Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 41 (Recap)

kakashi: GoW steals a kiss from A'Mo! A closed mouths, cold fish "no, our lips aren't even touching, see, see?"-kiss, but starving people eat even the lousiest meal with joy.
JoAnne: I'm not complaining. And her eyes are open so we all know that means she's not virgin right?
............. what?! *mind blown* 

Episode 41

The monster hunt seems to come to a quick end with Qing Yao throwing a sleeping powder on Taowu to help wounded Yun Feng, but Yuan Tong does some tainted magic from the side, giving the beast renewed powers. It manages to wound Yun Feng a second time before it passes out (to the Demon Tower with you!). Yun Feng pretends he's dying in order to get a love confession out of Qing Yao. He almost succeeds, but not quite. He's an idiot, I don't even find him cute anymore. Anyway, this whole episode, when reported to Tianjun, results in Heavenly Ruler realizing he might have paired the wrong lovers and Yun Feng's marriage being cancelled.
A man in charge who admits his mistake? is this possible? Does this mean OTHER MEN can do it, too?
A'Mo is doing exceptionally well at the pharmacy while GoW is thinking that his life is at risk if he has to fight anyone else soon (yeah, so don't. Not news exactly). A'Mo returns from town with cloth to make his clothes, but is shy about showing him, working on it in secret and late at night. Actually, she's entirely shy around him now... got a bit flustered when you measured with your hands? The two cultivators who come by to bring them breakfast call her "Teacher's Wife", kekeke.
Maybe he was very, very happy to be measured...
With absolutely no respect for privacy, GoW goes into her bedroom when she's at work to snoop around. He finds the clothes she is making but he also finds Jing Xiu's plant! Which, as Jiu Chen immediately realizes, is not just an ordinary plant. It looks like an alien, in fact.
Do they even have aliens?
In a desperate attempt to delay Princess Bao Qing's death, Jing Xiu uses his own life bead to buy her time - he needs to fetch a spirit-replenishing pill for her at the Demon infested palace. To my own surprise, I found this scene extremely sweet and JX very sexy when he's so self-less.
Our feelings about this guy have see-sawed all the way through!
A group of ruffians comes to the pharmacy, their boss needs treatment for a wound. When that boss sees A'Mo, he gets instantly lusty. She is on her way home when they kidnap her (the plan is to sell her). Luckily, the kid Cultivator is in town too and soon, Jiu Chen is alerted that A'Mo simply disappeared from town in strange ways. With his God powers, he has no trouble finding the culprits. He freezes them alive, only later realizing he should not have interfered like this, he'll feel the backlash for meddling with mortals.
Right? What if he messed up her mortal arc? Of course, her arc has been messed with so badly by the two brats that there's no telling what it should have been...although I tend to think it was always intended to be messed with. Everything happens that is supposed to happen.
A'Mo takes in everything with big eyes, but she hits her head and passes out, so he carries her home - but when she wakes, she doesn't smile at him like he smiles at her (sweetie):
... she asks with fear: "What are you?" Of course she's afraid, she saw him appear out of thin air and freeze people! She also asks whether she really knows him, whether he is the "real him". Yes, he answers, still smiling like the cutest button as he walks towards the door, they knew each other from before. Not a lie, but signifying so much more than just "yup, I'm Lord Song". I think she realizes that something is not quite as it seems...
ohhhh, whew... I thought it would be amnesia.
He turns back from the door, saying it's mid-autumn festival and in his hometown there's this custom where men have to give women a gift and a blessing. Jiu Chen sits down next to her again. He takes her hand, brushing his thumb over it tenderly, telling her he had no time to prepare a gift. That leaves us with the blessing... "I wish you a life of peace and happiness", he says, looking at her intently...
,,, and then he kisses her. But not on the forehead. Squeeeeee (horrible kiss, but yeah, we take what we get). Is it her that makes the peach blossom tree bloom again even though it's not in season?
Oh I am quite sure many peach blossoms just bloomed, yup
After this, he leaves, the scoundrel. He lingers outside her door for a while, she watches his shadow, but he ultimately chickens out. She goes to sleep, alone. He has a heart attack - a fiery essence attack, I mean. I think you have to speed up things a little bit if you don't want to die a virgin, Jiu Chen. Realizing that, he goes to Peach Blossom Grove to get more medicine from Qing Yao (finding Yun Feng there, I'm ignoring him, he's too annoying, though he did send cronies to infiltrate the Shanling Tribe as ordered by GoW).
So he's too weak even for light gardening, good to know.


Jiu Chen was sweet in this episode. He desperately needs to practice though and speed things up. If you already know your fiery essence is running low and you might drop entirely dead any minute, why still dawdle like this?
Please for the love of all that is holy make this drama go faster, please. I beg you.