Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 43 (Recap)

kakashi: Kisses and problems. A lovey episode.
JoAnne: Well we never mind those, do we.

Episode 43

Cause she's such a sweetheart, A-Mo tries to melt the ice layers around the ruffians who almost raped her. Well, she does it for Jiu Chen, mainly! That Demon Master is coming and she is very much afraid for him, she even suggests they leave this place together and would consider going back to her unloving family. GoW can't believe all this and calls her a silly girl. And then he unfreezes the villains with a mere glance. Show-off! I guess he likes this place :D
And A-Mo likes him. It's obvious and he is enjoying himself very much. Awwww, she gifts him the clothes she made and he puts them on with a huge smile on his face... they're SO CUTE. What a great opportunity to touch him all over too...
Can I go next?
Chaaaarged moment...
Whatever you charge me, I'll pay double.
... and she bolts. Booooooo!
I mean, come ON.

Insert: Jing Xiu brazenly makes his way into the Demon infested palace, fights a little here and there, gets that thing he went to get. I notice: he still has his hair.
He kind of looks like a woman, do you agree?
Back to what we really care about. A-Mo wants to have chicken because eggs are expensive and then she'll eat chicken and sell eggs etc. Wow, she has it all figured out, smart cookie. GoW finds her enthusiasm cute but he's also saddened because he knows she will die soon. Of course, she has to talk about her upcoming birthday too!
How is that figuring it out? If you eat the chicken you don't get eggs.
They build a coop for the hens but Xiao Bai, the little squatter, just takes it as his. He has a little tiny pink tongue it can stick out, d'awwwwwwz! GoW just needs to say his name with a little bit of authority and the "dog" scrams, hahaha. GoW also gets A-Mo to take Jing Xiu's plant out into the sun - cause all plants need sun, right? It dies. Jing Xiu: out.
The tongue killed me.
That evening, he cannot take her eyes off her. They're reading (in her room) but he claims medical books are boring (yeah, I'm sure they are). He asks whether she wants to be a doctor in the future - yes, that's what she wants - then he gets sad again and says some wishes can't come true because life's a bitch. She gets that - but she's hopeful she won't have bad things happen to her again. Then she asks what he wants to do in life and he says: "I just want to be with you." *swoon and dead*
Okay, time to play doctor.
He'll always be by her side, he says, whatever happens. He will protect her with his life. And then he moves in... and...
... she bolts. Only to realize that this is her room, actually, hahaha. She comes back and well... you really can't reject him three time in one day, right?! (he's little comment: "You're the one who came back", pffff) Proper kiss! They both want it! No fish-eyes or unmoving lips!
I need a doctor.
On the Earth Deity's birthday, Auntie Guan gifts A-Mo with a portray of him for protection. Oh great :D - it's Immortal Peng. He's with Si Ming (who is troubled because of that Star Lord Sang Nan who's been on trial for 50'000 years), quite happy to report his luck seems to finally be turning, when he suddenly feels horrible chills, then has to spit blood. It's because Jiu Chen "prays" to him in the mortal world because A-Mo urges him to, lmao. The portray flies off the wall too. 
Qing Yao's ex-lover aka Star Lord Sang Nan remembers his previous life with her - and his promise to return to her side. That does it - his trial is done. 50,000 years! Good to know he's a tree and can send parts of himself down to the mortal world to endure the trial... yeah... well, now he's back. Yun Feng is getting ready to propose to her (she doesn't know who that Star Lord is who just returned). Oh, goodie. There's gonna be dramaaaaaa.
Well it will be better than two guys destroying a girl's house though, right?


Immortal Peng is funny. I appreciate this filler-insert. I skipped over Yuan Tong's convo with the Demon King though. Those are really lousy demons, they don't do a thing.
Just make this arc be OOOOOVER.