Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 20 (Recap)

kakashi: Ouf, now it goes downhill. Poor Ling Xi, she never knew what hit her. Poor Jiu Chen, he is so powerful yet cannot do a thing for her. 
JoAnne:  Barbarians!
Bunny: *crawls into blankets and hides*

Episode 20

Shi San could not follow GoW to the Demon Lord's seal... which means that Jiu Chen has to face the dark one's taunts alone. He blasts blue Celestial GoW energy around, but that's not sufficient to stop Demon Lord from showing him Yuan Zhong's face to confuse him. (that giant head looks so funny to me) He calls Jiu Chen out for not killing the female immortal when he has vowed to kill all Demons and for having an obsession and desires, bringing him close to Demon territory, morally. He should just release Demon Lord and save Ling Xi that way, the Evil one says. After a short reflection, Jiu Chen says bullshit, his conscience is clear and Demon Lord will never ever ever get free.  
Or you could set him free under controlled circumstances and then kill him once and for all, effectively ending all this never-ending drama about Ling Xi...
For real tho, dis baddie got a point.
Yuan Tong reports the matter of the Demon Qi infused lamp directly to the Heavenly Emperor, saying it's proof for Ling Xi's true affiliation. Ling Xi is to be summoned and interrogated again! Yuan Tong eagerly wants to participate in the hunt. Lord of Thunder leads a group of men to Mount Youdu (why? they shouldn't even know Ling Xi is gone? Yeah i was confused too. They must think she's just automatically gonna go there to free him.) where they run into Shi San and GoW. They demand to know where Ling Xi, the descendant of the Demon Tribe is. GoW looks at Yuan Tong in a particular, disappointed kind of way, obviously reading her presence here correctly.
Because she's a nosy, meddlesome, vindictive little witch, is why.
She's a real eyesore. I just wish they would give a little more justification for why she's so damn vindictive. I'm not buying the reasons she hates Ling Xi. If it's because of mom's death, that's delusional. If it's because of jealousy, makes even less sense since I never really got the sense she was THAT in love with Jiu Chen. (I remember thinking Sujin was a senseless bitch in TMOPB, but at least her obsession with Yehua was crystal clear)
Ling Xi is in the pouch dimension but manages to free herself from it. Confronting Demon Boy, she says he'll soon face the wrath of GoW and the Heavens but he only smiles knowingly and says just YOU wait until they find out about your true identity. Demon Boy attacks Ling Xi and they fight. I hate his face. No screenshot for him.
Not today, Demon.  Not today.
Oh, looks like she's really getting a handle on that Apple-ding thing. bbgirl is so cute. 
GoW leaves Lord of Thunder et al. wordlessly and goes in search of Ling Xi again. Zipping through the clouds, he soon sees her fighting the Demon Boy.... he arrives right on time when she is injured and pushed over a ledge. He manages to catch her in time, but his face is agonized. Poor darling cares for her so deeply, but he knows what's coming.
His face kills me.
Oi, back in the blanket i go.
Ling Xi wakes up at Peach Blossom Forest, in her bed. She isn't injured, she realizes quickly, so was that fight a dream? She calls for her father and finds him drinking on the porch. Le Bo gravely informs her GoW was here but left quickly. He also tells her they found out about her demonic energy in the Heavens, forcing GoW to lie and say Ling Xi died. But it's a matter of time until they realize that's not true, he adds. Besides, does she really want to burden GoW and make him a pariah with his own people?
So...this is how she finds out she's an adopted child?  And one with demon power, to boot?
oh god, it's a mess.
Poor Ling Xi doesn't get it, of course not. Not only GoW kept this from her but also her father! Oh, but look who's coming for a visit? Zhong Hao. So he didn't die? (This bit is so confusing already and this just adds to it) Le Bo attacks him, but he stands no chance against the Demon. Is Daddy dead?! Ling Xi's brother comes to her help, but...
So far the only dead people that have been really dead are the ones GoW killed on the battlefield...
This... definitely seems to be happening in her head...... but HOW is the question. How is she finding out about all this through her own dream sequence? 
Cut to Ling Xi kneeling in the Heavens, her eyes closed, black Demon Qi coming off her. SHIT.
So is that little flying saucer above her head what's causing her to have this crazy dream? Or I guess Lord Puhua is using it to draw out her demon essence. GAH, this whole scene is so damn confusing.
Cut to Ling Xi and Pink brother running away until Ling Xi stops to ask him what's going on. He thinks she has to know, since it's clearly her fault, but the poor woman has no clue. That ugly small Demon appears and kills Cheng Yan (=pink brother) too.
He kind of reminds me of the short people from an American horror movie called Mortuary.
This happened too easily, it can't be real.
Back to Ling Xi kneeling in front of Puhua and everybody else. GoW is trying to help her again (he's shooting some blue energy at her, but the Longevity Knot has lost its power), but it only makes it worse. That mark behind her ear activates (the miasma) and Ling Xi opens her eyes, gasping for air. GoW staggers. The look on his face.... TT______TT
