Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #348

Trotwood: Thank goodness for the long three-day weekend, but even though I didn't do much but cook for my visiting daughter and eat instead of all the other stuff I planned, I'm still tired. I think I just need a real vacation!! There are still way more dramas coming out than I have time to watch.

kakashi: We're all going to need a year long vacation from this lost Covid year. And it's not over yet. Yesterday, I watched Belgravia only to realize about halfway through that I... have watched it before. Wow, brain. Well done.

Here is the show that I'm probably never going to watch but looks like it could be zany fun. Did anyone watch Mad for Each Other?

I love Joe Chen, but I can't commit to a 47-episode show about pilots. Anyone watching New Horizon?


Doom at Your Service

I've heard that the ratings for this show are really low and not just because it's a cable company (My Roommate is a  Gumiho has much better ratings on the same network). People complain about it being slow, and I think the pace is a problem. The director is too fond of slo-motion and time stoppage stuff and spends far too much time on some things and not enough on others. As I said, both leads are eating up their roles, but I have to say that even though their relationship is literally life and death, I've become far more interested in the secondary couple.

Sell Your Haunted House

Did they only air one episode of this show last week? I only have access to episode 13, and it was a doozy. I'm almost happy that there wasn't another episode. The secret behind Ji Ah's mother's death was a surprise to me and to her. Watching her repeatedly try to be possessed by her mother's spirit to find the truth was torture, but the truth was equally heartbreaking. There are so many levels of betrayal here, and despite the fact that I feel badly for In Bum, I can understand why she doesn't want to see him anymore. Still, I hope working together to help the neighbor will bring them back to work on getting revenge against the mafia construction company. I also want to give a shout out to Ji Cheol who is in competition to be best friend ever. 

My Roommate is a Gumiho

I like Hyeri, and I've been waiting for Jang Ki Yong to be in a drama I love again because I think he has the potential to be really really really good. I only watched the first episode, but it wasn't fun enough or compelling enough or fluffy enough to choose to watch the next episode instead of doing something else. I think I might have watched the second episode, but then they gave me Kang Han Na playing an annoying stereotypical character, which makes me mad because I think she's better than this, and I moved on. I have been wrong about female characters early on before, so if anyone keep watching and she gets better let me know.

Dark Hole

Kim Ok Bin! Kim Ok Bin! Kim Ok Bin! Her Detective character is so smart and resourceful! She can also fight like nobody's business. I'm not surprised that the shaman is jealous of her. Even if she wasn't having visions about her and know that the alien/monster thingy clearly has some connection to her, she should be jealous of the way she leads by example and doesn't believe her crap. Still, I'm wondering what is in store for her since she is the one person that has breathed in the smoke and didn't turn into a monster. Was it merely her will power and the love of her dead husband? I'm really worried about that baby, too.

Miss Monte Cristo (daily)

I'm a week behind, so my comments here are from a week ago, so who knows what is happening currently! Lots of secrets came out. More people know that our heroine is really the person they thought dead. Se Ra passed out from shock, but we all were taking bets on her sanity anyway. Eun Jo is seriously going after Se Ra's dad especially with his kicking her mom out of the house he stole from her. But even the Vice President's secret is out. I didn't think they would reveal that to people so early. Eun Jo's adoptive mom's dark side is getting darker. I'm as afraid of her as from the traditional villains to be honest.


Please Feel at Ease, Mr. Ling

I asked for fluff recommendations last week, and someone reminded me of this show, and I gobbled up 9 episodes as if they were oxygen. We have the typical rich heir who by accident (literally) bums into our hardworking heroine. They co-habitate while he recovers, and he falls for her honest charms. I like An Xin for her hard work and pluck without seeming like those uber plucky heroines. She gets tired, too and doesn't take a lot of crap. She also has a secret. She was kicked out of a rich family's house because of some scandal with her mother. I'm enjoying this show because of the main leads but also I'm curious about her past and how the doctor friend will finally convince the lead's PA to give him a chance. 

