Yuruzu was arrested, and he stepped up to him and told him to continue smiling then, that sent a shiver down my spine. His semi-whispery voice, the tone! That was scary.
I don’t know how he does it, but I find him the most scary when he’s doing this. Otherwise, he just seems like the dad of the group.
OMG Trot! Jinx! I literally said the same thing just before this picture. The boy is also completely unrepentant. The acne on his face drives home the fact that these are just Kids! 

He also has a talent for impersonations, for he calls Congressmen Kuruso’s number and acts as though he’s from the pension fund. He’s able to find out that Kuruso is spending time with his grandchild. Oh no, not a potential kid hostage situation! These terrorists are still teenagers themselves!

On the way to the site in the van, Tamaru finally asks the very pensive Oyama if there is anything she wants to share with the group. She admits that when she was in high school, she became part of a hacking group called Truth Troopers. They looked into government corruption cases that had never been resolved thinking they had the talents to get the truth out to the public so justice could be done. However, the more they dug, the worse it got. She admits that she dropped out of the team because she got scared and just went back to being a regular hacker.
Well, knowing this makes her randomly researching that case 5 years prior more believable. It shows she has always had an interest in such cases.
But what is worrying her now is that she thinks the HRA grew out of the Truth Troopers. Yoshinaga wants to know if she knows the other members. She says that she doesn’t; they only met online and they all had code names taken from people involved in the Meiji Restoration, and she lists some of the names. Yoshinaga thinks she might be right but tells her to focus on the case at hand.
Inami breaks some of the tension by asking her what her code name was. Oyama went by Okada because she admired the assassin Okada Izo.

The final confrontation takes place at an amusement park (have you still not gone to one Kakashi?). Kuruso is having a grand time with his grandson while the Fujisaki brothers are following him around, waiting for an opportunity to get him when he’s not with his grandson (whew! at least they're not after the kid).
I know that's their intention, but my mind won't be at rest until that baby is separated from his Grandfather.
When the team arrives, they split up looking for them. So we spend some minutes watching everyone looking while the brothers follow the grandfather and grandson as they go on rides. Finally an opportunity comes when the little boy insists that he can go to the bathroom by himself, and his grandfather sits on a bench waiting.
Grandfather looks scared when he saw the boys. He doesn't know who they are, but I am sure he knows his past is here to haunt him. I truly don't care if the Revolution brothers kill the grandfather now.
Inami sees them first and fights them. It’s very clear that he isn’t trying to hurt them because he could easily take them out. Yoshinaga arrives to get the Kuruso, and he also grabs the little boy as he comes out of the bathroom. They run off, leaving Tamaru, who has just arrived, to fight the brothers with Inami. A stalemate occurs when it looks like the brothers are going to pull their guns, but they run with Inami and Tamaru on the chase.
The little grandchild is safe! Yes! Inami definitely feels for these boys. He is not fighting to hurt them :( The boys are fighting in a rage, but they are outclassed by Inami, and I am pretty sure they know it.
They end at a gate at edge of park with no way out. Inami asks them not to make them shoot them. He even tells them that if they stay alive, they may even get another chance at their revenge. The older brother says that adults don’t want to hear anything inconvenient or look at things closely, so they have no choice but to take up arms and rebel.
Both he and his brother are in angry tears now as Oyama and Kashii show up with their guns drawn,too. Inami with a note of frustration, asks (begs?) them again to put down their guns.
This can only end in one way...
The brothers look at each other. Nodding. I know what they are about to do, but I don’t want to believe it. They turn toward each other, shouting “For Our Country’s Future!” as they shoot each other in the head. I’m stunned and pained.
Sadly, I knew this was how it would end.
We get a reaction shot of each team member and a slo-mo of the two brothers falling to the ground. Tamaru with a hint of despair, asks “Do we even have a chance?”

We go next to with a shot of a young man in a nicely appointed bedroom on his computer typing. All of the other people listed in the chat group he is talking to have the names of Meiji Restoration characters that Oyama mentioned earlier. He stops when he hears a female voice calling that dinner is ready, and we see a fairly cherub like face. He repeats the last words of the brothers, and everyone responds in kind.
It is a CULT.
We end episode with Inami at his favorite bar. His bartender friends asks him which of the women he’s interested in, but he replies that tonight, he just wants to get drunk. He hears on the news that another suicide has happened in connection with the Clover Bribery affair-another secretary has hung himself in his home and was found by his teenage son. The beginning of another cycle of violence?
The cycle never ended Trot.


I know I know, I do have a soft spot for Hidetoshi Nishijima, but I also noted his smiles because when I watched with my daughter she kept commenting on how he never smiles and actually bet me to find more than five times he actually smiled, so I started paying even more attention.

What do the other units know about them? We aren’t getting the open hostility that we had between the SP and the bodyguard in BG, but more of a wariness with reasons I can’t actually pinpoint but can take a guess. Also, I couldn't help but think that if I were Aonuma, I'd be cracking up in my head because the chief who is jealous when he has no idea that my job is probably the worst one in the bureau. Kaji is mercurial. Aonuma is probably mainlining antacids and popping anxiety medication like their tic-tacs.
LOOL at your description of Aonuma and his acid reflux. It sounds like the truth though. Regarding the relationship with the other units, I don't think it could be hostility like BG. You know in BG, those people are bodyguards while the people who looked down on them were actual cops. Here, they are all technically cops/agents/law enforcement. I think the wariness arises from the fact that it seems our team have no regard for the law. They skate very close to breaking the law even in some situations. That is enough to make the others semi-pissed.

Yuruzu is correct when he says that the team won’t be able to stop them because there will always be people like the Fujisaki brothers if adults won’t start fixing things. I think that is part of the reason why Tamaru says what he does at the end. They have a reason to be angry and hopeless. The system is corrupt. But also, how do you fight with people who are willing to die for the cause?
I wish I had an answer.