Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 22 (Recap)

kakashi: The Demon Detention Tower, huh.
JoAnne:  That place was actually really cool from a viewing perspective.  Not cool from a sitting/waiting perspective though, I imagine.
Bunny: Everybody got their comfort supplies? Ready for more doom? You guys are such troopers.

Episode 22

Jiu Chen's big plan is this: lock Ling Xi in the Demon Detention Tower. Yup, a high-security prison for demons. I.... don't think that's a very good idea? But I guess it's better than being executed. Besides, it's the best guarded place in all the realms so... there might be Demon in there, but no Demons who are not in will be able to get in (and to Ling Xi).
I sit here with two voices in my head:  One says 'so this is good, then' and the other pipes up with 'yeah, what could POSSIBLY go wrong here...'
I'm so irritated. I think I must be the only one who feels bugged by this, but she just goes wherever he takes her. I just want her to ask more questions, be a little more assertive with what's happened to her and her family (dad just died for crying out loud). I mean I get that GoW is great and it's hard not to want to rely on him and trust him 100000%... but ARGH. Again and again, Ling Xi submits.
Ling Xi is so brave, claiming she's not afraid when she clearly is terrified of having to go in there. Jiu Chen is holding her hand all the time, take THIS, you lousy Celestials! (why are they okay with this all of a sudden though? Didn't they want to kill her?)
Could YOU resist Jiu Chen?  No?  Didn't think so.
This is like some serious PDA for that time period I feel like. They might as well be walking around making out. 
There is a guard in the tower, a Demon himself named Huo Dou. He is chained and deaf and getting back his hearing is really important to him. He asks the many Demons in the tower who is ready to give him their hearing (in return, he'll grant them a wish). ALL of them are eager, but there's a little blue Demon thing call Zhang You with an annoying voice whom he seems to hear (? why can he hear that blue thing and not anything else? I don't get it. Me neither, I was so confused. For a second I thought that Golum 2.0 was doing sign language, but nope.). It lies about everything the others say, trying to incite strife.
Because his voice is pitched high enough for dogs, maybe?  Lying little blue jerk.  I don't think it's strife he wants so much as to keep Huo Dou in there because it has some advantage to him personally for that to be the case?
Or he's just a little shit.
Once inside the tower, Jiu Chen takes Ling Xi to the very top (the way she hugs him... poor bb). Prison with a view, kinda. "I can trust you, can't I?" Ling Xi asks him. He assures her she can and she, while cuddling up to him a little, says she'll wait for him, choosing to believe he will be able to prove her innocence. Before parting, he puts some more of his magic into the Longevity Knot and tells her to never part with it. Seriously, every word is ripe with doooooom.
But such sweetness between them, it killed me.
Not me. This episode made me bipolar AF. One second I'm squeeing because yes, all the little hugs and little touches are really stinking cute (they're totally acting like a couple), but then the pragmatist in me is shaking my head each time Ling Xi says she trusts Jiu Chen - without question. Why? Has he really earned it? Did she forget what happened the last time he stuck her somewhere and nearly turned her into a popsicle? Lets not forget that he still hasn't had a real talk with her about anything.
He puts her behind a wall of blue energy (it's a prison after all) and tells her once again the Knot will protect her in this realm. Before he leaves, he takes a long, calculating look at the Cauldron that is standing around at the bottom of the Tower. Is that a relative of the Cauldron Ling Xi is wearing around her wrist?
Another Ding Bat thingie?  Hmmm
Yun Feng is caring for the heavily wounded Qing Yao (Pink Bro is in an adjacent room) and Yu Li is trying to keep Lord Pu Hua from arresting her. It takes Yun Feng's intervention though and his assurance that he'll get to the bottom of this affair (we're talking about the killing of the guards that Yuan Tong did). Yup, we're soon seeing him investigate.
About time he became a useful person to Qing Yao.  He should live his life making hers easier.
He's definitely trying. Also, looks like Yu Li is turning a new leaf.
The blue Tower Guard Demon is really quite smart, isn't he, even if he cannot hear people. He shows an interest in Ling Xi, since he has realized she must be special to Jiu Chen (the ONLY one who has noticed that they look "intimate"). Oh, he can open her prison... but that little blue shit stirrer is telling him she threatened him and is looking down on him, what even?! The Tower Guard tries to attack, but she has the Knot (and it acts just like the bracelet did before).
I hope he gets swatted like a BUG, that little blue demon.
He offers her a way out - in fact, what he meant before about "granting a wish" is that he is the only one in this Tower able to end the inmates' suffering. By granting death. All he wants is her hearing in exchange.
Don't be stupid, girl.
Jiu Chen is kneeling in front of his Shifu's cave. It's dark. Shifu is coming out, but he's still not happy at all about Jiu Chen's decision. "Ling Xi cannot escape death," he says again. Jiu Chen doesn't seem convinced but he looks mighty worried. And in addition, the Heavenly Emperor pays him a visit, alone. We do not hear what this is about (and it's not revealed in this episode).
Talk about stressful. So I'm guessing he's revisiting Shifu because he doesn't quite have any idea of what to do next even though he's declared he's going to override fate?
The next morning though, Jiu Chen barges into Si Min's palace. He needs information that only Si Ming has (who has read more books than anyone) about how to obtain the Shennong Cauldron (the one in the Demon Tower). It's needed to suppress the Demons' powers there, if Jiu Chen got it, all hell would break lose. There are but three items that can replace it: Fuxi's bone, Chiyou's Sword and Nüwa's Stone. Sadly, the first two are lost. (Is that the stone Nüwa made from five others to fix the hole in the sky?! Then it should better still be patching that hole.)
Well I think Si Ming was saying "one of Nuwa's stones" so maybe there are a whole bunch and some of them are patching up the sky hole while others are lying around somewhere?
Oh, so this cauldron does the same thing Ling Xi's cauldron also did? It can mend all things. Si Ming is realizing GoW will probably do something stupid, but stopping him is impossible. With the help of Wu Wan (whom he briefly turns back into a ferocious beast), Jiu Chen creates a crisis at the Tower entrance (Beast runs its head against the iron door, haha). The Knot in Ling Xi's hand lights up and she's very hopeful...
Sigh.  My heart hurts.  It can't be so simple.
Ok lets all take a moment to think about our good good boy, Wu Wan, who is THE GOODEST BOY in all the realms. Look at how much he misses his mama and wants to break in to be with her. I'm crying. I just want her to be reunited with her dog. 
... but Jiu Chen is not (yet) coming to see her. After sending all the generals away when they come to investigate the Beast incident (he tells them to gather in his Palace for a conference with him, hahahahaaaaa), he opens the door and goes in. Once more, his appearance makes the Demons super agitated, he's not exactly their favorite. Poor Ling Xi... even more hopeful now that she hears their ruckus.
Time out. The noble Jiu Chen is.............. LYING to people and STEALING things?!!?! 
Flashback to little kid Jiu Chen (cutie pie) who almost died because his heart was completely damaged. It was decided back then by Heavenly Emperor and the Supreme Shifu to save him, the last of his clan. Guess what they put into him instead of a heart.... Nüwa's stone! In the here and now, GoW starts shrinking the Cauldron in order to take it away, which means the Demons gradually get their powers back! The Torch Dragon attacks him as soon as he can break free ( it was confined underneath the cauldron), ah, what a brutal/ugly fight.
Wait, he has a stone for a heart?
Yeah, we saw it in episode 1! That's a pretty cool backstory for the stone heart though. Heavenly Lord is such a sweet man.
Does that trickle of blood make him more handsome, or is it his steely gaze?
Jiu Chen is victorious though wounded, but he manages to shrink the Cauldron. In return... he rips his own heart out. After that, Ling Xi's Knot stops glowing TT_____________TT (she can't see the bottom of the prison by the way, which causes her much anxiety)
Breathe. Look at that beautiful face. And that beautiful red streak.

