Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 32 (Recap)

kakashi: Wait, what? Is there a new ship?
JoAnne: I would not be averse to a sweet little row down a side stream, perhaps. What happens in a trial stays in a trial?

Episode 32

After A'Mo shares her provisions with the blind stranger, she falls asleep. When it stops raining, Jing Xiu makes his way over to where she's sitting (he's clearly not good at being blind - I mean... a recent blind person not yet well-versed in getting around), puts her umbrella next to her and attempts to heal her voice out of gratefulness. But he cannot really use his powers anymore.
Are you blind-shaming him? There's all different ways of being BLIND, Kakashi. Maybe he LIKES tripping over shit. You don't know his life!  
Up in the Heavens, God of War seems to have misunderstood the meaning of "don't meddle". He sends Si Ming to the mortal world to make sure A'Mo finds that house where he planted the magical seed. He also sneakily tries to find out what Ling Xi's second trial is. Duh. Not telling you.
PS: Oh yikes, what is Yuan Tong doing? Getting ignored by GoW, hahaha, that's what she's doing. Next!
SO satisfying. Bound to backfire horribly on GoW but still, very satisfying in the moment.
Next is Si Ming with a false beard, kekeke. Ling Xi has just discovered that she can use her voice a little when he addresses her in some mortal town, posing as a fortune teller. After some reluctance, she asks the "right" question: where should she go? Si Ming tells her she has a horrible fate, but not to worry! if she finds a place surrounded by water with a view of the mountains, a courtyard with a tree - make it a peach tree! - and flowers blablabla, she can find peace and happiness after all.
Such awkward men, those two.
Aaaaaand he predicts that there will be someone to help her through her hardship, a benefactor appearing by her side soon. OMG so much meddling. The one making another appearance though is Si Ming in a different disguise :) yeah, gotta make sure she finds the right house. And she does! Peach Blossom Lodge, meet Ling Xi, Ling Xi, meet Peach Blossom Lodge.
Sure, just move into the house that someone clearly owns.
There's clothes in her size, bedding, furniture and a lot of dust/ massive cobwebs. (check for a massive spider somewhere, Ling Xi!) She goes to work and has the house looking spiffy in no time.
The Peach Grove soil goes into her new garden underneath the Peach Tree. Dirt to dirt, peach to peach.
Oh, well, if you're going to clean the place then I'm sure the absent landlord won't mind.
Oh look who's coming, overacting horribly that he's blind: Jing Xiu! Wow, it must be fate... He collapses, spitting a fountain of blood. Naturally, Ling Xi saves him by fetching a doctor. Nothing much wrong with him, but Doctor Sun scolds her for bringing a stranger into her house.
Just liquifying insides, that's all. Her house? How about scolding her for moving into a stranger's house and then bringing another layer of stranger in on TOP of that?
Jing Xiu gets a little violent against the doctor when he wakes up, chasing the good man away. He's also not very kind to Ling Xi, telling her what happened to him is none of her business. He leaves quickly, well, bye. He also forgets his designer cloak at the house and then it starts pouring. Doesn't take him long to go back to the house with her, pffft. And then, he falls unconscious for half a month. Wow.
But sure, yeah, he's fine. Everything's fine.
He gets better fast, minus the eyes - he keeps trying to use his powers to heal himself too, nope. Getting close fast, you too, right? At the end of the episode, A'Mo calls him Jing Xiu Ge Ge...
Well, I'm sure at least one of them has seen a lot of the other, if you know what I mean. Two weeks asleep? The man must have needed a bath.
P.S.: Some more S&M courtship between Demon Godson and Bird Brat Princess. Aren't they cute? She gets taken prisoner to lure Jing Xiu there. Nah.... not gonna happen. He's kinda busy falling in love with Ling Xi.
Fine let them go play with each other, somewhere far far away.


GoW where art though? Trying to get into the Spirit Realm, only the Queen hates him with a vengeance :) you should go check out your lady though, it's time to get a little jealous.
Sometimes ships encounter rough seas...

I didn't have much of an issue with Jing Xiu actor's acting before but I'm developing one.
Maybe it's hard to act awkward without also then just being awkward.

Si Ming was very funny though - haven't liked him much so far but now I do. 
Yeah, he's okay.