Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 25 (Recap)

kakashi: It's a filler. A few tiny, gentle smiles of Jiu Chen's are worth it though.
JoAnne: The highlight for me was his brutal put down of Yuan Tong.  'Even if she's not here, it won't be you. Don't call for me again. I don't want to see you.'
Bunny: The next 10 episodes could have been easily condensed to about 2-3. I swear there's no sense of brevity at all in these cdramas. 

Episode 25

No, reborn Ling Xi doesn't get suffocated by her mother of course - because Qing Yao intervenes like a ghooooost and shows that mortal woman where's what, scaring her out of her wits and into submission. Shortly after, her father calls new Ling Xi A'Mo. Grandma is devastated about the deafness - but isn't a deaf daughter better than no daughter?
I will have a new niece this time next week...this baby makes me very eager to hold her!
Baby is very very cute.
Qing Yao goes straight to Congji Abyss, where GoW is with Yun Feng and Si Ming (is he still hovering so that GoW won't rush to the mortal world to do something he shouldn't?) and tells them that Ling Xi has an ear disease, which means she'll have a difficult life.
This is Jiu Chen's 'son of a BITCH' face.
Don't get your panties in a bunch, Uncle Chen, it's not called a mortal TRIAL for no reason.
Jiu Chen goes straight to the mortal world to check whether this is fate's mean trick or someone who is trying to intervene. Cute: after hearing some children speak about mortal food and remembering what Ling Xi told him about it, he goes and buys pancakes. Look at his smile!
If I have to give that man my last pancake to get a smile, I will do it.
Dammit. Dimple. 
Sadly, the Demon cronies have realized Ling Xi must still be alive by now and after some dark magic mumbo jumbo, they are able to track her spirit. The miasma lights up! Luckily, the happily munching GoW sees them coming and blasts them out of the sky, at the same time breaking their connection to that tracking magic.
It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's Goth Mary Poppins!
GoW goes after them and they fight, but Zhong Hao is still far away from being able to beat him. GoW goes a little wild (it's because he no longer has Nüwa Stone for a heart) and destroys a whole mountain, scaring, pissing off and injuring Immortal Peng (the God of Mountains) who lives there (we have met him before, as a patient of Qing Yao's). 
Kinda like this delinquent GoW look.
Jiu Chen has little compassion nor patience for the lamenting fairy, he heads straight for A'Mo's house after this. He freezes everybody there but the baby and, with a tiny smile on his lips, examines her ear. The miasma is still there... but he sends a bit of blue light into it and then... wishes her peace and happiness. It's cute but saaaaad.
Please tell me that in one of these arcs he ends up raising the baby.
Then decides that he'd rather be her dad than her lover? That'd be a twist. 
Up in the Heavens, Immortal Peng tattles on Jiu Chen, making the Heavenly Emperor go visit Jiu Chen himself, telling him to compensate Peng. This would have been a minor thing,  but Lord Thunder realizes something is not quite right with GoW. Oh yeah, remind us... how long can GoW live without heart? (Is Ling Xi's little flame thing sustaining him only temporarily?) In the meantime, the problem is he cannot really control his powers well.
GoT can go suck eggs.
Ugh, that boyfriend of Yuan Tong's comes to Congji Abyss, what, to ask GoW to see that criminal? (that guy is such a tool) Yuan Tong is in bad shape but she lies, fie, claiming she was poisoned and that's why she did all that awful stuff. Wow, Jiu Chen doesn't take it kindly (understatement). And she doesn't get what she has done wrong, does she? What a delulu woman, she keeps wailing and shouting that he's degrading himself because of Ling Xi. In the end she is sent to Demon Detention Tower - which seems kind.
That look bodes trouble down the road.
Girlfriend needs help. Why isn't there a therapist for the gods? Never mind, she's batshit hopeless. 
Jing Xiu is still in his cage, brooding. And remembering being mistreated by the King as a boy. And then how they got him to betray his own father. It seems he was just weak? His two brothers died before him because they didn't want to say anything. And in the end, the King killed his father anyway.
I mean he was what, seven?
Oh, it's the bitchy princess! She's of course unhappy about her bro Jing Xiu in the cage, but her mother kicks her out. Well, I'm only mildly interested in this quarrel between bald Advisor and Queen (fell asleep around this part, oops). However, I am interested in what Jing Xiu says: Shan Ling Tribe has a big problem if Zhong Hao chooses to attack them.
The 'Most Disturbingly Handsome Man in a Bird Cage' award goes to...
And we end the episode with a glimpse of A'Mo quite grown up who has a bitchy younger sister now.


No further comments, your honor.
Why is there always a bitchy sister?
For the same reason there's always a deranged second female lead who poses no actual threat to the OTP, and whose only sole purpose is to look as hateful as possible - so that the female lead can look better. Yuan Tong could have been a much more dynamic bitch, but she's just a bitch.