Crisis: Special Investigation Squad Episode 7 (Recap)

Trotwood: This is the episode where I coin the phrase Baby Terrorist (BT) and wish it were truly ironic and not so scary and sad, especially when a BT speaks such truths.
Panda: Sigh

Episode 7

We open this episode with a scene at a restaurant. The kind of place that students and maybe really young families hand out to eat. There is a group of students—they look like high schoolers—working on homework at a table. Suddenly, one of them checks his watch and changes the mood immediately when he says, "it’s time."
What this show has instilled is a sense of paranoia especially towards a group of students, so once I saw this group, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was not surprised when it was indeed revealed that they had more sinister plans for studying together than calculus.

They all put away their books while one student (I remember the first time watching it thinking he looked familiar but not being able to place him) takes out his laptop and starts typing things it. It looks like codes and other screens that tech people would understand.
He looked so familiar to me too! I can't place him yet though I know he is definitely up to no good.

When he finishes, he tells them that it’s done and the first speaker says they should pray for their success this time. They all stick in their fists to the center repeating “For Our Country’s future”
Ohhhh, so they are part of Heisei!

We switch to a news broadcast the next morning about the fact that the Japan Business Federation was hacked at 9 PM the night before by the Heisei Restoration Army. They are planning an attack for June 9 at 1 PM but leave no other hint. Oyama is watching this, and her mood is grim.
She looked very grim, and her mood plus that CD-rom-file/folder/packet she looks at so intently makes me think she has a more personal connection with this case...

After the opening credits, we switch to yet another office where poor Aonuma is being interrogated by a higher up. Really, he needs to check out early retirement! Aonuma is being questioned by Chief of the Public Security Bureau, Tokita Munetoshi. He questions Aonuma about the success of "that team" and the Inui/Satomi situation saying they handled it very well and even got praise from Inui. His words say “compliment” but his tone is sarcastic and smarmy.
My question is why are these officers all so darn slimy and unlikeable?! I mean I was complaining about Kaji, but my goodness, this Tokita is even worse. What really annoys me about their interactions is I feel sometimes that they do not care about public safety really but are more concerned about one-upping each other, advancing their careers etc. Now, I know that is not uncommon in Corporate environments, but I would have expected better behavior from those tasked to keep the public safe from evil.

I don’t like him at all after two seconds, but he does ask a question I pondered in the last recap when he wonders why Aonuma said he called for backup but no backup ever showed up. Aonuma is stoically silent while Munetoshi suggests that was really part of Kaji’s plan all along. When Aonuma remains silent, he just nods. However, he warns Aonuma that they need to reign in the team now, and that he wants Aonuma to give him updates now that the team has been given the job to go after the Heisei Restoration Army. I’m not liking this one bit, Panda.
Neither do I! I especially hate when they use terminology that implies the team are like guard dogs. And this is also part of what I was trying to say earlier, why "reign in" a team that is doing so well? Should they not be disarming their targets or what exactly is the main issue? Now, where exactly does Aonuma's loyalties lie? Does he even know?

Even though I still don’t know where Aonuma’s loyalties are, I still feel bad for him as his day goes from bad to worse because guess who just happens to be in the hall as he’s walking away from the chief's office? His boss Kaji, who has to know where Aonuma was but it’s as if they both agree to pretend not to know anything about the other.
I laughed so much at this. Was Kaji baiting Aonuma? Kaji is super-smart, but I just don't know about Aonuma. The way his smile vanished after Kaji disappeared was chilling. I can't underestimate Kaji though, I am sure he has considered all the possibilities of who to trust and to what extent.

At our team headquarters, they know they’ve been charged with taking care of this terrorist group but they don’t even know what their target it. As they debate about whether it will be an attack with guns or bombs, Oyama is quiet. Takuma notices (because he's wonderful) and asks her what is on her mind since she seems so deep in thought.
She reminds them that she had told them once about the group of hackers for justice she had been a part of in the past, the Truth Troopers. She says that she never met any of them face to face but was particularly close to one who went by the name Sakamoto.

