Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 15 (Recap)

kakashi: Nasty God of War, fie! Hurting our Ling Xi!
JoAnne: Now, now...we can't praise him in one episode for being rational and objective, and then call him names in the next for the exact same thing. Can we?
Bunny: I was happy, then I was mad, then I was annoyed, then I was sad, but OMG they're touching...

Episode 15

I don't know whether the monster (Baí Zé 白泽) likes to be turned into a cute fluffy white thing, but Ling Xi certainly likes it. She defends the fluffy thing from GoW who wants to chain it and have it repent for its misdeeds. He says it's much too dangerous to keep it but of course, it reminds her of her dog - and of course, Jiu Chen is this giant softie who cannot say "no" to anything she wants. We have a new pet! Later she names it "five bowls" (Wǔ Wǎn) since it eats so much.
Easily the cutest CGI monster EVER. And the little squeaks!
Jiu Chen.... hahaahaaaaaa, you weak man. 
GoW is taking her to Mount You Du, is this the long road? Go through the mortal realm to reach the Spirit Realm? Of course she's curious to learn all about the legendary place, the poor soul has no idea why he is bringing her to such a place and makes these suspicious faces. Before going to the actual mountain, they pay a visit to our Queen Ling Yue who has a momentary freak out when she hears Ling Xi is 50,000 years old. But many questions later she becomes convinced it can't be her daughter (since Ling Xi says she grew up with her father, her brother and her sister).
I guess girls born 50,000 years ago are exceedingly rare or something.
And I guess you wouldn't think that if you lose your child, another family will adopt them.
There's a banquet for the God of War's honor, but Jing Xiu doesn't get an invite from the Queen. Booh, talk it out instead of doing passive-aggressive things! Oh he didn't get an invite? I missed this. I thought he just chose not to go. He perks up when he hears GoW has a little fairy with him though. GoW on the other hand is a bit afraid Ling Xi might cause trouble and tells her to stick to him. First opportunity that presents itself, Five Bowls disappears - and Ling Xi goes after despite GoW's warning.
Please, come to the banquet so you can kneel beside me and not eat.
They keep using this imagery on us, the way Jiu Chen is always seated in a higher position than Ling Xi. I guess they really wanted to pound it into our heads the power differentials in this arc. Nevertheless, what the hell!! At least give her a kiddy table. 
Oh no, Five bowls bites the stupid Princess (at least twice) and is now hunted by a load of guards! What a good boyyyy. Ling Xi helps her pet but is now hunted in turn. Coincidence wants it that she finds refuge in Jing Xiu's houseboat palace and he even lies for her. After a small run-in with Jing Xiu's murderous plant which is bested by the Eternal Sand apple watch Ding.
Samsung vine.
Woooot! Ling Xi sees the Longevity Knot lie around in Jing Xiu's house and takes it! When she meets the God of War later - he has to quickly hide her from the guards for a bit and she's so cutely surprised he can see her when he steps up to her later - he doesn't listen to what she wants to tell him about it though, but is delighted they're going on a trip tomorrow.
Will you juuuuust pleeeeeeease admit you like her, GoW?
He's so inconsistent right now, he's making me dizzy.
Quick insert - Confirmation for Yun Feng: He killed Qing Ya's husband while she was on a mortal trial. 
Well there you go, then.  Love Interest Animosity key:  unlocked.
Oooooooh, good luck getting out of that one.
GoW takes Ling Xi to the Demon seal - and I guess he does this to confirm something, which is this: only he and her can get this near! That's baaaad. Demon King gets agitated and quickly subdued by Jiu Chen, then he takes Ling Xi "to the place he trains". I don't like how stonefaced he is today.
I don't like that poor Ling Xi is just being led around like this without a single clue as to what's going on. I mean I kind of get why GoW can't just come out and say "yo, I suspect you're a demon, so let's go here and test out my theory" but... arghhh, if he keeps keeping her in the dark like this, I'm gonna be real pissed real soon.
The place he trains is somewhere near the North Pole, there's aurora polaris and lots of ice and snow. Is this like... his vacation home? This is also where GoW's sword was before it went zooming back to him. There's an ancient servant guarding the palace who is overjoyed to see GoW. Five Bowls is mighty agitated, I think he tries to warn Ling Xi?
Definitely seemed that way.
The besssssst boy ever.
Goddamn nasty God of War locks her in an ice chamber! Does he intend to freeze her for later use?
She dummy thinks he's testing her skills TT_______TT
What was the intent of this?  If she survives, she's bad?  If she dies, she's good?  Vice versa?  Or was it just a plan to leave her there forever?  But then wouldn't he have left...?
I think he was simply trying to kill her.
GoW meditates all through the night, but he cannot stop thinking of how loyal she has always been and how selfless. And... he materializes inside the ice prison and rescues her. He's hugging her mighty close, isn't he? He's totally given up resistance I think...
I felt a kiss coming on, myself. By the way?  The kiss that doesn't happen?  It's like having a sneeze disappear.
The sudden skinship is a bit overdone in my opinion (not that I didn't enjoy it, their chemistry is insane). The fact that he just tried to kill her moments ago makes it seem out of place to me. GoW is definitely going through that phase where his feelings completely contradict his actions.

