Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 10 (Recap)

kakashi: Things get nasty. I'm so full of Schadenfreude (I learned a new word today). You can't bury the truth, friends. You only get hurt trying.
Bunny: This was definitely a turning point episode. One enemy down, only about five more to go!
JoAnne: Oh so this is a COMEDY, no one told me!

Episode 10

We left Ling Xi in the cave with four (ice?) mirrors. Oh my! They show 1) her practicing some magic on the Peach Grove bridge while GoW is watching; 2) her unleashing Phoenix powers; 3) her... kissing Jiu Chen! Alaaaaaarm! That shocks her, but not really. She's sure she only feels respect for him, not... that stuff (pfffffffffft, gurl. Please.) Okay, but we all see that little smile at the end, Ling Xi. You're totally thinking you'd LIKE to be doing this!
This was the face I made as a 10 year old when my parents dragged me to the theaters to see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and I saw Uncle Chang Chen for the very first time (pretty sure his was the first love scene I ever watched ((between my fingers))), ahahaaha, who knew I would fall so hard?
I need to rewatch that.
We also see what's happening in the 4th mirror behind you. Oh woe, it's not good... GoW holds his sword like an executioner while a sad-looking Ling Xi is kneeling.
Oh no no no, I'm just gonna make like Ling Xi and pretend I didn't see that either.
Those mirrors distort! Think about it!  Every time you see a drama where someone 'knows what's coming in the future' they always get it wrong.
Well, magical movie night is over, but the Ding (= cauldron) that can restore all things, manifests. Ling Xi feeds it a few fragments of ash from the war report and ... another video starts playing. It's like its own You Tube channel! (yes, an astute observation) It's the truth of what happened at You Du Mountain: Yuan Zheng was indeed possessed by Demon Energy and did horrible things. We also see that the God of War killed a kneeling Yuan Zheng him (wanna bet he begged to be killed!).
Ling Xi brought a container and sucks all the images inside (it looks exactly like that container that contained the war report GoW burnt, did she steal it from him? Or do they have a war-report container shop up in the Heavens somewhere) (one on every cloud corner of course). And then... the cauldron de-materializes and re-materializes as a thick bracelet on her right arm. Attempts to shake it off or take it off fail.
I'm a little confused about this whole cauldron-bracelet-thingamabob, so... now it's hers? She can summon it up anytime she wants and watch You Tube videos?
Very Apple Watch of you, Ding.
Meanwhile, the Spirit Queen asks the North Pole Sage about the whereabouts of her lost child. She's not in any of the six realms... but right here! he informs her. Only, she's gone once the rest of the party gets to that other cave entrance. North Pole Sage says, well, it's not yet time for you to meet, be patient!
The classic we-barely-missed-each-other move. Alright, I think it's safe to say now that we all know who that baby is, don't we? 
This is not our first drama.
GoW is mighty displeased when Ling Xi returns, since he told her not to leave his Palace without permission. She confronts him about Little White's death - I think he didn't know. No one knows!  She didn't tell anyone!  She just sat in her room and moped! "Even a God has a heart," she says, "don't you feel it's an injustice?" He says gruffly that injustice has never killed anyone - well, dummy, but the little dog is dead! She also says she knows he would never do wrong and is doing everything for the sake of others. But she who has the lowest powers of them all does not understand these principles. He hears what she's saying.
I really enjoyed this moment. Serious Ling Xi showed us a mature side that I was hoping to see. I love that she is totally on his team and although she says she doesn't understand him, I feel like that's exactly what she shows to him - her understanding. Also, Jiu Chen is back to being grumpy and I just want you all to take a moment to SAVOR this grumpiness.
Let's tickle him out of it.
Ling Xi leaves the Palace again to talk to the dead Yuan Zheng at the Yuan Ancestors Shrine. She tells him off for making the GoW suffer in his attempt to protect the Yuan family, but she herself is ready to protect this secret with him. She's just about to put a flame to the container when Yuan Tong comes in and sees her. Ling Xi manages to hide the container, but Yuan Tong is suspicious.
Ok, this part was where I was like, whatttttt are you doing, girlfriend? Why did she feel the need to go sneak into Yuan shrine to burn that report? Just get rid of it! I mean, you don't just walk up to your enemy's doorstep and expect you won't run into them. All logic just went out the window here.
I have a secret I must keep from X! What can I do? I know! I will put it in his closet!
Ling Xi is chased through the Heavens by Yuan Tong and even attacked (I can't even feel bad for her right now) - at which point her bracelet reacts by throwing up Eternal Enchanted Sand (which is?). Realizing Yuan Tong knows exactly what the war report contained, Ling Xi expresses her disdain for how Yuan Tong is keeping quiet while GoW has to suffer. Eventually, they end up at the Cleansing Pool and Yuan Tong pushes Ling Xi in, fully knowing it will erase her immortality. WTF!
This b&^%@!!! (which we all saw coming a mile away)
How exactly does she know, though?  (And yes.  BITCH.)
Ling Xi falls and falls, hit by lightning, screaming in fear, until she loses consciousness. But what is that? Her bracelet reacts and creates some kind of protective bubble around her.
This is like the most versatile gadget ever. Is there anything it doesn't do? 
Ohhh, that's right. Forget I asked how she survived in the next recap, k?
There's a ceremony to put Yuan Zheng's needle into a sacred hall to honor his heroism during the war (which is a great opportunity to humiliate GoW because his armor, which is also in that hall, will be removed at the same time). His posse is the sweetest ever in how they fume about this while GoW doesn't care at all, as usual. He does ask whether Ling Xi is back a lot though. The real reason why the posse has gathered is that it's time for GoW's trial though and all of them have lovely excuses why it's basically where they're headed as well.
It's cute to me that Jiu Chen hangs out with these guys, the contrast is hilarious. Like watching my dad kick it with a bunch of frat boys.
He kind of has to hang with younger people since he killed all his same-age friends 50,000 years ago...
Just when GoW is about to leave his Palace, Si Ming comes running to tell him Thirteenth caused havoc at that hall where his armor is, opposing its removal. Awww, sweetie. God of War is less than happy to hear it and rushes to that place. 
She's such a good friend! I love poor Thirteenth, and Si Ming better get his head out of his ass.
Knowing Ling Xi is missing from the GoW's Palace since she brought medicine for GoW the other day, Qing Yao gets suspicious when she finds a red feather somewhere in the Heavens, which she identifies as Ling Xi's without a moment of hesitation (of course, because a random red feather lying around couldn't possibly belong to any other winged creature). She follows several of them to the Cleansing Pool where she finds Ling Xi in bird form, gravely hurt, still protecting the war report video message.
So in Chinese Heaven, bread crumbs are feathers, gotcha.
At the Needle Ceremony, Madame Yuan sucks up to the God of Lightning big time, yuck yuck yuck. A bound Thirteenth is dragged in, still raging about the Armor and how dare they. Before they can drag her away, Jiu Chen arrives all majestic and godly and tells his friends to take 13th with them. Madame Yuan intervenes and asks GoW whether he killed her son. Jiu Chen answers that he did - which we know is the truth.
The willpower of this man... how he can stand there and look at that vile expression of hers and still have the determination to protect them...
To be fair, Madame Yuan only knows that he killed her son.  Not why.  She has every reason to hate him.  At this point, we should only REALLY be hating on her daughter, who does know the truth.  Give it a minute, though, I'm sure the dear old bat will give us a real reason to hate her soon.
"He finally confessed!" the old woman keeps repeating gleefully and orders her soldiers to kill Jiu Chen and his posse (yeah, I don't think so) (can somebody please trip her?). "Stop"! a female voice rings out. It's Qing Yao with little birdie Ling Xi clutched to her chest.  Upon hearing she's heavily wounded, Jiu Chen gives her cultivation until she turns into her human form again.
Yuan Tong's boyfriend gives the best side eye.
Yuan Tong is looking mighty uncomfortable. I can't wait to see how this plays out. 
Madame Yuan is not ready to back down - she demands answers and the punishment of the culprit (yes, keep digging your grave). Oh, she can help with that, Qing Yao says... and opens the war report container. The movie begins to play, featuring one heavily possessed Yuan Zheng.
Just realized... Yuan Zheng was the guy who was in The Rise of Phoenixes! He had a much better role there.
Loved him there! 