Be Loved in House

Someone on Twitter said that this show reminded them of 2013 drama Just You , which starred Aaron Yang and Puff Gao, and I'd agree on the surface. We do have a cold, new boss show up and tell the everyone that dating is banned, and he does end up living with the other lead. However, this show is not nearly as good as Just You. It doesn't have the quality soundtrack and the pacing seems off. What I did like is that we do get some backstory about the cold, lead. Not only did something happen in his past (an accident I'm assuming based on his scar), but he also remembered the other lead from uni days and clearly was besotted then. We also have two other side couples. I want to like it more because I like the characters, but I find myself fastforwarding it a lot.


Love Phantom

Someone recommended this show to me, and I am not sure why. I'm interested enough to keep watching, catching up with all three episodes that have been subbed, but it isn't the kind of show I generally like. The Phantom of the title is Hase Kei, an "elite hotelier." You know the kind of person who organizing events and special services for VIP clients. He is called a phantom because he seems to be everywhere at the same time and can appear unannounced. Our heroine is a kind waitress in the hotel cafe. She's fairly new and inexperienced but makes up for it because of her earnest hardwork. They meet by accident at the hotel roof, realizing they both go up there to collect their thoughts. The attraction is palpable and they kiss . . . a lot. I was waiting for the next day for him to ignore her, and so is she, but he clearly likes her and they start going out. I'm on ep 3, and they've already moved in together and can't keep their hands off each other. I'm not sure where the show is going, but I'm a little concerned by how fast this relationship is going and the two co-workers who know about their secret relationship.


Song Sanaeha

No subs for last week's episodes yet, but that is okay because I was only able to watch one of the two episodes last week, and second episode of the week revealed more problems.  We have a minor scandal with Warit having dinner with the good twin and the evil twin making it seem like sis is after his money. Evil twin accidentally pushed their aunt down the stairs when they fight over the deed to the house. WE have more of the spoiled mafia princess shenanigans.I don't even know why that plot is here to be honest. But the big twist is that Warit, the male lead, is married!! When did this happen? I don't think anyone knows about this--not even his uncle. It's clear that she left him when he was merely a lawyer and was only married to him because she thought he would be a bigwig in his uncle's company. She is now back to take over the magazine for that company and to get her husband back. She's already seen the news and hates evil twin. There are going to be soooo many people who want to kill Duen, evil twin, by the time we get back to that bloody wedding scene from the beginning of the show.

Fish Upon the Sky 

I wasn't going to write about this until the show was over, but some people commented on Nitiman last week, and many people on the internet are comparing these two shows because of their common trope: one of the main characters has had a crush on another student for a long time, but the person likes someone else. That's it. In this show, Pi ( a dental students--hurray not another engineer!!) has a crush on the kindhearted Mueang Nan. MN's best friend in Mork, who has harbored a long-time crush on Pi--even in his dorkier, braces/bad clothes/eye glasses phase. It's pretty clear that Pi actually truly likes Mork rather than MN; MN is like a fantasy for him. However, as I said elsewhere, Mork is pushy and insistent, embarrassing Pi which makes him mad. If he could just stick to the kindness he shows, Pi would come around. ALso, the scary fans are just that scary. I wish they did more commentary about that. Saying they would break into Pi's house to take pictures of his bedroom was too much.


It's clear this show/company doesn't have the same budget as Fish, but it's working hard. We are back to engineers and other majors, but Jin and Bbomb have the potential to be real friends faster than Mork and Pi. Jin's girlfriend has just broke up with him. They'd been dating for a long time. I don't know what I'm supposed to make of her since she so quickly moved on to a new boyfriend and is cousins with Bbomb who likes Jin. She actually ships them together, so I'm wondering if she found out about his feelings and then dumped Jin because she was never really into that relationship. The problem with this show is that I mainly want Jin and Bbomb to get together because each of their friend groups are trash (except Keam who is the only one who acts like an adult). Jin and Bbomb are actually nice guys. I want them together, so they don't have to hang with the others when they are lonely.