Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 24 (Recap)

kakashi: Bunny, you can open your eyes! It's not longer sad at all. There's a cute dragon AND a cute baby in this episode!
Bunny: yeah yeah, I'm here. You're lying though, it's still sad as all hell. My poor Ling Xi takes her own life to escape these Heavenly lunatics and they still won't leave her alone.
JoAnne: But! Cute baby!*does little dance involving pointing out the baby*

Episode 24

At night after Ling Xi's death, Jiu Chen walks to the execution ground by himself. He gathers power into his hands and lifts up Shennong's cauldron from underneath the stone ground, shrinks it (he's crying TT____TT) and rushes to Congji Abyss. Awwww, he's even bringing Wu Wan! He leaves the little monster with the guardian when he locks himself into the room he used to keep his sword.
Ahh, so the little cauldron was used as an ash collector, that's clever. 
That tear...
He enlarges the Cauldron and puts it in the middle of the room. Parts of Ling Xi are in there and we know the Cauldron should mend all things... but even though he uses quite a bit of his powers, her soul is not put together. He thinks it might be because she is preventing it from happening, out of hate for him.
Rightly so.
But now that's she's dead, if she's enough there to prevent herself from coming together shouldn't she also be enough there to see the whole picture?  That he didn't say the truth of what he felt, that he had a plan?  And if that's the case, then why wouldn't she choose to forgive him?  So she must not be there.
GoW is not one to give up easily though! He transforms into his True Form, a white dragon (alarming the guardian who sends a messenger bird to the Heavens) and then ... I'm not quite sure what he does. Catch soul particles? I don't know... Is he cooking her soul or saving it? At one stage, he uses his blue dragon breath on the cauldron but that's the end for Jiu Chen. He has used all his power and is... dead.
A dragon with angel wings, huh.
Oh, he was dead?  (Also, angel wings yes but also those catfish whiskers.  They give me the creeps.)
Ha! Had you there. He isn't dead yet! (certainly not, for that would defy all drama logic) The Fire Spirit comes out of the Longevity Knot (where was that when he was in Dragon Form?) and hovers above Jiu Chen's heart. That's how Yun Feng and Qing Yao find him (are they an item now?! Tragedy brings people together...). Pressing Fire Spirit into his chest, they save him.
They're not together, that was too easy. Also, with the fire spirit - so if no one came along would it just hover there forever or would it burn out or would it eventually melt into him?
Queen Ling Yue is extremely angry with Jing Xiu for a variety of reasons and throws him into prison. (that looks like a birdcage, love it.) I think they both feel betrayed by the other, with Ling Yue thinking he lied to her about not knowing where her daughter was, creating a debt so great it can never be paid back - and Jing Xiu thinking about how nice she used to be to him but how she broke her promise when she kept her father alive (he's still in that weird abyss). She's really vicious, so she actually believes he's at fault for Ling Xi's death?
She's a grieving mother. Who just happened to finally reunite with her daughter the very moment she killed herself. I don't think she has her wits about her, can you fault her? 
FINE. I can wait for her to collect her wits.
At Congji Abyss, GoW awakens, finding Yun Feng and Qing Yao hovering, hearing about the Fiery Essence that saved his life. He realizes it was Ling Xi, retrieves her soul from the Cauldron (oh, so cooking it worked?) and rushes up to the Heavens because he cannot waste another second (planetary constellations, y'know), against the better judgment of everyone.
Wait so the fire was ....sobs....HER? So she's his heart now? 
Yun Feng and Qing Yao share a moment in GoW's frozen garden, well... kinda. I liked it better when Yun Feng was a silly playboy, now he's much too serene, it doesn't suit him.
He'll get back to it soon enough. 
So handsome when he's serene though...
Jiu Chen goes to the Cleansing Pool and conjures Ling Xi's soul inside her bird form. With Si Ming watching sadly, he says goodbye (with so much difficulty, poor bb) and throws her into the maelstrom.
Yeah, this is a sad scene, but I was so distracted by how they chose to do the CGI bird. Couldn't he at least cradle her head or something? It's all flopping about... 
Now I can't stop LAUGHING and it's all Bunny's fault.
She's reborn and dropped off at the door of the "Child Welfare Bureau" (they had that back then?). As fate wants it, her mortal life is now connected to the family of Lin Shaohai (a clerk) who takes her on as his eldest daughter. However, it's all a massive scam to fool his own mother?! His wife seems to have pretended she was pregnant and never was, shouting the house down in mock labor pain. That wife is shocked to realize it's a daughter, but the rest of the family is happy enough and Lin Shaohai seems nice.
Ling Xi's always had good luck in the Dad department. Boyfriends? Not so much.
I don't know why but for some reason the set decor and even the way this is lit and filmed puts me in mind of 'oriental' scenes in movies from 50 years ago - The King and I, that one about the kingdom hidden in the himalayas...
Oh! Speak of the devil. 
Watching all this: Jiu Chen, accompanied by Si Ming (who is so nervous GoW could do something he shouldn't, haha, it's quite hilarious).
Qing Yao pesters Yun Feng until he tells her where Ling Xi is. He tells her never to go and find her else all their efforts will be wasted. Oh no, that fake mother realized her not-daughter is deaf and even had a doctor look at her (guess who that doctor is? :). Not wanting a handicapped child, she tries to smother her with a pillow. Booooooooooooooo!
Love Qing Yao. Can this show just be about their sis-mance instead?
I thought it was interesting the deafness follows through, but booooo to that mother.


I am looking forward to this new Arc. Man, Ling Xi as a baby is sooooooo cute. Can't wait for Jiu Chen and Ling Xi's mortal form to reconnect!  

I can't wait to see baby Ling Xi grow into an independent woman who questions the men in her life and makes decisions for herself! 
I spent a lot of time thinking about whether it would be outrageously difficult to have been deaf hundreds of years ago.