Jiu Chen doesn't say a lot in this episode. Especially, he doesn't react to Ling Xi's monologue about the death of her dog and how she thinks it's wrong not to react against injustice. She says she knows he has to act this way, he is who he is because he is how he is - but even as she praises him for his principles, she expresses her puzzlement over such heartless principles. Jiu Chen very clearly hears her words and I think they even rattle him. But does he have a choice? I think he kind of "snaps"(that's what he looks like in this moment :)...
I didn't notice it until you mentioned it, but you're right, he was almost silent throughout this entire episode just holding it all in. The fact that he could still exude so much calmness around these asshats is really something. 
I think you give him a lot of credit. He made the decision to take that heat. It's not like he's been protesting his innocence against unfair charges. People have made reasonable assumptions considering his refusal to explain.
... when he is confronted with a badly wounded Ling Xi next - realizing his choices lead to her pain. During the healing scene and until the end, he doesn't say a single word... but he doesn't stop Qing Yao either. I'm sure he could have, but I think he's at a point where he's kinda done with this shit. Protecting the Yuans and his old comrade is very noble, but the price others have to pay for it just got too high.
Yeah, I think he could have easily prevented Qing Yao from showing them that report, but he was so over it the moment he realized somebody tried to hurt Ling Xi -- the other puppy in his life!! Obviously, they can't get away with trying to kill two puppies.
Agreed here.  I think he's changed his mind about things.  Not in a high-minded principle kind of way, but simply this:  Ling Xi means more to him than protecting the feelings or lives of his dead friend's family. This is not exactly nobility, though I'm not faulting him either.

As for Yuan Tong... the crime committed by her brother is too big to keep quiet about it (according to Heavens law... I mean, he probably had not signed up for possession). She chose her family's honor over the truth, but made everything much worse that way. At the very least, she should have told her mother who is the kind of woman who I think would have decided to do the right thing. At least, it wouldn't have gotten to the point where Madame Yuan believes Jiu Chen a murderer, only to find out how badly misled she was in all her thoughts and actions. The fall now is much, much worse. 
This was a massive mistake on Yuan Tong's part - not telling her mother the whole story. I can't decide though if it's just pure stupidity, if she's being kind to mama by preventing her from knowing what happened to her son, or if it's just plot convenience.
I assume it was mostly self-preservation, with a little bit of care for Mama maybe. Not that I can blame her, it's a stupid rule.  Then again, maybe there's a good reason for it.