Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 19 (Recap)

kakashi: The story picks back up in the second half of this episode, before that there's quite a lot of filler material and coupling (= couple making/forming, Jo, not the other coupling). But then, there's another extremely sweet scene between the leads under a huge moon. And more. Massive stomach flutters.
JoAnne:  If you don't want me to think it, then you shouldn't say it, Kakashi. You know I'm very susceptible.
Bunny: Sorry guys, I watched this filler-dense episode with like half of one eye open the whole time, and then Chang Chen straight slaughtered me with his dimply smile half-way through, so I'm not on my best game this go-around.  

Episode 19

Qing Yao is tending to GoW once again (man, she's patient with this difficult patient!) and thanks him for taking good care of Ling Xi by bowing low. Qing Yao knows how Ling Xi feels from previous conversations- and she knows GoW cares enough for her junior to protect her. She reports to Daddy Le Bo that all is well, but both are concerned about the Demons and their plans - but even more about the Heavens Tribe. Ling Xi is in grave danger if they find out about her little demonic secret.
Do we know how Hobbit Dad even knew she had any issues? You know, from infancy or maybe early childhood?  Perhaps issues first arose during potty training.  Those are famously difficult battles of wills at times...
Who knows, maybe she started talking in her sleep... in demon tongue... Exorcist style. Yikes!

Pink radish insert, skip.
It was CUTE.
That thing does not look like a radish... but rather something pink and wrinkly and I'm gonna stop talking now.
Annoying brother then goes up to the Heavens to convince Ling Xi she a) shouldn't be alone with a man, b) shouldn't be the one to make the first step ever and c) they're not a good pair anyway, too many differences of status etc. etc. Excuse me, what's his purpose?
To remind us that most men are completely unnecessary.
And that they're only good at one thing: mansplaining. 
Yun Feng - does he have nothing better to do? - is getting massively drunk with Shi San in Si Ming's palace - you too, nothing better to do? (See above)  San claims she has been chased out of Fuyun Hall by Jiu Chen. Really? We didn't see that. "He puts women before brothers," Shi San complains, and "romance before friendship," hahahaha. Come on, I'm sure this is the FIRST time he has ever looked at a woman!
I was not paying any attention during this part. Does Shi San even know that GoW and Ling Xi have a thing? I thought she was oblivious.

Some bickering between Shi San and Si Ming ensues until Shi San arm-twists Si Ming into agreeing  she can stay in his palace. Yun Feng finds it all very amusing and congratulates Shi San for her success before he leaves to mope elsewhere. Left behind is a very nervous Si Ming (who's getting on my nerves big time, this is getting so old). We later find out Shi San beats him up that night in a drunken rage. Pffft.
It's been a long time since we recapped a story the way it OUGHT to have been told...
Yun Feng seems to be in a melancholic mood... all the more fitting that he finds Qing Yao at the cold Moon Spring. (Why is it always a full moon up in the Heavens by the way?)
Perhaps because it's Heaven?  There are no planets to block the moon, therefore it's always full.
That's some sound logic right there. Way to drop a load of science on us, Jo. I like it. So much more interesting than all this side-coupling that's happening on my screen.
She is there to catch cold fish. To make cold medicine for Jiu Chen. They have a normal conversation (Braaaaavo!) and then they share a moment when he tries to protect her from some water droplets. And then he kneels and bows to apologize to her about killing her mortal husband. He looks sincere enough, but that won't bring back the dead.
So it seems he is hunting demons everywhere and is quite accomplished when he wants to be, not minding to get hurt? Hmmm, Qing Yao is already wavering? She gives Si Ming some ointment that she wants to end up with Yun Feng, a plan that works. I think Yun Feng sees right through it.
Oh I think this was the part where I got up and went and got a snack.
Oh, so it's Mid-Autumn festival in the mortal realm! Thoughtful Ling Xi has baked mooncakes for GoW (two ovens went to waste before this for practice reasons) only they are... so hard they're barely edible. This is so cute... first, he says he won't eat stuff like this. She is clearly disappointed. Next thing we know... he takes a bite. Bravely chews... puts it back and tries hard to pretend it's okay. Excited, she takes a bite too... and finds it horrible and much too hard, telling him not to eat it all agonized. Hahahaha, I love her.
The only ones I've ever had (mass-produced, sadly) were sticky-ish, hard, and dry.  I come from a land of tender pastries!  Tender, moist pastries! Hard and dry is for...I don't know what.  Not even beef jerky is DRY.
*ahem* are we still talking about food, Jo? Your use of adjectives is making me a little squirmy...
But on the business of mooncakes, I made some with my mom the other day! Lemme tell you, is a freaking production. Those temperamental little guys are SO hard to get right. It's not Ling Xi's fault they suck.
He uses magic to soften and cut the cakes. (did he make them taste better too?) They eat some together. It feels very intimate, maybe because of his little pleased smiles... I think he's just very pleased and happy that he managed to make her happy.
They are so bumbly and awkward and yet so natural with each other. You can just tell that the way he looks at her has changed - it's the eyes of a man now (who likes what he sees). Oh god, don't get me started on the smiles... I'm just a puddle of goo. Clean up on aisle 5!
Taking heart, she says they have a tradition in Peach Forest: The elders kiss the younger people's forehead and wish them well at Mid-Autumn. So she wants a kiss our sweetie? When he only looks at her in his quiet, stone-faced way she gets very flustered, telling him it obviously doesn't apply in the Heavens, never mind her, thinking she must be crazy to say something like this ...
I got second-hand flustered with her.
... when he is suddenly in front of her and gives her a tender forehead kiss. (Is there anything that she DOESN'T get from this man?) Looking deep into her eyes he wishes her peace and happiness.
And we all die of internal combustion, the end, amen.
God help us. 
--> Kakashi is on the floor, flailing helplessly
Kakashi takes longer to die than the rest of us.
Hurry up, Kakashi. Why you gotta be so dramatic?

