Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 14 (Recap)

kakashi: We're taking a trip to the mortal world! Sadly, it's not a date. God of War looks like he's carrying the burden of 10000000 worlds on his shoulders in this episode.
JoAnne: I'm sorry, with all those gods why isn't there a God for Beasts That Escape to the Mortal Realm and Cause Havoc and Need to Be Contained?  Sorry, GBEMRCHNC if you like.
Bunny: Beast?!? You mean a wittle cutie patootie <3

Episode 14

Once back at GoW's place, 13th notices Ling Xi's scratched hand and hotheadedly calls for her weapon so she can go take vengeance! ... Until she hears whose pet did it. Crossing the Medicine Lord, whose daughter Yu Li is... nobody in their right mind would dare since he's in charge of all the spiritual pills you need for cultivation. Coward!
I'm with Jo. FYI, people, don't piss ya doctor off.
What is Yuan Tong doing? She creates some shimmering purple orb between her hand, begging her dead mother and brother for their blessing. Is this..... black.... I mean... purple magic?! Yup, it's forbidden stuff and the reason for why her brother became demonized. What does she want with it though? Revenge?
So the brother was doing this too?  (Or similar?)  Or she was and he got punished?
So it's my understanding that he was basically exposed to demon aura as a result of being a soldier fighting in that war, but became more vulnerable to being "demonized" because of his bad traits which was briefly mentioned by Jiu Chen last episode as being something that was inherent in his mother and subsequently passed down to him and Yuan Tong. I'm also very confused as to why this girl is practicing purple magic though... It doesn't make any sense if it's for revenge because who is she trying to exact revenge upon? Ling Xi?? That would be delusional first of all, but second of all, she wouldn't even need to get stronger to beat Ling Xi up. 
Qin Yuan, godson of Demon possessed Zhong Hao, comes to the Heavens to see the God of War, dressed innocently in white. At the gate, he sees Ling Xi in bird form chase the Blue Qing Luan bird who scratched her and recognizes her as the bird he saw at the South Pole (I'm not sure he actually saw her there, but never mind). Ling Xi successfully downs that stupid blue bird, but sadly, before she can do anything else (eat it for example!) Yu Li wraps magical ropes around her.
He looks like a bully.
Major bad vibes.
God of War seems suspicious of Qin Yuan from the get go, asking whether he got wounded and how the wound got treated. Can he sense the Demon energy? Probably! How come black smoke isn't coming off of him like Zhong Hao? (I already know your answer, Jo) The boy rudely asks to get the Cauldron Ding back, which GoW denies having. At that moment, Yu Li drags in Ling Xi and demands she's punished. Ling Xi quickly hides her bracelet from Qin Yuan - and GoW sends her into seclusion and away from prying eyes. 
Yu Li's comeuppance cannot come quickly enough for me...
I was confused as to why Ling Xi felt like she had to hide the Ding... they went to see that South Pole dude and he already said they could have it, didn't he?
Has Qin Yuan recognized it for what it is though? I'm not sure, but he insists GoW give the Ding back (remember: they want it to restore the Demon Blade), but GoW keeps repeating he has never seen the Cauldron (which is true, he hasn't). After Qin Yuan has left in a huff, Yu Li's hopes for cozy alone-time between her and Jiu Chen are squashed quickly by his declaration that he's exhausted and needs to rest.
Girl, he's just not that into you.
Why don't they ever get it?
Ling Xi runs back to Jiu Chen as soon as she can, admitting she's scared of that white-clad boy. God of War seems worried too, but admonishes Ling Xi for her actions that bring danger to the doorsteps of the Heavens and sends her to reflect on her actions. Later, he sends 13th after Qin Yuan. Well. She's clearly no tracking expert and loses him after about 30 seconds.
I thought she was a soldier before...
Do you really see her as the tactful type though? Brute force is more her style.
Under the pretense of having to check on a sick beast, Yun Feng lures Qing Yao outside with the help of a servant. His stalkery insistence is really off-putting. Hahahahaaaaa, when he touches her she defends herself with violence. Nice. She's particularly put off by his frolicking ways because there's much suffering in the mortal world right now.
And I'm particularly put off by how much screen time is currently being taken up by these two.
And now we learn why she despises him so much: 50,000 years ago at Da Yue Dynasty, he caused a flood after getting drunk. He claims to remember and boasts that he reacted immediately by saving everyone and even changing people's fate to the better! But here's the thing, he did NOT save everyone. One person died. Hmmm, our doctor cares an awful lot about that one fate it seems? Could it be... Even Yun Feng thinks it's strange, but that realization does him little good. She vows to kill him if he comes one step closer.
I'm guessing she gained immortality through cultivation and she was that mortal woman left behind.  But wouldn't you think part of the cultivation process would have removed that sort of weight from her?  It's funny because UNTIL this story, I saw him as harmless and just in need of some growing up, but still charming and probably okay.  And I think he will be fine eventually, with this as a teaching moment...but I can totally get why she hates him right now.  He thought that was no big deal.
Big Sis Qing Yao will teach him. I can't think of anyone better for the job.
GoW told 13th he was going to the mortal realm, but before that, he pays a visit to sealed in Demon King. To his surprise, he meets Zhong Hao there, who is foolish enough to attack him. Jiu Chen gives him another chance to set things right since he's Lie Yi's son, but... nah. Zhong Hao gets beat up some more, then sucked in by the Demon since he's currently too weak.
That right there is a picture of an actor who is REALLY into his role.
After this rather unpleasant meeting, Jiu Chen wants to see Le Bo at the Peach Blossom Grove, but he's not home. GoW seems to sense something unpleasant as he's leaving and his mood certainly doesn't improve once he's back in the Heavens. He asks for Yun Feng, but that guy is busy trying to find out at Si Ming's just how much he messed up during that time he got drunk - by looking at mortal trial records of immortals. Ah, he's onto something here... but those are secret, he is not allowed to look.
Mmmmhmmmm.  But dude, it isn't really necessary to know this.  It's just necessary to reflect, and to change, and to accept that no matter what you do, this one might not be for you.
In other words... Boy, she's just not that into you.
During the kerfuffle over trying to grab the scrolls from the protective Si Ming, 13th arrives and sees the two men in a somewhat... compromising situation. Sweet 13th asks Si Ming whether he's being bullied and at his affirmation, tells Yun Feng to watch it.
That does not look like bullying, exactly...
If one person doesn't like it, it's bullying alright.
Jiu Chen is very grave. He tells Yun Feng he needs to take Ling Xi to You Du Mountain soon - yes, he is still suspicious of her Demon-affiliation. He tasks Yun Feng with watching all the families in the Skies very carefully (and warns him to get his act together). The same goes for the Spirit Tribe, it needs surveillance: He is sure the Demon Lord has formed alliances with certain people.
This brotherly moment of theirs was cute.
Ling Xi is daydreaming at the Moon Spring Pool (or whatever its name is :) - funny that she sees GoW everywhere, she says to herself! Even reflected in the water, there's really no saving her. She thinks he looks pretty good like this! ... GoW clears his throat and she looks up to see him standing there. Hahahahahaha, she's so silly.
We love her so because her mouth just speaks for every single fangirl ever.
He tells her he's going to the mortal realm and wants to take her with him. She gets so excited about the tasty food there, awwww. (But never eat immortal fish from this pool or you will get beaten to death)
Why exactly does she need to go? He just wants her near?
He wants to take her to Mount You Du, that's what he told Yun Feng.
Ahhhh! God of War doesn't cloud jump - he cloud taxis. Cluber. It's a cabriolet! But something catches his attention and he disappears without a word, leaving Ling Xi alone on the cloud. Did she just get ghosted? Oh, it's because there's a monster, it's wreaking havoc in some town. Realizing it's just hungry, Ling Xi (who apparently also got there just fine) lures it away with some baozi. As before, Ling Xi is absolutely unafraid of monsters and chats with it amiably.
It's pretty, whatever it is.  I was hoping they'd make friends.
Why do all the beasts in this universe have antlers?
... until the monster suddenly starts looking at her, licking his mouth. But before the monster gets a chance to have a taste of Ling Xi, Jiu Chen turns it into a cute, white, fluffy monster baby. Wait....... Little White, is that you?!
Awwwwwwwwww, can I have it?
For once, I actually think they did a good job with one of these little CGI creatures, they're usually always too cartoony and not actually this cute. But wait, do we actually think this is Little White? Did he somehow reincarnate into a beast??


