Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 48 (Recap)

kakashi: We take a trip to self-realization cliff. And it ain't pretty though the view is great!
JoAnne:  So weird to see people touching.

Episode 48

Show down (of sorts) between Yuan Tong and GoW. He is looking for that mirror-thingy that records everything - she shows him it's broken (bitch broke it herself, of course). By chance, that Apple Watch that Ling Xi got at the beginning of this drama is the only thing in the world that could restore it. Yuan Tong gloats... to her knowledge, that Ling Xi is very dead. (By the way, I used Apple TV for the first time this weekend to watch three Pitch Perfect movies in a row for my kid's birthday - Apple Watch next?)
Did you like them? I love the song mash-ups.
I did! I enjoyed them quite a bit
Because we have many more episodes to fill, Yun Feng thinks it's a good idea to step forward as the one who knew everything about Qing Yao's tampered pills, taking punishment for himself while at the same time begging for her life. Since she's such a kind doctor, she is let go after only 200 strikes with the whip and with half her cultivation remaining. He on the other hand... is turned into a rock on the Self Realization Cliff (for a thousand years, only). Important tidbit: he has the remnants of that mirror-thingy that can prove Yuan Tong's guilt transferred to Qing Yao first.
Typical that she seems to want him now that he's unavailable.  

Jiu Chen doesn't seem to be happy about his friend's petrification either.
He should have been caught out shirtless so we could talk about his rock-hard abs.
But the view!
Who is Jiu Chen, who is Ling Xi? And what do they have to do with her? That is what A'Mo wants to know from Jing Xiu. He tells her the truth - about their love and what she had to die for, alalala, that she died by Jiu Chen's hand once already. And he tells her that her current suffering is all due to the trials Ling Xi's soul has to undergo. Only if she dies, can Ling Xi be reborn. She naturally concludes that all that Jiu Chen ever wanted from her is to die so that his Ling Xi could reappear. Jing Xiu assures her that he is different though! He truly loves her, Lin Mo, and only her. Just shut up.
That's such an obvious LIE, but also pointless. Ling Xi is A'Mo is Ling Xi.  However, it's easy for me to sit here and say well they're both the same woman (which they are, but also are not.) I might not be so accepting of that if I were A'Mo.
That demonic Godson whose name I don't even try to remember has a flashback to times when he wore a white garb and spoke to his Master on the North Pole. Or was it the South? Depends. Did you see any penguins? Anyway, he remembers that he was taught to be good. ----> that leads him to break into Shanglin's Queen's abode and to heal her. Yeah... I don't get it either, Queen whose name I also don't remember.
The writer of this show is really, really good at making us not care about people. Like, at all.
Ah, Ling Yue is her name. See? I don't care. She rushes to the Spirit Abyss and fights that little Demon creature (whose name I never knew) and his army. She is vanquished fairly quickly. But she knows what to do so they cannot use her and her blood to open up the Abyss: She jumps into it. I forgot all about the details with regards to this Blood Moon Opening. I don't think it matters that much.   
They don't even ne - I do not caaaaaaaare - ed her blood because they can open the Abyss with the Heart-Assembling Nail. Yup. Someone made that up on the fly. Guess who has it? The Yuan family. Oh.... Jing Xiu has a spy in the Heavens? It's that cute little maid whose name I don't remember!!
In the Spirit Abyss, Queen of Birds meets her father who heals her, despite his reduced powers. They don't like each other much. A third present makes itself known, black smoke. Whatevs. Too many minutes later, Yuan Tong breaks up with her fiance. Boohoo.
This is so unnecessary.
He has a name too. 


I like all those nails that appear in CDrama. We could have a special post about them. My favorite is the Corroding Boner, of course.
Mine also. But if you think it about it, it should be our least favorite.