She takes out a cd from her cd case and puts it into her computer to project on the larger screen. What appears looks like pages of code; she tells them that this is a copy of the virus that she and Sakamoto used as part of the Eishin bank attack. The group members stop and stare at her, apparently surprised that she was part of this.
She really had a colorful past.
Oyama solemnly nods and says that even though they weren’t successful, they did much damage. Kashii wants to know what they were planning to do with all the money, and she replies they were going to disperse it to people who needed it.
Awww, idealistic Robin Hoods or will she be the Maid Marian?

But what’s even more important about this story is that she recognizes some of the language that was in the Heisei Restoration Army’s most recent message as a quotation that she told Sakamoto about. She also says that once he sent her an email, probably slacked off because he trusted her, so she was able to track where he is based on the IP address.
So they can track him! That is amazing news.

The next scene sees the same kid that we saw with laptop at restaurant walking in a residential neighborhood with his earphones in. He stops when he sees Oyama in the distance standing outside of what I presume is his house. He takes his earphones out and looks like he’s going to turn around when Inama and Tamaru come up behind him.

Inami sees his face and recognizes him—he was at the scene in the square where the rich kid rapist had the bomb around his neck. He had made eye contact with this kid before he walked away. That's why he looked familiar!
YESSS! That is where I first saw him, with his unblinking stare.

He starts walking toward Oyama and Yoshinaga and Kashii turn up behind her. He has put his hand in his bag causing Inami and Tamaru to pull their guns, but he only pulls out his keys. Still, he is cuffed and taken away. Kashii comments on how stoic he is and the fact that he didn’t even flinch when the guns were pulled on him. Yoshinaga, the king of interrogations, openly admits that he thinks this interrogation is going to be tough.
Yoshinaga, I agree with you. Kid gives me the creeps.

While Inami and Tamaru take in Sakamoto, Yoshinaga, Kashii, and Oyama go back to his house. Yoshinaga sits with the parents who are stunned thinking their child could be one of the terrorists.

Kashii and Oyama search his room looking for any clue they can find. They see his computer, so Oyama takes out a blacklight flashlight to look for fingerprints on keyboard that may give clue to his password, but the keyboard has been wiped clean. Still, this gives Kashii the idea to use the light to look for other fingerprints. They find them in the usual places—lamp, door handle—but then they see them on the bookshelf, a handprint on each side.
Kashii my man.

Thus, Kashii places both his hands and shoves the bookshelf and finds a mask--just like the ones worn by the kidnappers in episode one.

When they get back to headquarters, Yoshinaga tries his interrogation magic on Sakamoto, whose real name is Ohba Akita. He tells him that they found out his friends through his computer and that this won’t help him but maybe if he tells them information it might help his parents. The kid only looks at him once and then goes back to his passive state.
I have a bad feeling about this interrogation.

Yoshinaga is resigned when he comes out, stating that the only thing they had was the friends angle but that didn’t bother the kid at all. He asks Oyama for news about cracking the computer password, but she says that she doesn’t know how long it will take. The phone might be easier, but she doesn’t sound too encouraged. Later that night, she and Inami are on duty. She is running a program on her computer while manually going through pictures she took in his room for clues about what could be the password. She tells Inami when he asks how long it take, anywhere from ten minutes to 10 years. Inami barely blinks when he takes some of the copies of pictures, sits down, and starts reviewing the pictures himself.

The next day, or at least it’s daylight, we see a group of BTs in the woods practicing their shooting (how did they get so many guns and so much ammo?). They have different positions and then switch positions in their practice. The camera angle shows us how good they are. Thus, when we switch to headquarters and Yoshinaga sounds discouraged, my mood is the same.
Same here too.