If Yun Feng was the one to kill her mortal lover out of pure stupidity, Qing Yao has actually been saintly patient with him. He reminds me of one of these sons of insanely rich people who misbehave all the time because they have no sense of right or wrong and don't give a shit about anything. It was mentioned briefly that he's the son of Lord Puhua, so there we go... Well. I'm sure if his love for Qing Yao is genuine, he is going to change his ways.
I think his heart is good, and that it's more a case of him just not knowing there's a shit to give in the first place.  Now he knows, though, I bet we see a difference.  And just as in the case of a spoiled child, I don't blame him for the past.  He wasn't taught better - and before this touches off a comment war, let me be clear:  I will frequently not 'blame' someone for their actions, without ceding any of their responsibility for the consequences.  Ignorance is not a defense in front of the law, in other words.  I can hold you responsible without blaming you.  The difference is in the type of judgement, to me.
Wait, he's the son of Lord Puhua?? You mean that guy with the white hair and beard and long eyebrows who always hangs out with Thunder dude and never talks? 

Jiu Chen made a very unhappy face throughout this episode. I think he's decidedly worried about something - and that something has to do with Ling Xi, the bracelet and the Demon King. He's protective of her, but I think he also knows that there are many things he simply cannot protect her from. That's why he tells her not to get into trouble all the time. But she isn't even doing it deliberately... trouble comes to her.
Almost as if bad were drawn to her?
Honestly, I don't think he's actually all that about saving her yet. He's still very strongly suspicious of her. His heart may be feeling one thing, but his brain sure as hell isn't ready to process nor accept any of it.