Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 21 (Recap)

kakashi: We go deeper down the drain. God of War surfaces from deep meditation and seems sure he can have it both: safe Ling Xi and safe the world. Good luck with that, man! We're rooting for you.
JoAnne:  At the same time, this isn't our first rodeo. We know where this is going.
Bunny: We are totally not placing any bets on you.

Episode 21

Qing Yao flies to the interrogation platform and puts all the guards on duty to sleep with her sleeping gas. But Ling Xi doesn't want to run away with her. She doesn't want to jeopardize her loved ones! Easy: Qing Yao puts her to sleep too and runs away (after putting Ling Xi into a pouch :). Oh no... Yuan Tong sees her. And worse! Yuan Tong kills the guards!!!! WTF!!!! Deeeeeeemon!
That BITCH.  We hatesssss her, we do.  Why does she have to be so nasty toward our sweet little fairy?
You know, I finally just realized the reason why she's been practicing that crazy purple magic. It was to make up for the 50,000 years of cultivation Jiu Chen stripped from her as punishment a few episodes back. She needed to get strong again fast. But why? So she can go and be a grade A bitch? Cool. Makes perfect sense.
At the Great Hall, they're trying to get Yun Feng to assist in the assassination of Ling Xi (since one senior immortal is needed apart from God of Thunder and they're understaffed. I told you they were understaffed up there!). A thousand excuses later, Yuan Tong appears and tells on Qing Yao, claiming the doctor killed those guards. She also begs to be able to command the troops that are sent on the womanhunt. It's not easy to become the most hated character in only 21 episodes, but Yuan Tong certainly did it!
Man, did she EVER. I kind of remember thinking/saying she didn't seem so bad for the dreaded Second Lead but...I'm eating my words and are they ever bitter.
BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - the dog is thoroughly frightened by the rate at which this word flies from my mouth as I watch this episode.
Qing Yao has taken Ling Xi to Le Bo and Pink Bro who are waiting somewhere in the woods. Only - the Celestial Troops are very close behind!
Lmao. Look at those faces. I know fellas, I want a lil pouch to put people in too.
This Christmas, make sure you snag one of the hottest trends!  Pocket People!  Found everywhere toys are sold.
In the meantime, Jiu Chen is still meditating and his Master is taking to him, saying a lot of very wise things, for example: "everything has its own destiny, you can't force things" and "from the bottom of a well, you cannot see the vastness of the sky". Jiu Chen finds himself standing in front of a waterfall and assaulted by a sandstorm in a desert. He has to make a choice, his Master says, will he really destroy the world? (= choose Ling Xi). But that's not Jiu Chen's intention! His Master may not be happy with him, but Jiu Chen is adamant he can have both yin and yang. Save Ling Xi and save the world!
The hubris....we know punishment is coming. 
GoW wants to have his cake and eat it too. Quite honestly, he's not being very rational. Shifu is right for calling him out on his biases. If I were Shifu and not Bunny wearing her rose-colored fangirl glasses, I'd slap Jiu Chen upside the head too. Good thing I'm still Bunny, and bb looks really hot spouting all that philosophy.
Yun Feng is put under house arrest (Heaven arrest?) because he lied about being incapacitated before. Well, he quickly finds a way to go and help Qing Yao anyway - spirit walking! He leaves his frozen self standing next to a stone lamp. Spirit body or not (he seems quite substantial in these scenes, but never mind), he's able to save Qing Yao from Yuan Tong's sword.
She still hasn't forgiven you for killing her husband, Lover Boy.
Baby steps, baby steps.
Ling Xi is with Le Bo in the pouch dimension... until she conjures herself out. She's very upset about the situation, mainly about her family risking their lives for her. Le Bo fantasizes about an island where wants to seal them in, but his ramblings make Ling Xi cry... then she starts fantasizing as well. 100,000 years on a far away island...
It might be better to just be dead.
I love watching her argue with Le Bo. She truly is his daughter, only she can keep up with him word for word. This precious pair... can I just fast-forward what happens next?
Jiu Chen snaps out of his meditation, right after reliving the moment when he killed all the troops. But he also remembers finding the baby shortly after. And remembers all that Ling Xi has done for him (including waking him up). His conclusion is that she is facing her hardship today because he messed up in the past - how can he abandon her? He is the cause and she has to bear the consequences. He will simply not live by the Celestial laws, he'll make his own.