I know! It's devastating. For someone we've seen be in complete control of every bad situation thrown his way for the past 20 episodes, you can just tell he's at his wits end. 
She keeps repeating "this isn't real, this isn't real", appealing to GoW to help her, but what can he do? He leaves hurriedly, clearly shaken. No, worse. He's used too much of his powers again and even spits blood once he's alone. Maybe that's better than freezing? But he's devastated. After all, he could not protect her.
Why am I more emotionally invested in the story as you tell it than I was watching it?
*chugs wine*
Is there really no hope? No. She is a Demon, the verdict is clear, even carries the demon seal, with which the Demon King can easily be freed, Lord Puhua announced. Heavily Emperor orders a purge to kill all Demon Descendants and wants Mount Youdu sealed. And Yuan Tong gets a promotion - snake! (oh, and is she changing because of her Demon experiments?! I think so!) Heavenly Emperor is not ready to suspect Jiu Chen of keeping this a secret from everyone but it's probably a matter of time... GoW doesn't even try to hide his affections.
I sit in my living room and rage at the unfairness. The window is open, and my neighbor yells, 'You okay in there?'  "Yeah, just pissed off at a movie."  ' of your Asian ones?'  "Yeah, one with demons and stuff." 'Okay...'
Hahahaaa. What were you doing?? Smashing dishes or something?
Ling Xi is once again interrogated (they're just gonna make her kneel out there like a dog? Assholes) and Heavenly Lord comes to the conclusion that she is a "special case".  Lord Thunder wants her killed. Yun Feng opposes it, he wants to just destroy the seal and rid Ling Xi of the Demonic aura. Not possible, Puhua knows: hence she must die. A majority of Celestials agree.
I thought gods were supposed to be like compassionate and stuff.
Ah! Here comes the God of War! (looking mighty fine) Outwardly calm and collected, he bows. What would he do about Ling Xi, his Emperor asks? Jiu Chen asks for her life to be spared. He promises he will guard her at Congji Abyss in person forever. He is returning the seal of the God of War and is resigning from his position.
Which was his intention anyway so you meanies tortured her for NOTHING.
Wow my ovaries just exploded. I know this is supposed to be sad and all, but his offer is so fucking romantic.
That was his plan anyway as we know. We also know Heavenly Emperor doesn't like the idea - but it looks as if he is going to agree when... a bell tolls. It's Jiu Chen's Shifu, the Heavenly Supreme Lord! Yayyy, shifuuuuu! He'll save us right? He is coming out of seclusion (After 50,000 years) Yun Feng and Jiu Chen rush to his cave to welcome him. Jiu Chen is called inside the cave - alone. His Master is happy with his progress (less anger, more enlightenment), which differs from how he sees Yun Feng (hahaha, once a slacker always a slacker).
Oh... so Jiu Chen used to be more angry? (Why do I find that hot?)
But Jiu Chen realizes there must be a but in there somewhere... and there is. It's Ling Xi. His Master says he cannot spare her. Congji Abyss is no solution. She must die.
Ok, yup, not what we wanted to hear, old man. 
"If I can't protect her today, how can I protect the rest?" Jiu Chen asks. Her death is a worthy death in exchange for all the lives in the six realms, the Supreme Master says. It's her destiny. Would Jiu Chen die in her stead if he could? What a question. Of course Jiu Chen would! "Then: why can't she?" Jiu Chen has no answer to that. It's a question he must figure it out, his Master tells him, nudging him into some weird meditation involving stones that looks like insects.
Bumble Boulders.  Well, but mini boulders, I guess.
Loved this conversation between Jiu Chen and Shifu. A lot of ethical undertones that extends beyond romantic love, which I'm glad they chose to incorporate. Although GoW is definitely in love, at least we see a man who's trying to do what's morally right and not just some lovesick puppy who's gone off the deep end.
While he's hopefully figuring this out, Yu Li runs to Qing Yao. She's feeling very sorry and doesn't want Ling Xi to die. That's unexpected! Even more unexpected is what happens next. Curious to know what medicine Qing Yao has been brewing that smells so nice, Yun Li gets to sniff it... promptly causing her to faint. Qing Yao puts a pill into Yu Li's mouth and leaves. Ohhhhhhh....
That looks like a woman with a plan.


Told you, Jiu Chen. Should have listened. This is about AGENCY that you robbed her of. It's her destiny to make this sacrifice, to die for the good of all the realms and you wanted to take it away from her, would do the same without thinking twice through. Bad GoW! Do you really think you're the only one who is allowed such heroics?
You tell em', sis. (but also can you please stop yelling at my baby, he's hurting enough, ok?)

Of course, I feel immensely sorry for him (and her). He tried. He tried hard and he failed even harder.
So then she's here to teach him humility? What?

In terms of how this episode was cut with that insert during the Peach Blossom calamity... ultra strange. When I first watched this episode without subs, I thought she had dreamt that whole Peach Blossom insert but... she didn't?
Oh no, she did, definitely.

Can't wait to find out what Qing Yao did!
You sure we can't just skip to like... episode 38?