She finally gets to give back the Longevity Knot to him before fainting against his chest. And he remembers... his last minutes before dying after besting the Demon King. Severely hurt and bloodied, he heard the cries of a baby, only to find her lying there between the rocks. The Longevity Knot is tucked into its nappies and he grabs it. When the Demon King attacks with black energy, he shields himself and the baby and only a tiny bit of Demon energy gets through. With his last strength, he heals her.
See, I think that's the demon energy he senses in her.  Not that she's inherently bad.  She was INJURED.
Right, the Demon King infected her with some of his bad bug for later use. I'm confused how Ling Xi giving GoW that Longevity Knot right then triggered this memory? You'd think he'd remember his last moment before death a little sooner than this...
In the here and now, Jiu Chen has put her on a bed, gruffly asking whether she's okay now. He's being a real piece of work, isn't he. Just a moment ago he was getting all cozy! But she is wondering, is he punishing her for something? Why did he lock her up? But she cannot believe that he really wanted her to freeze to death... Besides, she's thirsty and hungry and afraid and doesn't want to be alone. Grumpily, he seats himself on the bed (with his back to her) but she's happy and sad that he's there, as if she already knew... that he plans to send her back to her father the next day.
No food in his house?  What is this madness?  Also:  Dear Advice for the Love Lorn, What should I do when the guy I like is constantly gruff with me and then locks me in a supersized freezer?  I mean, he saved me, too?  So like, he's KINDA into me?
Dear Love Lorn, maybe get therapy for your daddy issues?


I don't fully get what went on in Jiu Chen's head. So he confirmed she has some connection to the Demon King and then decided to kill her? That he couldn't go through with it only makes it marginally better for me.
Maybe he just wanted to put her on ice for a while so he could think about it.  I'm laughing hard at my joke, do you have that saying?  When we want to postpone something we put it on ice.
Hahahahaaa. Maybe he just wanted to turn her into an ice-block to match him? Ok ok, on a serious note, I agree with you kakashi, his actions got me all sorts of confused and pissed off. Putting her in that ice room was not so he could "think about it", I think he was absolutely trying to kill her and he knew she was going to suffer as she froze to death, who wouldn't? Knowing that, and knowing that he must be aware of his feelings for her makes it very unsettling that he could be so ruthless. Can we just blame it on the fact that he's a War God, and that he's been trained to do what's necessary despite personal inclination? 

And: does he know she's that child he found there? Also: Super romantic, a first meeting when she's a few days old! Must be true love!
And covered in blood.  Don't forget the blood.  Makes my heart just SING.
Guys, I thought it was kinda cute! But boy does it put their relationship in a whole new plane. This old perv...

Last: I don't like this costume for Chen Chang, his arms look much too short in it. 
Who was looking at his arms?
Not me, I was all over that face like, yes baby, frown some more for me. 
How can you not look at arms?!
I do.  In fitted shirts, or short sleeves, or sleeveless.  But in long billowy sleeves? No.