Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 30 (Recap)

kakashi: We can't have nice things for long. Jiu Chen can't stop smiling (dozens of little pancake smiles, d'awwwwwwwwz), me neither, but immediately after, death and family destruction loom.
JoAnne:  The smiles are worth it.

Episode 30

Standing in A'Mo's room like a ghost once more, Jiu Chen hears from Si Ming that A'Mo/Ling Xi is facing her first tribulation (and Si Ming knows A'Mo only has 19 years to live). It's not just child play - if things go wrong, she might perish completely, flesh, bone, all gone. But! GoW is NOT TO INTERFERE under any circumstances! The tribulations are necessary for her to be reborn without miasma. Don't worry, Si Ming, we'll remind him.
He better not go from the guy who does too little to the guy who does too much!
GoW wants to stay a while longer without chaperone. Our creepy uncle goes really close and stares at her... even lifting his ghost hand to touch her. His hand reacts by freezing over. He doesn't seem to be able to step away - but a ghost can't feel anything, right?- when she suddenly turns her head and it seems for a moment as if... she can sense him? That brings him to his senses and he slips outside quickly.
Least creepy Creepy Uncle ever. But what's the deal with his hand freezing over precisely when he gets too close? Is it a warning, or a reaction?
Where he stares at his hand (is he surprised the cold sickness is back? I am too), in his fully visible form. A'Mo opens the door behind him - hahaha, gotcha, Jiu Chen. They stare at each other for a bit, before he makes a nonchalant, almost sly face like it's no big deal he's just standing in front of the room of this young woman.
I'm glad you giffed that because I want to watch it until I die.
When two servants pass by, A'Mo pulls him inside and asks him questions, quickly realizing he is too cold even though he's trying to hide it. She gets hot water (he snoops a little when she's out of the room) and grabs his hands to soak them in there, bringing their heads really close - which she notices late, but when she does, she quickly jumps back. Yeah, her mother told her in the last episode to be a good girl.
They're getting married! Why wait? Except oops, he's not really him so yeah...but then again he's the RIGHT guy so go for it! Ah, this is confusing morally/emotionally.
To her renewed questioning about what he's doing here at this late hour, he answers that he wanted to see her. She quickly brings some distance and the little table between them now. Really, Jiu Chen... don't scare her! She's been making a fragrance pouch for him, with herbs against the coldness. Of course, that makes him smile - just as the short moment during which he thinks it's not for him makes him scowl with jealousy.
Next, he steps into her bedroom.... hahaha, seriously! She tells him to leave, it's inappropriate even if they're engaged... and she'd be in huge trouble if he were discovered at daybreak. Hehehe, I like your thinking, girl. She signals for him to leave several times with mounting agitation but he has to be dragged out physically in the end.
Uncle's got it BAD.
He's just enjoying her presence so much, isn't he? And the little hide-and-seek from the servants. And their faces coming really close... A'Mo doesn't want to be kissed though. Good on ya girl, you don't even know him! She is afraid he might be caught and tells him to jump over the wall using his martial arts.
She's made of stone.
He gets serious as he tells her he won't be able to see her for a while (NOOOO, he's listening, Si Ming). Using sign language for the first time, he tells her not to despair. It will get bad, but then it will get better. While she is mulling over his words, he puts his hand over her eyes and "disappears" (nah, still lurking a little until she's inside).
Why are soldiers asking for the time of birth of every girl in the district? And why are they particularly stunned by A'Mo's birth chart? Could it be... aha! oho! Someone in the capital made a prophecy about a demon star who is to be blamed for the bad health of the crown prince. Unless this person dies, chaos will result.
Son of a BITCH.
Her father manages to hide A'Mo in their country house before the soldiers find her. Under no circumstances is she to return home, he urges her! That's all the explanation she gets, the poor thing. Back at the house, Lin Shaohai lies in front of the belligerent soldiers that A'Mo is dead - she drowned in the river while doing laundry. The soldiers want proof (=a dead body) or the bitchy sister has to pay. Oh, yes please! (If he's found lying, they will make the entire family pay though, much wailing ensues)
Let's just get rid of the bitchy sister.
In the process of all this, it is revealed to the Lins that A'Mo isn't even her mother's real daughter but that Lin Shaohai got her from the Child Welfare Office. No demon then? Only, how to prove it... the lady at the welfare bureau from back then is long dead. Will he choose this girl over the entire family? How could he... that night, Daddy brings food to A'Mo. It's drugged. Shortly after she has finished eating, her head sinks onto the table. Oh nooooooo...
This is going to hurt.


Jiu Chen is a player who would have thought? The shameless man :D He would totally have stayed that night had she not insisted on him leaving. It's too cute how infatuated he is. It's like he cannot look away because he has missed her so much and like he's perpetually surprised how extremely beautiful she is. But time's so short TT________TT Nineteen years only. Well... good, because she'll be back in the immortal realms pretty soon then.
He's a fool for her, at least.

As for the rest... Whoever wrote Ling Xi's trial is a bad writer. I mean... demon star? Really? :D
I guess they need to keep that demon element of the story going.