They have only one day left before the attacks and no way to break into Sakamoto’s mind since research shows that he has no friends, no girlfriend, no hobbies other than the group; thus, Yoshinaga thinks he won’t break. Tamaru believes, however, that if they could just get him to start he’d keep talking because he’s the type that wants people to understand the message. Kashii thinks that sounds good but since they can’t torture people like in other countries, how are they to get him to talk?  Inami looks at Oyama and then suggests to the group that they send her in to talk to him since she is the one who probably understands him the best.
Sending Oyama in is a good idea, but how to stop Sakamoto from messing with her mind?

Yoshinaga asks her what she thinks. She looks pained but agrees under one condition. They switch to the interrogation scene before we find out what that is.

Oyama walks in the room and sits facing Sakamoto. He doesn’t respond with any acknowledgement of her presence until she tells him that she is going to have them turn off cameras. When she signals for this to happen, he looks up at her. They stare for a minute and then he asks her if she is really Okada Izo, and when she affirms this, he tells her that he thought she was really some old dude. She actually smiles and tells him that she thought the same thing about him.
I don't feel good about this no-camera thing.
He really wants to know how she pulled off the Eishin Bank infiltration, and she tells him that the daughter of one of the bank leaders went to her school, so she befriended her, got invited to house, and loaded the virus on the girl’s father’s computer. When he doesn’t say anything to this, she asks if he is disappointed. He’s not because of her method, but because if she went to school with a bank president’s daughter, she must have always been on the other side and never really a part of their group. He feels ashamed that he ever trusted her.
First genuine emotion he has shown since he was arrested. He is really pissed at her isn't he? He hates, not dislikes, but hates rich people it seems. He is annoyed with himself that she was part of their movement and he trusted her as he feel she was never genuine. Interesting.

Oyama takes exception to this although her tone never changes. She asks him how he is better when he clearly just judges people on appearances as well. She asks him if he ever looks in the mirror when he is pulling off one of his schemes because if he did he would see someone who was just gloating behind a machine rather than getting out front and making real change.

He asks her if that is why she disappeared, but she denies it. Instead, she tells him that realized that she was a coward for hiding behind the group to justify what she was doing and as a tear falls down her face she gets up to leave. However, before she walks out, she tells him that she also decided that when she had to do something bad, she would do it alone. You can tell that she is really affected by this conversation, and the others can too.
I was scared of this! I just knew he would push her buttons
So when she tells them that she has pushed him as far as she can, nobody pushes her for more. Yoshinaga (boss of the year) just tells everyone that they just need to wait now.
Such a good team!
The BT in the forest are now picking up shell casings and cleaning up the area. One of them gets a message asking about how everything is from the BT leader who tells them to stay alarmed.

Yoshinaga speaks with Sakamoto who gives his reasons for joining the Heisei Restoration Army. I remember watching this with my younger daughter who was in her 3rd year of uni at the time. And we both agreed with pretty much everything he says here about the struggle of regular families, especially when he talks about how his mother and father get worried expressions when they talk about university because of the student loans and about his friends who have to work multiple jobs to pay for school but then they don’t even have enough time to study or even sometimes go to the classes.

The anger that the children of the rich get to just party at school, barely pass, and still get high paying jobs because of their connections is something that we've both felt and all my students feel because they all have to work to pay for school.
This talk was depressing cos I felt everything he said. No lies were detected but that is sadly not the way to go about fixing the issue.

Even Yoshinaga agrees with him on these points but insists there has to be another way. Sakamoto laughs because with the lower number of youth even voting and such won’t make a difference because they will be outnumbered by the “adults.” He'll even become one if he isn't careful to do something now.

