Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 45 (Recap)

kakashi: A-Mo makes peace with her past - and then it's time to move on. Jiu Chen, let go... let go...
JoAnne: Could we at least get some KISSES first? Why you gotta rush a guy?

Episode 45

Grandma regrets being mean and biased and blames herself for the fact that A-Mo's daddy had such a hard time... not eating, not wanting to come home etc. etc. All in all, granny's health isn't too bad though. Also bitchy 2nd sister gets a moment of retribution - she drove out the really rude real Lord Song when he came to cause ruckus.
I'm making faces that are basically meh about Sis.
All the women in the house are so very curious about who the man is A-Mo brought back. A-Mo's dad comes running in, almost bursting from joy - awwww, the tearful reunion. Even Jiu Chen is forgotten for a bit.
But then it's time for the groom to meet his father-in-law. Haha, Jiu Chen is very awkward. First opportunity he gets, he busts out all the papers proving he's rich and great. But Daddy only wants to know whether he's sincere - and by gooood, he is. Jiu Chen swears to protect her with everything he has and adds "If I break this promise, I will be hated by both gods and ghosts, killed by both heaven and earth, my soul completely destroyed, forever staying in the netherworld, never getting reincarnated." Damn.
I don't think crossing your fingers gives you an out on THAT big a promise. (Not that he wants one.)
Ling Xi's brother goes to the mortal world to stalk her. He even calls her Ling Xi and confuses her a lot. Idiot. Go drink wine. Later, she picks up the longevity knot in Jiu Chen's room. Of course, she gets curious but he obviously blocks all her questions. Again. And A-Mo starts thinking...
No good can come of this.
Si Ming comes to visit the next day and he tells Jiu Chen it's time to leave. Oh no... one last walk. One last wish that she will not easily give up whatever happens in the future. And one more promise to always be by her side.
Image: A serene river view with forests and mountains in the hazy background.  Foreground is occupied by a beautiful couple (male/female) dressed in the most drab clothing imaginable.
The Spirit-Binding-Abyss is still being opened. 
Jing Xiu understands A-Mo is down in the mortal world to undergo trials and he saves his princess.
Qing Yao kisses Yun Feng. Sang Nan comes to tell her he hopes she can be happy.


Ohhhh, we're moving on! Yay!
You kinda buried that Qing Yao bit, you think?
Jo, I sometimes don't feel like typing too much