Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 7 (Recap)

kakashi: GoW is facing the consequences of his sexy action from last episode. Burning that war report might have been an incredibly swoon-worthy deed, but man, those Celestials are out for blood. He knows he has half the Heavens against him. 
Bunny: Well, you can't be noble without paying for it. Isn't that how this works? I'm just confused why all these people are called "gods" when as a bunch, they're just not very bright. This whole case could be solved with just a tiny bit of critical thinking.
JoAnne:  I just struggle with so MANY gods. It's cool, have more than one...but if there's thousands, how special are they? Hi, I'm the God of Grocery Lists. Uh, cool, I guess?

Episode 7

Ling Xi is packing! Though while literally dragging her feet. Our girlfriend really doesn't want to leave... She thinks she's Jiu Chen's "most important person" with an intertwined fate and tells her dad he has no loyalty for dragging her away now that the God of War no longer has an AAA rating in the Heavens.
Le Bo cracks me up. He has the nagging style of an ajumma. 
I was busy admiring the closets. Are those shoe racks in the background?
Downstairs, 13th is wondering where to put the cinders of the everlasting wood fire. Yuan Tong is mighty interested in it (because the letter was burnt in it I guess?... though we do not see what she aims to do with it except for putting some ash into a box in front of her brother's altar) and offers to help 13th. She lies about giving the rest of the wood to the Medicine King, since there's a boy who always complains their fires aren't big enough. Ling Xi overhears everything. I'm guessing that will have significance later (aren't I clever).
Everybody's after Jiu Chen's wood. Are we surprised? 
Only that you got to the joke before I did...
Yuan Tong doesn't tell anyone about what she knows GoW is protecting (not even her mother), thinking GoW can weather these troubles unscathed. I don't get why she doesn't just tell mama Yuan. If she knows the full story, then she'll stop running her mouth. Are they just afraid she'll be too upset knowing her son got hit with the demon bug? Soon after, the God of War is stripped of his title ("position suspended") and Jiu Chen is put under house arrest so that he can reflect on his wrongdoings. GoW doesn't give af, but Yun Feng is livid. Gaaaah, I like him for being such a supporter of GoW.
He really is the best baby brother <3
He always plays such a good guy (so far for me.)  It's that beautiful, calm gaze. How could he be bad?
He has caught on and asks GoW straight to his face who he is protecting. He even names GoW's two closest generals as likely culprits (Yuan Zheng and Zhu Xie). GoW blocks all inquiry and tells his junior that because it's him, he was only removed from his position and detained within his palace. Somebody else would already be dead and his entire family wiped out with him. Ohhhh, Yun Feng totally gets it - somebody must have become a demon!
So how would it work if the Celestials find out that all 100,000 of their men were turned into demons? Will all their family members get the chopping block? Will everyone be dead? Heaven will cease to exist?? Dun dun dun.
I guess the God of Burial Urns is gonna make a fortune?
Again, GoW tells him he doesn't want to talk about it ever again, but sends Yun Feng to You Du Mountain to find out what happened there (since he is detained and cannot travel). D'awwww, GoW thinks Ling Xi has left (she hasn't at all). He does look a little sad about it, doesn't he. Others do leave though: almost all the maids, only Hua Yan stays (the longevity knot maker). 
I guess she's in it for the long haul.
It's late, a giant moon has risen - and Ling Xi sneaks about the palace to find Jiu Chen. No real reason, just that she wants to talk his ears off. She also wants to know whether she's as stinky as Hua Yan claimed (she hid in some stinky place from her father) - a good opportunity to stick her arm into his face. Pffffffft. Girlfriend needs to work on her flirting skills. And look at him acting all unamused, you know he's happy she didn't leave him. When asked why she didn't leave, she says how could she when he is in such great need of people. What she has to offer: talk to him to kill time!
I sometimes think she's a 9 year old boy.
He has no reply to this, but since Yun Feng mentioned Le Bo's strange behavior again earlier, Jiu Chen inquires about her upbringing. She admits she snuck out of the Peach Grove every 3 to 4 months, sometimes she managed to stay away for days. He seems mainly interested in one thing: has she ever been to You Du Mountain? She once wanted to go, she remembers, but her father found her, beat her and was more angry than ever. Besides, she thinks she couldn't have gone anyway, heavy Demon Qi and all. But GoW says: "Maybe you could." Damn.
She mistakes his interest and comment for a compliment and that she's particularly gifted. Gurl, he suspects you're in league with the demons and already sees you as a corpse, which obviously makes him sad. We also learn about immortal ranks: Little Immortal, Earth Immortal (that's her now and how he was born), Sky Immortal, High Immortal, Sky God, High God (him at 22,000 years, hahahahaaaaaaaaaa, she's impressed but thinks he's boasting - just go cultivate, little fairy).
Oh man, this whole interaction... Had I commented on this scene a week ago, you would have heard me grumbling. But all that has changed ever since I went further ahead with the drama, I'm now seeing all these moments in a whole new light. She absolutely needed to be this simple little girl right now, and he needed to be this much of a grump. I LOVE THEM.
This is why one must be PATIENT, Bunny, and not try to second guess things!
We know 13th has been making a longevity knot and now we find out for whom: Si Ming! They bonded when she was a he (with beard) and Si Ming has a bit of an issue that he's a she now who claims she's in love with him. Okay, it's not only "a bit" of an issue.
Alright, who here doesn't empathize with Si Ming. That's a giant ass pill to swallow. Your broski had a sex change, turned into a chick and wants to shack up with you.... Oof.
So does that mean she liked him when she was a he? Related: I am always super fascinated and impressed by the partners of people who transition after years of marriage, kids, etc. You marry your husband, you love him, you have his babies, all that - and then he asks you to not only stick around but switch teams. It's a lot. I have much respect for the person for whom love is love and can make that leap.
In the Spirit Realm, Jing Xiu is rage-zithering in the forest (seems to be the instrument of choice for every brooding second-lead in this universe), remembering how he was mistreated by the previous king Yuan Du. He is hurt that his Queen lied to him about her daddy and only shoved him into the Spirit Changing Abyss. He vows to kill him for real this time! The one who sealed the Abyss it the Heavenly Lord by the way - and plot twist! Lie Yi was the one who helped Tianjun back then. Helped him to seal that Abyss thingamabob? Hmmm, is this significant? Again, confused. Jing Xiu doesn't want his son Zhong Hao dead anymore - he wants him to help him break that Heavenly seal (on the Abyss you mean?).
I can't keep the people straight. I think it starts with Mr. Voted Most Visually Confusing, 948 BCE.
Since the Yuan family is thick as thieves with the Medicine King (he's the little brother of Madam Yuan), no more medicine is produced for Jiu Chen. Yes, by burning that war report, Jiu Chen made about 50% of all Celestials his enemies - since they're all related one way or another to those 100,000 dead soldiers. These assholes. Once the truth comes to light... off with your heads! (maybe not) Qing Yao also warns Ling Xi to return to the Peach Blossom Grove. It's going to get nasty for GoW.
Has no one met this child? Do they not understand what will compel her to stay?
While the GoW is in seclusion meditation, Ling Xi sneaks back to the Peach Blossom Grove to get utensils for making medicine herself. Sneaky GoW is using his downtime to spirit travel! He remembers the Demon King's last moments and how he sealed him in (though gravely hurt). But the Demon King mocks him to the last. Jiu Chen is tainted by the blood of all those he killed and Demon Qi all around him. He tells him he's not really different from the Demon King. And eventually... he'll become a Demon himself. Poor BB.... he looks damn worried.
This worries me too. Why do I get the sense it's a bit of foreshadowing... maybe....... Jiu Chen becomes a demon......... to trade places with Ling Xi in the future?!?!?!!! 
The plot THICKENS.