Oh no, Demon Boy is coming to the Heavens (name: Qin Yuan). Oh geez, that little twerp again. Of course he's come for Ling Xi! The little fairy is talking to her Five Bowls about the kiss, wondering whether that's a confession or not... and GoW is headed to the Hall to find out about the results of the investigation concerning her. Before he leaves, he utters those words that every Mo Yuan/GoW fangirl knows mean DOOOOOOOM: "Wait for me."-- yep, still have PTSD from this.
I dunno, Ling Xi - when your elders kissed your forehead in the Peach Forest, was that a confession? 
I kinda get her confusion since nothing's been obviously stated in terms of his affection (I'm a words kinda gal myself) but come on, babe, the man's demeanor towards you has done a complete 180!
She gives him a kiss on the cheek before he turns away. He hesitates and then there's that moment where he very clearly doesn't want to leave at all, but stay and kiss her back... so well acted!
We die AGAIN.  What are we, cats?   
But then she's alone and calamity strikes...  just when Jiu Chen receives the good news that she's cleared of all suspicion and can leave. With him. Demon Boy slaps Five Bowls across the courtyard and stuns Ling Xi before shrinking her and putting her into one of those wonder pouches.
That son of a BITCH.
I could beat his ass, how DARE he slap Five Bowls.
When GoW gets back he finds Five Bowls unconscious and her gone -- he starts a desperate, heart wrenching search for her everywhere, to no avail. My heart absolutely sank in this scene. At the gate, he hears that only that Boy from the Southpole has come to visit. Putting the pieces together instantly, he leaves straight away to pay Demon Lord a visit, Shi San right behind him.
Go!  Kick his sulphurous demon ASS.
The Palace is now empty, but Yu Li comes by with a gift for Jiu Chen. Snooping around, she discovers that dragon lamp in Ling Xi's room. But she also discovers something else... Demon Qi inside of it! Shocked, Yu Li grabs the lamp and walks away, seemingly unsure what to do with it. But dun dun... Yuan Tong sees her and soon realizes that this demonic lamp is connected to Ling Xi.  
I am SO tired of meddlesome people.


Security in the Heavens is dismal, my god! Maybe they're short-staffed? So they didn't know the boy has gone astray and just let him in?! Why even have guards if they are useless!! I do find those bags that shrink things useful though. I know Hermione has the patent, but this Demon Boy's design is better and I would please like to order one.
Excellent for traveling.  Think of the room for souvenirs!

But now for the SQUEEEEEEEE: The mooncakes scene!!!! The courtyard kiss!!!!!! What makes it all so good is Jiu Chen's shyness. Repeating myself here, but to see how insecure he himself is in this situation, knowing how powerful a God he is just makes it 1000000times more sweet.
A man is just a man, at heart?
"Peace and happiness" = words that make me want to squeal to death, and curse at the same time. Peace and happiness my ass. Playtime's over guys. Grab your tissues, grab your wine (or other anesthetic of choice), grab your blanket, grab your puppy, grab your kid, grab all the cuddly things. You're gonna need it.