Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 9 (Recap)

kakashi: This is a sad episode. But at least, we clearly see that God of War is worried about Ling Xi. He should have hugged her though. Several times. Okay, and then it's also an exciting episode because of the Ding. The what?
JoAnne:  There's one moment I'm sure you'll mention later that really touched me, between these two. He's certainly conflicted about her, isn't he!
Bunny: I would say this is the episode where the thawing truly commences. 

Episode 9

The remaining maid taught 13th the "Whale Swallowing Technique" (or rather tried to). Yes, that's a technique to eat like a whale... No, not to gain weight, but to gain cultivation! Just as 13th gives up on the technique and starts eating pancakes with both hands, the Starlord and Yun Feng come to visit. They're not familiar with the whale swallowing technique it seems? 
Nor do they want to be...
Wait, what is she trying to gain cultivation for? To beat people up for GoW?
Time to exchange notes about You Du Mountain. Yun Feng couldn't get near, the Demon Qi was too strong, but he asked around and found out that Zheng Hao was saved by his people when they made that pact with the Demon King and gave up their souls. Jiu Chen informs his friends that the Demon King has awakened, but it currently too weak to break the seal - good news, I guess. Or not... his primordial spirit is missing. Gaaaaaaaaah, Yun Feng immediately suspects Ling Xi might be the one to have it!!!! 
Why would she have someone else's spirit? I don't understand that.
So... she's possessed? Well that would explain why she's so obsessed with Jiu Chen. Demon Lords tend to be obsessed with GoWs (ahem Qing Cang)
God of War assures them there's no demonic energy on her but Yun Feng is not entirely convinced. Boy! Stop this! Of course, Ling Xi has to blow up her room right when they're discussing how lovely she is. (I died when Yun Feng jumped up because he thought the Thunder dude was coming for them) GoW pretends to be annoyed but I think he likes everything she does. 
That was a funny little bit. Right now the feeling I get off him is exasperated parent, but we'll see how it goes. I think I'd be okay if they never had a romantic relationship, really.
Yeah, at this point he could just adopt her and call it a day. We'd have a lovely family saga to watch. 
Hey! But girlfriend managed to make pills! Her housemates warn her it could be lethal poison though, haha. Well, being the concerned woman that she is, Ling Xi decides to try it out herself. For that reason she sneaks out at night to test it at the Moon Springs (it's freezing cold in there - and that medicine is of course meant to cure GoW's ailment). GoW notices her and follows after (because he's suspicious she might be off doing demon things of course). The cutest scene yet: the way he turns around like a gentleman when she takes her outer garment off.
Then again, I really love that combo of bumbling/reserved in couples....
Is that blushing I see??
Ling Xi takes a bite off her (obviously disgusting) pill and jumps in. Silly girl! She can't even swim!!! *face palm* D'awwwwwz, Jiu Chen saves her. Well, he doesn't get wet himself, but using magic is way more efficient. For Ling Xi, the whole thing is proof her medicine worked! She didn't die when she jumped in! (Not sure whether I should laugh or cry...) She is so happy she was able to make medicine, my heart... all for him of course.
Such a sweet girl - how could anyone suspect her of being bad?  I hope that they're at least thinking that if she's bad, even she has no idea of it.
I think Jiu Chen has that mindset, but he still has to keep an eye on her every move just in case she turns out to be bad. Of course, once he learns of her intentions, like he does here, that cold heart of his has to quiver just a bit. Did you see how he stops and waits for her when she asks him to? It's the little things... <3
The next day, Yun Feng comes by when Ling Xi wants to convince her housemates she's super talented at making concoctions and waves her medicine book in front of their noses. He wants to have a look and discovers the plant the Lady Doctor was getting the other day. It's a Yanxin Flower, which is used to cure the cold and it's extremely rare and super hard to get. Yun Feng immediately rushes to Qing Yao (to do what? Is it just an excuse to see her?), but as always, she's curt and all business-like as she gives him the medicine she just finished making for the God of War.
Did he suspect that she was holding back?  Or did he rush there to get it thinking of course she made it for GoW?
I die a little when God of War asks Ling Xi where her medicine is instead of just taking Qing Yao's! Swoon...
That's it, that's the bit that killed me.  That's a lot of trust right there, especially since her 'pill' looks like something a dung beetle made. 
I know guys, I melted into a puddle too. Just look at the stern face he keeps on in front of her, and then that little smile breaks as soon as she leaves!!! Gahhhhhh
