Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 51 (Recap)

kakashi: Come on, Ling Xi! Do not torture old GoW any further. Make babies!
JoAnne: You know he'll pretend to be huffy and jealous to be cute, only it won't be cute and he won't be pretending.

Episode 51

Meetup at Fuyun Hall! Shisan doesn't quite understand the notion of "giving them some privacy" but after Si Ming has forced her outside, Jiu Chen and Ling Xi can talk. Why is he so grumpy? Or is he just extremely shy... They don't say much, be she touches his heart, telling him it it disturbed her that she couldn't hear his heartbeat in the mortal world, she thought he was sick. She scolds him for doing something so silly, but there's no bite to it, she even cries a little.
Sigh.  The heart wants what it wants.
Outside, Hua Yan (the spy servant) is a little too concerned for Jing Xiu and his life bead. So, he isn't dead? He isn't. He plays the zither all bald and forlorn, severely wounded and angry with Jiu Chen for taking his A'Mo away. Even worse than him: Ling Xi's mother is in a coma, hanging on by a thread. Otherwise, all seems well: the traitors have been captured, the Spirit Binding Abyss is closed again.
His tattoooooos, they're multiplyin' !
It's because tattoo shops are open again here
Ling Xi dream-remembers her last minutes as A'Mo - maybe not the best of moments to come knock at her door, ey, Jiu Chen? He brings her fortifying medicine, d'awwwwz, he's so cute, but ... well. This girl ain't quite ready to forgive you, I think.
I like her spine.
Wow, look at the architecture of Purple Cloud Platform! :) Yuan Tong's immortal bone is removed and she is banished to the mortal world, never to return.
Think of all the Immortal Boner jokes we've been missing out on.
She doesn't look like she repents even a little bit...
Permanent banishment tends to harden hearts.
Ling Xi says goodbye - she's kind, but still very distant. She's going to Shanling, to her mother. "Will you come back?" he asks. "Can I visit you?" Her answer: "No need". Dammit, woman! That's cold. She tells him he's never had a quiet day since she came into his life and when he assures her it's no problem for him, she says that she's too tired (yup, three tribulations would do this to you) She's Ling Xi... but she's also Lin Mo and that's a tad confusing. She needs time. It's kind of like a breakup, isn't it.
OH it's definitely a break up, alright. 
Jing Xiu turns High God as well! (not sure I understood what he did with his life bead and that plant?) Yes, it certainly was a trial for him too... but he has ill intentions, as we know - he allowed this entire calamity to transpire just so he could take revenge. Just when he is about to bust his way into the comatose Queen's bedchambers, Ling Xi is announced. He's so happy to see her, which is cute... but this ship isn't sailing for me. To his court, he introduces her as Princess Ling Xi, their Queen's biological mother.
He wanted Ling Yue dead before A'Mo appeared, but now he just wants her forever asleep. We end the episode with Yuan Tong being yelled at by Thunder - he threatens to personally destroy her should she ever do anything evil again.
Her mother? No. Her daughter, right? I'm so confused.
Ling Yue = Ling Xi's mother.


GoW is so very passive in all this! And while I like that he made no scene and let her go like he doesn't care, I would have wished for a little more pushback. I mean... she basically told him she doesn't want to see him anymore! Tsktsk, old men, I don't get them.
His Immortal Boner is on the fritz.