Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 46 (Recap)

kakashi: I'm back. Sorry that this isn't a very happy episode. On top of everything, A'Mo has Covid19 symptoms.
JoAnne: Apparently social distancing wasn't a thing back then.

Episode 46

Jiu Chen's mood is melancholic and desolate that evening - it's their last together. "Ling Xi, I will wait for you," he whispers to the sleeping A-Mo... and disappears.
The first documented case of ghosting.
She looks for him in mounting desperation the next morning and all through the day. Not too long after, she realizes he is gone. It does her no good that he's watching her from the Heavens... though awwww, he's staying in Si Ming Hall day and night.
Pretty soon, A'Mo is developing a Corona cough and we all know what that means. She leaves her house after giving Xiao Bai a huge bowl of food. If he's anything like my cats, he'll eat that in one go and will think he's hungry again an hour later but never mind. She means to look for Jiu Chen... but alas, the place he said he is from doesn't even exist.
Ghosting AND gaslighting.
On her wild goose chase, the coughing A'Mo seeks shelter from the rain, wet, sad, utterly pitiful. Jiu Chen simply cannot stay away when he sees her crying! But how to answer her many questions... why did he leave without a word? Why is he back? Is it... because of Ling Xi? Has he actually ever loved her? She seriously thinks she was just a rebound... Godammit, say something, man! He does say something after a while... it's "sorry". Which sounds like he is guilty of everything.
Never too late for the truth, my man, all I'm saying.
He takes her to a proper roadhouse and is sweet and caring. When he goes downstairs to fetch her some food - she doesn't want to let him go because she's afraid he'll disappear again - Si Ming appears to tell Jiu Chen he should never have come. He is about to blow this! They're so very close, but she has to die in a few days (on her birthday). It's a death trial. Which leaves the question... what will her third trial be?
I'm guessing marriage with a man boy who has communication issues.
It doesn't get easier. She is in extreme pain (Demon Mark! It seems like the Demon Lord has found her?), but Jiu Chen manages to hold back his healing powers instead of helping her. It's like it's a trial for him too? They go back to their house and he gently cares for her. After he leaves to fetch Dr. Sun, she realizes she is losing her sense of taste... (another covid19 symptom...)
Sure but she can just do some home herbal remedy that probably cures cancer, and gives you thick, shiny hair too. Everything is fine. She'll be back at the market soon.
But then, Jing Xiu makes a sudden appearance. Well, THAT was unexpected! He implores her to leave with him and she does - only to be stopped by Jiu Chen in the front yard. Jing Xiu tells A'Mo that Jiu Chen means to kill her - for Ling Xi. Which is kinda true, but then again not. Of course, A'Mo doesn't understand that she is Ling Xi, so she thinks Jiu Chen is sacrificing her to get his true love back! Blood spitting and crying ensues...
Covid19 crossed with Ebola.
... and then Zhong Hao comes for a visit too. Wait... didn't he die? Zombie! Anyway... Jiu Chen fights with him but his battery is very low. Jing Xiu manages to take A'Mo away, Jiu Chen manages to scare off the Demon, but then he's reached the end of his strength.
Somewhere in the forest, Jing Xiu's healing powers help nothing, A'Mo goes blind and collapses in his arms. In his desperation, Jing Xiu pulls out his life bead and gives it to her. Okay, I'm touched... but DAMN. They're sharing their life essence now.
But she's supposed to DIE, Kakashi. The story doesn't work if she doesn't DIE. (They just bought themselves 5 episodes, though, I know how it works.)
You're so clever. 


Okay, so we are to believe that Jing Xiu is in love with A'Mo (and not with Ling Xi) and that is why he tried to save A'Mo? He must be aware of the trials though, right? Or not? Is he just selfish? 
And you, Jiu Chen... Just goddamn tell her how much you love her. All of her. Whatever manifestation of her! Is it that hard?! 
CovidKisses! That's what we want!