You've got to cheer a guy who is willing to take on the world for the girl he loves...even if you know it won't work.  Sigh. There's always that one time it DOES work, right?  Maybe this will be that one time? (Checks episode count.)  Dammit, not this time.
Baby... how can it be your fault? What mistake? Now you're being delusional. My heart hurts... 
(btw the background music totally made this scene)
Jing Xiu gets word of what is currently happening in the forest (Hi there Mr. Advisor, haven't seen you in a while!) and goes and joins the fun (well, he's mainly lurking from the trees). Also there, Zhong Hao and Demon friends, everybody wants a piece of Ling Xi! (Seriously, there are way too many predators on the scene!!!) When he gets the chance, Jing Xiu blasts some green plant power at one of Ling Xi's assailants.
Tat Magic still going strong.  This is one interesting guy, really, hard to read.  He's not 'good' but he's not 'bad', either.
You mean he's confusing as fuck? Cuz that's what he is to me. His back story, his motivations, which side he's on - I'm not even sure he knows. 
Ling Xi and Le Bo get a chance to run away, but Zhong Hao won't let them! Le Bo keeps him at bay for a while, but it's ultimately useless... (I really like his weapon, that shield thing looks so cool. Too bad it's junk.) he's knocked down, but then Jiu Chen appears. Nice one! He tells Ling Xi to take her daddy and go hide. But... Daddy is mucho hurt and dies a few trees further to the left. Before that, he tells her he's not her biological father and that he found her on the battlefield with a dead Jiu Chen hovering above her. He talks a lot for a dying man.
Didn't she find out about this last episode, too?
Ok, I'm already crying my eyes out. Who else? It's not just me who's a wet blanket right?
Bleh, Yuan Tong is making an appearance again! Ling Xi fights her, but Yuan Tong is the better fighter... at one stage, Le Bo throws himself forward and is killed by Yuan Tong. Yeah, he wasn't quite dead before. Now he is and because of it, Ling Xi awakens dark phoenix powers like Jean Grey (she faints after blasting Yuan Tong away). Again, Jing Xiu sees everything as he's lurking some more from behind trees. PS: Since he knows his Queen's powers, does he now know who Ling Xi is?
I'm going with yes.  This was a pretty cool sequence, too.  I actually really enjoy seeing NiNi be Bad Fairy.
YO. Of all the side characters on this show to kill off... why'd they have to go and ax the best one?? I am still mourning Le Bo. (but yes, that not-so-nice-birdy look of hers is the shit)
After the phoenix display, the Demon King is calling to Ling Xi and she walks to Mount Youdu (I'm really confused about the distances in the show... LOL I can't keep track of the inconsistencies anymore, just go along with it). The miasma lights up. So what, does Demon King want to eat her!? Not on Jiu Chen's watch! But Ling Xi is not quite herself, even trying to kill GoW when he holds her, but he calls her name until she finds her way back from the darkness. Why, why, why! she asks him, why are all these horrible things happening. "It's not your fault," he answers. "it's me who did wrong."
But he DIDN'T do wrong, that's the problem.  What else was he supposed to do but exactly what he did?  Side note: watching NiNi's eyes change as Ling Xi comes back to herself was really something else.  I'm so happy with both our leads, they really bring everything to the scene.
Phenomenal, isn't it!!!! I keep looking at those eyes and go "wow" in my head
I agree, Jo, it isn't his fault. I don't know if Jiu Chen actually has this false belief or if he's saying it because he simply wants to be the one to shoulder Ling Xi's burden. Sigh... my precious precious babies. Her eyes are everything, but let's take a moment to also appreciate the look in his eyes as he's reassuring her. We all know we can't believe him, but goddammit, WE WANT TO.
The Demon King keeps shouting that Jiu Chen is lying and Ling Xi shouldn't trust him, he'll be the death of her. "Ling Xi, come with me," Jiu Chen urges her. "I will protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you." Dun dun.
Which guarantees there's big pain coming. Soon.
Their love is so pure in this moment it kills me. The forehead touch to make all forehead touches pale in comparison!!!!!


Nice return there, Jiu Chen. From despair to hope and certainty that he can square the circle. As I said, we're all rooting for you but WHY DO YOU STILL NOT TALK TO LING XI ABOUT YOUR PLANS?!!!?! We know you have them. We also know it's gonna bite you in the butt and we will have to suffer for many episodes.
What did I say about yelling at my baby?!?! *wraps GoW up in blanky and takes him away*

PS: Yuan Tong isn't a well-written character.
Because the writer hated her, too.
For real tho, like when Ling Xi asked her why she was being such a stupid bully, she was literally just like, cuz I can? Nonsense BITCH! (the dog jumped off the bed, he hates me)