Look at how smoking hot he is (kekeke)


I can't stand how Jiu Chen is mistreated by these snobby Celestials! Only a handful of people believe in his innocence, among them Ling Xi. I guess love makes blind :D She's just lucky that she is in love with someone as righteous, isn't she? Yeah, but should she really be this trusting? It's cute, but highly unrealistic. Then again, she does have a bird brain (ohhhhhh, did I say that?) Part of me thinks he should speak up and defend himself - part of me knows that it's this part of his character that makes him who he is. He'd rather die than bring harm to people he cares for. I'm guessing that'll be a problem in the future...
Isn't it always? But that's why we love them so much, these noble idiots.
I don't really love any one yet.

I was struck by the contrast of Yuan Tong's actions. Especially her self-assurance that "someone like GoW" will be fine, though she knows that he is punished for covering for the Yuan family. She's clearly not worthy of him since she is keeping quiet about his self-sacrifice, even to her evil mother who does everything to bring further damage to Jiu Chen. I see how that could backfire later and can't wait.
I gotta say, though I already kinda hate the girl (mostly because of her facial expressions), she wins in my book for having more than one goal in life - to get the guy. So she picks her family over him, I don't think that necessarily makes her not worthy. Her actions, though infuriating, have justification. 
Yes, I can totally understand her thinking. It's very self-serving, but I get it.

But... who else gets the feeling we still don't fully understand what happened at You Du Mountain? And how are the Spirit People connected to all of it? 
I think we'll find out by about episode 60 :D