He's a brave, brave man, lmao... at least until he sees the size of Ling Xi's medicine ball. (Ball, not pill, but ball) But now, Ling Xi is determined he has to eat hers! Yep, he asked for it, don't you let him off easy. Poor bb, I'm sure you suffered.
For a serious actor, he's very funny.  Great reactions.
I kept rewinding for that helpless smile of his about thirty times. 
Oh no, oh no, oh no... somebody (in bird form!) lures away our cute white fluff ball Little White from the God of War's palace... And then ends up dead on the front steps. Who does something like this!! TT___________TT
I really thought that they'd think her medicine killed him - wasn't that what he got into before he ran off after the butterfly?
If I had to place bets, it'd be on the Heavenly Douche Bros.
Ling Xi wraps him in a cloth and carries him to the "Immortal Cleansing Pool" (or Zhuxian Terrace Light). It's a place for punishment - immortals who are sinned are pushed in here to wash away their immortal essence. They return to where they came from. (Wait....... what about those who were born immortals like GoW?). She thinks her Little White will return to the mortal world like this and will be reborn. It's so sad...
I swear whenever Ni Ni cries, I cry. She's too good.
In the Spirit Realm, Queen Ling Yue has a dream (or rather a memory). It's of Mo Huan dying to protect her. Anybody else wondering why the soldiers that attacked before are just standing around doing nothing? yes. This entire scene was so poorly acted, I cringed. Anyway, overcome by grief, she unleashes Phoenix powers and kills them all. After she wakes, she is thinking about her child and that it could still be alive - after all, she made that Longevity Knot herself and Jing Xiu had it.
Those Phoenix Powers are cool, lady, but I'm sure Mo Huan's ghost is thinking you could have unleashed them 5 or 10 minutes earlier...
Lets give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe her superpowers only come on when she's hit rock bottom?
Ling Xi keeps quiet about her dog, but she's so depressed... which doesn't get better the day Lord Puhua comes by. There will be a public trial for God of War! To determine the You Du case. Besides, God of War is to yield Yuan Zheng's items (such as?) (who's Yuan Zheng?) and has to give back the Dragon Tooth Armor.  Noooo, he looks so good in it. 
I thought he was already punished for this by being under house arrest but I guess that was too easy.
Ling Xi is even more depressed now. But she remembers what she did that day 13th carried out the ash from that burnt war report - she sucked up some particles in her magical bag! Hmmmmm... what is she going to do with it? Eat them?
Right... idk why she thought to collect a few specks of dust. Maybe she is smarter than we think... 
I guess we'll find out.
Queen Ling Yue goes to see "The Old Man of the South Pole" (ohhhh, he has the Ding!) for a divination about her lost child (it seems he owes her a favor). It's a difficult undertaking, the old man says, since it requires so much energy. Since he cannot be disturbed during the ritual, he asks his acolyte Qin Yuan to protect him with a magic dome.
Is this Lord Puhua's nicer twin? They look identical.
Look who's guessed where his Boss went! It's Jing Xiu. Is his true form a crow? Inside the cave, Queen Ling Yue asks whether her child is alive or dead? The answer: she's alive! Dun dun dun. Also making an appearance outside, dressed in black with a veil and being super clumsy... Ling Xi.
The black veil! The ultimate inconspicuous getup!
I hate to be the party pooper here but wouldn't you think she'd have done this, oh, I don't know, at ANY point in the previous twenty years? I know, I know, the longevity knot.  Still.
Qin Yuan busts from the cave when she steps on a twig - but Jing Xiu helps her get into the caves (they have a LOT of chemistry these two) (I have to admit they do here. I think I only like Baldy when he's being playful). She's here for the Ding (= cauldron! By the way, Ding means "thing" in German, I really like to call this thing Ding). When she touches the surface of some altar thing with water in it, four mirrors materialize in the air... Whaaaaaaaaaa. Cliffhanger.
Okay now he just looks like some benevolent Halloween clown.


Ling Xi must be there to restore the letter from those ash-fragments! She wants the God of War to be cleared of the suspicions he's still under. And maybe it's better this way. His household is also suffering because of his stubbornness!
Yeah, come on, a puppy has been axed, what next?!?!!!!
I'll blah blah blah and your little dog too? Is this a version of the Wizard of Oz?

How cute was Ling Xi in this episode again?! Man, I want to take her home and make her smile those incredible smiles all the time. GoW is a goner - he even ate her horrible looking medicine ball, just to please her. Gaaaaah, they're so cute.
RIP GoW's dignity. It's a slippery slope from here. (Although I still think it can be argued that he just likes cute kids haaa)
I wish we could see more of him pre-battle so we could see how much different he is now and figure out if how he is in response to her is more of a return to his natural self, or if she truly makes him act differently.

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