Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 60 END (Recap)

kakashi: A long journey ends! Thanks for sticking with us, y'all! It was a joy as always.
JoAnne: I did always love Ling Xi

Episode 60 - Final Episode

They cannot pull a Rise of Phoenixes ending on us, can they?! But how can there be hope? Well, for starters, Ling Xi is a smart cookie. As soon as she hears that Yun Feng has been sighted, she guesses what game is being played. She also knows how to end it - she tells him how much Qing Yao is grieving because of him (again) until he himself is so overcome by remorse, he no longer stops her from entering.
That's our girl! Go save your dumbass man!
After a bit of nudging, Yun Feng tells her everything - and off to the Spirit Binding Abyss she goes. She isn't exactly pleased by Jiu Chen's decision to keep his plans from her, huh. He put duty above their love... I guess it defines him. Still sucks. It galls her the most that he once again didn't treat her as an equal and she laments away up above...
He's cute, but he doesn't deserve her.
... while GoW is still fighting the giant vagina below.
I think this writer has unresolved issues regarding their sexuality.  
Up in the Heavens, Yun Feng gets slapped by Qing Yao. That's for lying, you miscreant! And for being so... so... Yun Feng! I may admit here and now that I have never liked Qing Yao, sorry... Anyway, they make up. 
I wouldn't call her a favorite but I didn't dislike her. I enjoy it when a puppy chases a grumpy woman.
Ling Xi passes on her office to that other guy and joins Jiu Chen down below. That's the only choice that makes sense to her - and frankly, it should have been something Jiu Chen could have offered her. But no, he had to be a typical male lead who thinks they have to protect their female. Hahaha, I like how she shows him the marriage contract when he rages at her. Until death do us part. They can't get out anyway.
Truthfully? I am considerably less enamored of Jiu Chen than I was at the start of this. He has never treated her as a partner or equal or given the appropriate respect to her actions. He treats her like a pet.
Ling Xi demands they finish their marriage by bowing to the Heavens and the Earth. Here is as good as any place. Very much pissed off about their love, Jing Xiu goes on a rampage in the Spirit Realm and then down to the Abyss to lecture Ling Xi and Jiu Chen about what a demon is. He manages to open the vagina more.
Not surprised. He always managed to ... never mind.
Everybody fights - and then, Jiu Chen stabs Jing Xiu ... and together with him, he flies through the open gate and holds Jing Xiu back while Ling Xi starts closing the gate. Duty above love. She can do it too. Jiu Chen promises he will find a way back to her. You better keep your word! You made a promise after all to never leave her alone again.
Wait, who's in the vagina and who's not? Are the two men in there? Or are we saying one woman can do the job of two men?  I'm telling you, the writer needs to resolve his feelings.
A time jump happens: three hundred years have passed in the blink of an eye. Ling Xi visits Fuyun Hall and meets Huayan - who has no recollection of what was before. She has ascended again. Good girl. Ah, Ling Xi has come her with her... CHILD! Was that conceived that ONE time they had sex or have we been denied other steaming hot scenes?
My thought is that after 500,000 years or whatever it was, it would have been REALLY quick but also, REALLY powerful. A bullseye that spent half a million years gathering up steam. I'm only surprised it's not triplets.
Shisan is also back from the dead (she was quasi-killed by Jing Xiu on his rampage), it's the way of the merfolk. Is she male or female? Her friends wonder, I don't care. The new Shisan doesn't remember a single one of them. Serves them right, especially our trans-phobic Si Ming.
That is one big forehead, Shisan.
Ling Xi lives and waits at Polar Abyss for her husband's return. She isn't alone: she has her daughter and Five Bowls to keep her company. Little Nian'er wants to be a female general when she grows up. I approve. And then, Ling Xi finds this: 
Could it mean... Yes, it does! Daddy is back home! Yay! He made it!
Yes but after 300 years trapped in a tight space with a man, things might be different now.


The end! Awwwww, they will be so happy together. We need fluff in these trying times, as much as we can get - thanks, drama.
I am less than impressed.
I love you! I love everyone!