Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 47 (Recap)

kakashi: The drama remembers it has a few lesser figures and blesses us with their stories.
JoAnne: We'll see.
It was sarcasm

Episode 47

Zhong Hao is quasi dead, but the Demon Lord sucks him in and spits him out again and saved he is! But the Demon King is very displeased about Jiu Chen and his constant meddling. He roars. Yuan Tong is called upon to investigate the surge of demonic aura and gives her Spirit pills to her soldiers. Not too long ago, she realized they don't really work. Poor woman, in terms of very boring storylines, she is way up there.
Seriously. Next!
Also WAY up there... Yun Feng and Qing Yao. All for product placement.
Those look a bit like malted milk balls and now I am going to search the internet for them. (intermission music) Yeah, I don't need 28 dollars worth of malted milk balls.
Then, Yun Feng is called upon to help his Senior whose fire essence is all but gone. It is a bit like the opening of that abyss... often expected, but never quite here... Jiu Chen opens his eyes after a bit of recharge.
Their venerated teacher appears to stop Jiu Chen from going to Ling Xi's help again. Too much meddling! He is ready to destroy her primordial spirit if she doesn't manage to cleanse herself (wait... how can she pass three tribulations in only three days?!) and places Jiu Chen under house arrest. Yun Feng is to go and guard the Demon Mountain so that Ling Xi cannot go there.
Nobody's eyebrows can do that. Nobody.
Not even if your 469000000000 years old
Yuan Tong sacrifices all her soldiers by leading them into the demonic area - and then makes sure Yun Feng finds her fighting the possessed men. Hmmm... how could she have known he would come? Never mind. Besides, what an old trick. Ah, but it's to get Qing Yao into trouble! Yuan Tong claims her powerless pills are to blame for the calamity.
So tired of this woman. Did your daddy not LOVE you enough? What is the problem, here?
Her daddy Jiu CHEN didn't love her enough. Her vagina is now shriveled up and emitting evil signals, that's why
While A'Mo has nightmares about a smiling, happy Ling Xi and seeing everyone she loves dissipate in front of her eyes, Jiu Chen is called before the Heavenly Emperor because of this matter. Lord Puhua confirms that the pills Yuan Tong received from Qing Yao are useless, but Jiu Chen knows quite well that Yuan Tong must be up to something sinister. Only... Qing Yao confesses everything, because she did indeed tamper with the pills! She's detained for the time being and it'll mean the end of her. 
I kinda hate to say this but can we go back to the OTHER dragging story line? I'd rather spend my time with A'Mo, the poor thing.


Yeah, okay. I kinda don't care much.
*raises her glass of whiskey*  I hear you.