Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 36 (Recap)

kakashi: An eventful episode. I'm glad we're getting over the peach inertia.
JoAnne: There is nothing - NOTHING - worse than an under-utilized peach. NOTHING.

Episode 36

Jing Xiu is getting a little creepy in his protectiveness slash jealousy, at least for my taste. First, he makes an appearance at A'Mo's workplace to mark territory, then he's blowing out her candles with remote controlled magic so she cannot read more poems? Come on! (who gave them to her? Teacher Shen?) Speaking of which, that poor dude gets intimidated by Jing Xiu too.
I'm just ready to be done with him. We know he's not the one.
Teacher Shen's parting words are: "If you like her yourself, why don't you tell her personally?" Good point. However, instead of doing so outright, Jing Xiu tells her about a special ritual in his hometown, where men give women a bamboo leaf on a specific day if they wish to propose. He tells her about a bamboo forest and then asks: "On the second month of the coming year, are you willing to go there with me?" Yup, A'Mo. The guy just kinda proposed to you though it could have been done a tad more direct (I have to admit, Jing Xiu is very cute in this scene)
I've never seen a 'save the date' for a proposal before...
She doesn't answer him... and that is when he takes a sip of the PEACH WINE she has poured for him!!! FINALLY!! The effect is instantaneous! His eyesight returns and he recognizes her for who she is. Only... what is she doing here? (is what he wonders) It is a conundrum indeed.
But does he still feel the same toward her? Or are we done with this???
Ohhhhh SHIT. Yuan Tong the petty BIATCH goes to Thunder and tells him all about Jiu Chen's secret (mainly the part where there is no cauldron at the Tower like there should be). Subsequently, Thunder barges into Congji Abyss where GoW is cultivating (no, JoAnne, the other cultivating) and... fight! fight! fight! Leave him alone, you ugly brute :( Jiu Chen isn't well and he even begs Thunder for leniency, but the stubborn ass won't listen.
Thank you for explaining because as you KNOW, I am not the one who turned cultivating into a dirty word. But just for the record - he was in there a while. I'm betting there was more than one kind of cultivating going on at times. Also:  imagine me screaming Yuan TONNNNNNNNNG at the top of my lungs with fists raised.
Worse, the fight affects the Cauldron which in turn affects A'Mo who screams in her sleep. Jing Xiu who runs to help her sees the Demon mark behind her ear (at least he got part of an explanation now). The fight between the Gods is pretty violent (and pretty cool), in the end, Jiu Chen kneels in front of Thunder and assures him that the Heavenly Emperor knows about the Cauldron (so back off). Thunder scolds him thoroughly for not upholding the Laws and bla bla - man, he's incredibly upset about Jiu Chen's behavior, it's kinda funny. But he finally leaves. All this costs GoW dearly, he almost collapses.
Shouldn't GoW have LED with the explanation?
Jing Xiu visits A'Mo's "parents" in invisible form - Daddy is singing a song A'Mo would like to hear once she gets her hearing back, is what she told Jing Xiu in that emotional scene in a previous episode. Daddy doesn't sleep well, yeah, it's the least we can expect. Jing Xiu is capable of doing some "Memory" charm too, to see the past (that's pretty impressive). He sees how A'Mo got bullied by her sister and her friends and how kind her father was. He still has questions, for example who knows about her whereabouts.
I have never felt more sorry for a murderous dad in my life, guys.
In the morning, A'Mo (who had a horrible night) is delighted to find out Jing Xiu can see, but she also doesn't trust this blessing readily. What has caused this? He kinda suggests it's her seafood dishes (Awwwwww, he's cute here too), which pleases her. She is less pleased by being touched by him though. Good girl.
Dammit, though, he IS cute.
We end this episode with Jing Xiu a) telling Aunt Guan to stop matchmaking and b) telling A'Mo she needs someone to take care of her in the future.
Stop trying, boy.


Another strong and good performance by Jing Xiu. I'm glad he's disqualified by a) his repeated bullying of Five Bowls and b) by his controlling, almost stalkery ways. God of War, please come and take over. 
I have to keep REMINDING myself it's not going to be him. Sometimes he makes it hard. And no, that's not a euphemism.