Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 38 (Recap)

kakashi: These men are useless! I'm angry.
JoAnne: Is this news? (About the men, not about you.  The bit about you being angry is news, you're normally quite calm.)

Episode 38

Yu Li really, really, really wants to see Jiu Chen and follows Yun Feng through the Heavens in the hope of finding him that way. Her father sees it and pensively strokes his beard (he thinks she's after Yun Feng!). Qing Yao experiments with lethally poisonous ants (to make Mind Arousing Pills for soldiers like Yuan Tong who need to serve where there's high Demon Energy), enjoying Yun Feng's terror. Why not. I see their relationship is going smashing.
I no longer really care about anything that doesn't directly show GoW or A'mo.  Come on show, engage me again!
Ignoring the pink turnip and the fox brother cause... useless filler. But little bro finds out Ling Xi is still alive. No picture.

Jing Xiu uses his plant power to delay Jiu Chen and goes and picks up A'Mo from work instead. When Jiu Chen finally meets them in the forest, he does more petty things as well (and destroys her candy :(( just because Jing Xiu gave it to her) She's clearly uncomfortable with the situation, saddened even, and I must say, I'm getting more angry with both men. You're better than this!
I think it's just supposed to be humorous but I'm not feeling it today. 
When they get back to the house, she finds the veranda and the dining room in shambles... there's a huge hole in the roof too. The two idiots did that when they fought earlier. A'Mo excuses herself. I guess she's had enough...
They didn't FIX that shit? Assholes.
When alone, the two men talk - they've guessed what tribes they're from etc., that they're both high gods, and a few sentences further, they both call out each other's names. Okay, is that stupid rivalry done?
I don't understand why that would actually make any difference at all.  
Jiu Chen finds A'Mo at the river where she throws twigs for Xiao Bai. Jiu Chen finds it funny that the Beast pretends to be a dog (telling her what it truly is). Maybe it wants to be a dog? A'Mo tells him to read less strange books and then goes on to tell him that she's very happy with her current life. She does not want to go back with him. that a vote for Jing Xiu? I'm surprised!
She means to tell him that he should leave her alone, even asking him when he will leave... but no, he means to stay! He tells her she isn't safe (from the Demons, I guess, or does he also mean from the Shanling Tribe?), he needs to protect her. Ling Xi/A'Mo doesn't understand - how could she? And Jiu Chen is hurt she calls Jing Xiu "Brother" and him only "Lord" Song.
What else is she supposed to call him? Have they spent that much time together that she would be okay to use Brother? I don't think so.
Jing Xiu makes it rain, forcing the other two to return. (hahahahahah, okay, I'm sorry but it's FUNNY sometimes, the level of petty sorcery.) There doesn't seem to be a possibility for peace between these two men, right? Their stupid rivalry even forces A'Mo to fix her own roof :(( And she almost falls! What else do these idiots need to see how much their stupid behavior is taking a toll on her? I'm glad she has Auntie Guan.
She needs to kick them both out of her house. She can live in peace with Five Bowls and her peach tree.
We end the episode with Heavenly Emperor granting a marriage for Yu Li. Yeah... that won't end well. It's with Yun Feng.


I'm all for A'Mo staying alone.
Me too. Fight if you have to, boys, but clean up your own damn messes.