He then wants to know whether he is going to actually be arrested and on what evidence. He also reminds them that he is a minor, implying that he can't be held much longer without cause or guardian. Smart kid. BT: 5 SIQ:1
Way too smart. But this confused me, if he is still underage now? How old was he when he did the Bank heist thing?
I think he is still in high school because of the way he talks about preparing for college and how his chances of getting into a top school are small because he doesn't play a sport or have a special talent or connections. I've known of some really good 9th grade hackers.
While the BT are cleaning their guns in some abandoned shed, our team is sitting around on edge trying to figure out their next move. They believe that the BT are out to get adults in power, so does that mean politicians? Yoshinaga asks Oyama how her attempt at cracking the password for Sakamoto’s computer is going. She tells them that unless there is a miracle, she won’t have it by the morrow. Inami gets up, handing her own notes. He tells her that she should not rely on her machine but instead on her own instinct for a miracle.
Such a good team! (Yeah I know I am repeating myself, but they truly are)

The next day, she is still at it while the government has already planned a major meeting with officials that they are not going to delay. The government, according to all the news is on high alert, but the team still feels like they are missing something and Sakamoto is still not talking. We don’t have much time. The BT are splitting up at a train station at 10:31.

Suddenly, Oyama stops and walks into the interrogation room again. She asks Sakamoto if he really likes sitting here while others get their hands dirty. He laughs bitterly at her, saying that what he likes the most is seeing how desperate she is.
I feel for his cause, I mean the idea behind it - righting Social injustice. However, I am glad that they decided to play Sakamoto so insufferable because right now, all I want to happen is for Oyama to crack his code so I can stop seeing his insufferable grin.

This response gives her an idea. She rushes back to her computer, telling Inami, Tamaru, and Kashii that Sakamoto told her that his favorite memory is of their hacking in to Eishin Bank, so she tries the date of that hack attack. It is not enough characters so she adds her and Sakamoto’s initials and she’s in! Inami goes to tell Yoshinaga and implies to Sakamoto how they were to break into his computer.
Yayyy for Smart Women!!!!!
I love Inami's one one-liners! (pic above)

Turns out that our BTs are smarter than anyone thought. The targets are not the politicians but politician’s children, specifically chief ministers’ children, five of whom who are attending university.

Universities are known to have less security because of their open campus structures (a nightmare of mine with emergency planning), and the BT with their backpacks would fit right in.

The team heads out and splits up. Each person has a different target just as each of the BT has one. We get to follow each as the 1 o’clock deadline approaches. ([Thanks for the gifs, Kakashi. The different ones shows each team member's fighting style)






We already know that the group has varying levels of sympathy for these kids and their sentiments. If we didn’t, we’d know from what Inami says to his target as he’s grappling to keep him from trying to escape his grip: “When you get out and he’s become a terrible person; try again.” In another drama, this would’ve been said with sarcasm or bravado; here, we know his comment is genuine.
I Loved this line! Loved it.

The episode closes with Yoshinaga and Oyama going back to the interrogation room, and Yoshinaga putting handcuffs on Sakamoto. He’s sad that they failed, but he glories in the fact that they aren’t done and the idea that anyone can become a terrorist. While Oyama stares at his crazed face with sadness and the others look through the monitors with exhausted resignation, we see the comments about the HRA on Oyama’s computer screen where she’s been following the chat rooms. Already there are over 100 positive comments about the group.
The group will never die.


The show continues to make you sympathize with people and groups with whom you don't want to sympathize and question where you draw the line, but not merely that but also because drawing the line is the easier option than also having to make a choice about acting. You can always say what you won't do, but it's more difficult to say what you will do instead.
I like shows that make you have such conflict, especially when you know they are saying the truth. The things Sakamoto told Yoshinaga are sadly the reality, not just in Japan but worldwide. However, killing is simply not the answer. Or is it?

I named the picture above "Yes something happened. You people are crazy, and I wish I had another job." This is the guy who really should be about to snap. You know he feels he can't leave because of the pension and because who would hire him? Kajii would block him at every pass. I feel like I want to donate to his retirement fund.
I am really curious about the end game with Kaji and his right hand man. Also, didn't that other guy tell Aonuma to reign in the team with this case? I did not see any interference though in this issue. Did you?