Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 50 (Recap)

kakashi: I am sorry for the hiatus, I really don't understand where my time gets lost because I get nothing done at all but days fly by like the black smoke at Demon Mountain.
JoAnne: You were busy going through your mortal arc.

Episode 50

Showdown! "Give me what's keeping you alive!" Jiu Chen urges A'Mo. He is trying to explain that even if she dies, she'll live... it's an uphill battle, of course, she doesn't understand and still thinks he is waiting for a person named Ling Xi who just happens to look like her.
I thought I would be more excited to see them again but it's been 4,000 days and I just really stopped caring, right about the time I stopped putting on regular clothes.  Maybe I need to have on underpants.
Here's a dramatic shot of Jing Xiu when she finally spits out his life bead and he feels the full effect of his folly.
Did she spit it right in his hand?
Long story short: A'Mo dies, feeling utterly betrayed and heartbroken. It looks like Jing Xiu dies too, yes, he's also heartbroken (spoiler alert: not dead). Jiu Chen: of course, completely heartbroken. But at least, the Demon Lord is repelled. I think he manages to further demonize Yuan Tong though? 
I can't remember who's who anymore. After a century they all seem the same. Oooh, but she did a Marvel Universe ending, cool.
Ling Xi is instantly reborn - and reunited with her Apple Watch. Iiiih, I don't know, Jiu Chen is probably in for a beating, she looks mighty pissed. Thanks to passing this difficult trial, she has now acquired High Goddess status. *we bow* I'm sure it changes people. She certainly doesn't seem like the carefree little fairy she once was. With no apparent wish to reunite with Jiu Chen, she leaves the Abyss for the Peach Grove.
Good for YOU, girl. Who needs a man? Go eat some juicy peaches!
The bad news: Jiu Chen is dying... wait.... he's dead! The good news: his Master was able to retrieve the Nüwa Stone Heart from the Demon Tower now that Shennong's Cauldron is no longer needed to contain Ling Xi's essence. Heart transplant activate! Success!
Oh great, he lives to fuck up Ling Xi's life yet ANOTHER day.
Back at the Peach Grove, Ling Xi first pays her respects to the deceased Le Bo and then reunites with her fox bro. He updates her on a few things, i.e. Yun Feng becoming petrified for Qing Yao (who spends her day cleaning petrified Yun Feng). The reunion between the two women is cute, awww. Ling Xi's petty non-appearance at Fuyun Hall throws everyone there into a deep depression. Si Ming and 13th get a short sweetish moment. I don't see them getting married though.
He'll never get over the whole penis issue. Wait. Does she HAVE one? Is she dressing like a woman or did she become a woman...I can't remember which. Still, it will be like a phantom limb for him.  He'll be haunted by the Ghost of Penis Past.
As soon as Jiu Chen wakes, he goes to see his Shifu. He is sorry for being so disobedient but of course, he would do the same all over. Such is the nature of his love. And yup, it was a trial for Jiu Chen too! What does he get... an upgrade? His Shifu tells him not to run after Ling Xi if she is too stubborn to see him, hahaha. I feel for Jiu Chen, this is harsh. He gave his heart and all.
He broke the rules over and over and over. How does he get rewarded for that?
No, Jiu Chen doesn't get an upgrade, but is slandered by Thunder for breaking the Heavenly Law by saving Ling Xi. (Yuan Tong has a visible "Oh Shit" moment right then and there) And then, Ling Xi comes personally to the Heavenly Emperor and puts Thunder in his place. In addition, she gets him to say that people containing Demonic Aura have to die. Heavenly Emperor is quite happy and admits that he knew everything. Of course, Jiu Chen won't be punished further, quite the opposite, and he praises her for doing really well and even gaining status as a High Goddess.
She does rock, absolutely.
In the meantime, Si Ming tells Jiu Chen that Ling Xi has come to the Heavens. The poor man :D He rushes to the hall just as Ling Xi accuses Yuan Tong of three severe crimes! Killing people on the Purple Cloud Platform and framing Qing Yao for it, killing Le Bo and ... conspiring with the Demons. Apple Watch release! It fixes all things, hence it also fixes the broken recorder (LX got it from QY)  - the movie starts playing and everybody witnesses Yuan Tong killing her own men. 
Oh now THIS is satisfying.
And we end the episode with Ling Xi and Jiu Chen meeting outside the palace. So much pleading in his gaze... SUCH ACTING!
Good eye acting, it exists.


You didn't scare me. I knew you were there.