The Blue Tower Demon sees how Jiu Chen replaces Shennong's Cauldron with Nüwa Stone (which also takes the form of a Cauldron) and hears the Dragon say Jiu Chen just signed his own death warrant. Well, I guess he can function without a heart for a bit (though he has no heartbeat and no pulse anymore, as Yun Feng notices later).
So he's the handsomest he's ever been so far in the drama now that he's DEAD?  That's the answer?  Jeez.  You know, Kakashi, this technically makes him a zombie.
Yep, I'm with you, he's sexier than ever. This is all sad as hell. But I can't stop these lusty thoughts! 
On a more serious note, how does ripping one's heart out work in this world? Why is he not dropping dead?
Before leaving the Tower, he flies up to Ling Xi's prison. Wow, he's in bad shape, but he is quite good at hiding it, spitting blood out of her view. Ling Xi bursts into tears when she seems him nonetheless. She keeps lying that she's not afraid, but we've seen her being nothing but! (the Blue Demon also kept harassing her) She realizes something is wrong with GoW, but of course he lies and says he's completely fine. She must wait a little longer still, he tells her and repeats that she must keep faith in him, whatever happens. DOOOOOOM
I'm dying too, Jiu Chen, right along with you.
I'm already dead. Again. Nothing new. Don't resurrect me until the last part of episode 28. Please and thank you. God bless.
When Jiu Chen has left, that Blue Demon gets quite the calculating look in his eyes.... he goes to Ling Xi's prison and tells her the reason why the God of War is so weak and that he's dying because the vital energy in him is flowing out and dispersing. He happens to know a thing that can keep him alive though! Blue Demon happens to have it: the fire spirit /origin of all fires that Zhurong (the God of Fire, his special friend) gave him. It would be perfect for Jiu Chen because not only would he get another life force, he would also be cured of the cold sickness once and for all.
Crap.  That's kind of an irresistible offer.
No no nooooo, why can't my babies just be happy and intact??! 
Blue Demon wants Ling Xi's sense of hearing in return. Eternal silence? She doesn't care. She'd do anything for Jiu Chen. Just as he would do anything for her. Even giving his life.
I just finished a bag of Doritos - stress eating. I hate you, show.


Here's the problem. If one person makes a big sacrifice to save a person (I give my life for you!) and that other person makes a big sacrifice to save the other person too (I give my life for you!), then both make a big sacrifice, but both might end up with nothing (worst case: both are dead). Why? Because they have not TALKED TO EACH OTHER ABOUT IT and it can go doubly wrong. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet.
I wonder if O. Henry was familiar with wuxia.
Oh thank god, I'm not the only one bitching. It's not just rainbow and butterflies and eternal love and lets just sweep everything else under the rug, people! I don't care how cute they are or how sweet it seems. This is NOT healthy. 

Many things were super convenient in this episode, it makes me laugh. Three things can replace the cauldron (don't even want to guess what Jiu Chen wants it for, he's not exactly excelled in making the best plans so far), two are no longer available but hey! The third is in GoW's chest. There is one thing that can save GoW and heal his cold-sickness, hey! The sleazy Tower Guard has it and he's willing to exchange it for Ling Xi's sense of hearing.
Yeah and it just so happens that GoW can lose his heart and not die! Yay! Immortals! Anything can happen! 

P.S.: Do you guys believe the Baizhe Beast likes his Wu Wan form or his ferocious Beast form better? :D
I think he likes the snuggles and free run of the house plus treats, but still enjoys the occasional head-banger.
P.P.S.: I'm disappointed that Qing Yao is no longer bitchy.
Let her heal, she'll get back to it.