Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 13 (Recap)

kakashi: A new villain joins the villains. Which is plus one after minus one (because one dies).
Bunny: Ooof. Headache.
JoAnne:  I'm glad you're keeping track.

Episode 13

What, completely fillery brotherly person is in truth related to Ling Xi? He seems to be the nephew of who we have reason to believe her father is. Not sure that's important. Went way over my head. Don't care. Next! Ah, here's Ling Xi and the God of War who keeps binging tea so he won't be tired all the time. Lmao.
Somebody needs to introduce him to coffee. Or maybe Monster Energy drinks. Or those 5-hour energy shots. (can you tell I'm a college student?)
Those things are bad for you! Don't drink them!
He's not good at not having his powers, isn't he :D He gets even grumpier than usual.
I could watch this gif forever. Grumpy Disabled Uncle is the best. (Me also likes him in his nightgown, reminds me of Moyuan)
He's so peeved, LOL
When he goes out for a stroll, Ling Xi follows him "in secret". He discovers her almost immediately (turning yourself into a huge boulder where none was before is not a very good idea, little fairy!). At the Moon Spring, it starts to rain - Ling Xi quickly conjures up an umbrella, but the ungrateful Grump tells her he wants alone time.
I think losing his powers definitely makes him crabby, but I can't help but think he's reverting back to being grumpy to her also because he's starting to realize that he likes her and... you know how children are when they like someone.
One of them will be pulling the other's hair soon.
A gathering of high ranking generals in Jiu Chen's Palace. Conspicuously missing: the God of Lightning! One of his cronies says he's feeling under the weather. Excuse me, what happened to calling in sick? GoW reassigns the positions with Yuan Tong gone and warns them to perform well. Lazy buggers didn't do anything for 50,000 years, it seems.
I'm glad they show him at work. So easy to forget these God of Wars actually have jobs. 
Like we really care.
Lady Doctor comes to unseal GoW's powers (booooo, hissssssss, why already? We were having fun!), he's much better. Ling Xi is still hovering as close as she can... because she's trying to find out under what circumstances that lip-locking in that ice mirror could occur. Yun Feng who hears her mumble about it is mighty confused but he has his own love-issues.
They're both so far gone. One's chasing after an ice-block and the other is after an ice-queen. Love ya, but wouldn't wanna be ya.
I suspect both will be successful in winning the heart of the one they love, though.
The GoW wants to see Yuan Tong and sends 13th to fetch her... only 13th has violent ideas about what she'll do to Yuan Tong so that Ling Xi and Longevity Maid are forced to go. The timing of their arrival couldn't be worse! Madam Yuan kills herself that very moment.
That way her daughter is pushed to become an even bigger psycho. Great. No sympathy for you, Madam Yuan. I hope you reincarnate into an amoeba.
Seriously stupid woman, but if Yuan Tong blames anyone at all for this besides her mother she's nuts.
Ling Xi is badly shaken afterwards. Jiu Chen sees her hugging her knees to her chest somewhere in his palace and goes to tell her more gently than usual that nothing about the Madam's death is her fault. This was really sweet. Lady Yuan put the family before herself and without the family's pride, she no longer wanted to live. Her fate was sealed from the beginning, GoW says. After he has walked away, Ling Xi wonders whether fated things always happen? (Is she still thinking about the kiss?!)
Well, yeah, that's kind of the meaning of fated...
Yun Feng is going slightly crazy since Miss Doctor remains immune to his charms and good looks. Oh dear. He thinks it's a good idea to go all out and conjure up pink hearts and whatnot in front of her workplace.
He needs to have his God license revoked for this. 
This was HILARIOUS.  He deserved to have that door shut in his face, but I also saw a bit of a smile on her, first.

Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen for his help regarding the Ding bracelet, but there's not much he can do. Apparently, it has accepted her as his owner. So. Eternal Enchanted Sand = Ding? Or are these two different things? Help! (I think the Ding produces the Sand) So it's like Enchanted droppings? Ding Dung? Anyway, he tells her they need to go see the Man from the South Pole and inform him about the loss of his object. Ling Xi is suuuuuper happy that GoW is coming with her! But he is grumpy again, refusing to give her a cloud ride and telling her to transform into a bird and fly if her powers are lacking!
Talk about mixed signals. GoW, you're giving us whiplash here!
When they get to the South Pole, Old Man isn't available (closed door combat training, sounds like a great excuse!) but he left a message for GoW: don't fight fate but go along with it (my words). Jiu Chen smiles a little and say he'll put the thing to good use. You mean the Ding?
That was my take.
Inside the cave, Old Man South says goodbye to his first disciple, that man that tried to catch Ling Xi when she came here for the first time. He's Zhong Hao's godchild! Suddenly feeling he needs to go avenge Zhong Hao. Welcome to the dark side, little one. Okay, I admit I forgot his name... Yuan something.
I smelled a rotten egg the first moment I saw him. Old Man South seems like such a nice dude, how'd he get such an unfilial disciple??
I guess it's part of that 'let fate roll' philosophy.
The first thing Yuan does is go and attack Jing Xiu, who is zithering in the forest again. But Jing Xiu knows how to use a zither for his defense quite well! Our royal advisor is a bit surprised by the attack, which seems to make little sense and sends his men after him. Yuan goes and joins up with his undead, possessed Godfather Zhong Hao in the desert. With tears in his eyes, Zhong Hao passes on Demon energy to this young man.
So if you're a demon, you just walk around with black smoke coming off of you? That doesn't seem very subtle.
It's just him, cuz he's smoldering hot.
The plan: to restore the Demon Blade with the help of the Ding-cauldron, using Jing Xiu's flesh and blood. Alright!
Wait, what??? That was the plan? Did I even watch this part? Why are they using Jing Xiu's flesh?

Up in the Heavens, a Blue Luan bird shits on Ling Xi's fancy new dress. It's war! But before Ling Xi can take revenge (is that her apple watch dingaling shooting energy?), she's reprimanded for almost trespassing by the Medicine King's daughter whose pet the bird is. It's Wanling Yard, where there's a vicious water beast that would have shred her to pieces. The Heavens really are a lovely place, right? Ling Xi's the beast-whisperer though, she'll be fine. Yu Li demands Ling Xi bow and apologize to her pet bird for claiming it was naughty. Not gonna happen! Yu Li attacks Ling Xi and Blue Luan bird takes the chance to put nasty scratches on Ling Xi's hand.
Oh this bitch needs her ass kicked HARD.


Why does everybody try to bully Ling Xi?! Ah, I know the answer. Because she's too close to Jiu Chen! And she's an easy target, low powers and all. Apart from that, Yuan Tong's hate towards her is completely misplaced. What happened to her stupid family really is NOT Ling Xi's fault.
Ah well, how can she be the main character of this story without a few (or a dozen) enemies? I would just like to see that she fights her own battles and doesn't need GoW to swoop in for everything. 
Seriously.  She was just being born when all that mess was happening.  It's not her fault in any way.

So everybody is after the Sand-Shooting-Apple-Ding now? I guess Ling Xi is in even more trouble than she was before...May fewer birds shit on her in the future!
Here we say a bird shitting on you is good luck, in the sense that nothing worse can happen to you now...