Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 26 & 27 (Recap)

kakashi: Oh man, more fillers. And no pancake smiles! Boooooo!
JoAnne:  Yawwwwwwn  ... wait, Kakashi, if we start out by saying something is boring, ummm...are people going to keep, you know, READING?
Bunny: Sigh... There's no such thing as free lunch. Gotta pay in yawns to get to the good stuff.

Episode 26

So, that bitchy sister A'Mo has is a snake of grand proportions and completely spoiled and she's trying to make her life difficult. Grandma greatly favors the non-deaf grandchild, I don't like her at all. But our A'Mo has her dear father who is helping her with sign language and forming silent words. Awwww.
Te amo, A'mo.
They sure are cute, look at those matching outfits!
Jiu Chen lurks too in ghost form, all is relatively well though daddy has worries and A'Mo is constantly bullied by her sister, can we punish her?
The ghost should be tripping her and hiding her stuff, what's up with the lack of EFFORT, JC?
He's trying to not interfere! (pffffft, but we all know he still does)
Spirit Queen is sending a letter to Qing Qiu, is she taking Jing Xiu's warning seriously? She's also wounded and depressed. Time for some Demon action! Zhong Hao orders an all out attack and soon, the Demons have conquered Shang Lin Tribe's territory and have control over the palace. Qing Qiu didn't bother I guess, haha.
That's a lot of dead branches there.  Reminding her that her daughter, her only descendant, is dead.  I'd be depressed too.
Qing Qiu never bothered with shit. 
In the confusion that follows, bratty princess Bao Qing frees Jing Xiu (hey, didn't you guys say she has no use? :) Mr. Adviser fights against some demons to help random Shang Lin people even though he could have just walked by. So he's a good guy, kinda. But then he gets wounded by Zhong Hao and passes out. Sucks. Also: imagine having to shave your head at least once a day!!
Maybe he gets a scalp massage after. That would be a good reward.
Idk... doesn't seem like much more work than me having to shave my legs everyday (ok fine, I'm a slacker in the winter, gotta have insulation you know).
Zhong Hao puts seven White Bone Nails into Jing Xiu's body. Like piercings? Anyway, they seal his Qihai point, destroying his powers. "Only the Phoenix Tribe can remove it." Hahhahahahaaa, show, I see what you did there... Afterwards, Jing Xiu is put into his bird cage prison again - from which he is soon freed by some loyal men though (and that little Demon creature that hangs with Zhong Hao... he's on JX's side?). All in all, this was about the nails though.   
I guess I'm not paying enough attention.  Who is from Phoenix Tribe?  Is it Ling Xi?  Because she's dead...
Not totally dead...
In the mortal realm, GoW makes a barren tree in the courtyard bloom to brighten A'Mo's day. They're both sweeties, awww. I forgive you for creeping on a minor, uncle.
Does he understand sign language at least?
Well he's gotta learn now.
Yuan Tong is led into the Demon prison, uhhhhhh, I hate her so much and I want to smack her boyfriend's very handsome face, he's so useless! (handsome, really?) You can say a lot of things about Yuan Tong, but man, she has guts! She's not in the least afraid of the howling Demons. She bribes the little blue Demon to tell her everything about the big blue Demon Guard and thus hears how he recently got his senses back. That calculating look? Bad.
I bet she's super pretty in real life. No I'm not going to go look.  I don't care that much.
Lovely cheekbones.
Telling Zhurong's former mount how he is despised by everybody to the extreme for his betrayal, and that his former master is currently dying, she gets him mighty agitated - he wants to clear his name! He betrayed nobody! She tells him there's a way: knock over Shennong's Cauldron and escape!
I notice that the horn necklace he wears is the same as the larger horns on his forehead.  Is he saving his own in a weird wuxia version of toe nail clippings in a jar?
Maybe they're the horns of his dead enemies...
Stupid Huodou beast :( he tries and tries, cheered on by all the inmates, again and again repelled by the Cauldron's magical barrier, causing quite the ruckus. Yuan Tong who is watching him rage recognizes Nüwa Stone (no idea how, she must have really good eyes :) and that tittle tattle little Blue Demon tells her that Jiu Chen put it there. Is Jiu Chen afflicted by the cold again or is he feeling the assault on his ex-heart?
It just dawned on him how stupid he was in the first arc.
Living the leisurely life I see... reading books and drinking tea... while the girlfriend is stuck in purgatory... tsktsk
When Celestials come to see what's going on (God of Thunder gets to shine), Yuan Tong quickly pretends that she's been trying to hold Huodou beast off - and gets wounded in the process. It looks very dramatic. In the aftermath she is pardoned. Watch it, people... she clearly doesn't mean to stay quiet for long (Side note: the actress is really pretty)
P.S.: Yun Feng keeps trying with Qing Yao, in vain - or not? She no longer holds a grudge, but also does not want to start a new relationship. Next stage of his strategy: go to the mortal world and annoy her. But he also finds her lover's reincarnation for her, which is kinda sweet - he's getting to live good lives because a god caused him pain (and he's happily married - helps Qing Yao to try and get over him for good after getting quite drunk). 
P.P.S: that Demon godson whatshisname tries to kidnap the bratty princess but she outsmarts and humiliates him. She even gets to whip him. Hahaha, they deserve each other. They can star in the "completely useless for the story" sideshow together and be happily in sadistic love.
Maybe they'll sneak off to make out in the dark of the woods and fall over a cliff.
Christ. They're even giving the petty villains screen time to flirt now?
P.P.P.S: The actor playing the Blue Demon Guard is doing a great job, I've been wanting to say this for a while! He is wearing an uncomfortable amount of latex on his face and body, but he still manages to be more expressive than a few others in this drama.


Had to combine 26 and 27 because filler. I'm glad Qing Yao has moved on, can we too? A'Mo, can you grow up a little more quickly?
Yeah, quickly, so we can brush pedo-uncle Jiu Chen under the rug.