Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #350

Trotwood: Watching less but reading a LOT more webtoons and novels and watching Youtube videos on cooking and places I want to travel when the world truly begins to recover. Just got a notice that Switzerland will be voting on June 23 about whether it will open up to US and Canadians who are full vaccinated, and because I clicked on that information so fast, I also got invited to put my name in for a free trip!! I never win anything, but it did make me smile during my lunch break.

kakashi: I'll stay here/in the mountains for a while until everyone who has travel urges has traveled :D The world will be a crowded place, don't you think? It's actually just the government who is going to decide on June 23 so the chances are high. You're more than welcome here, Trot!  

This, of course means that I have completely given up on trying to catch up on anything. Also, there seems to be a gazillion Korean drama premiering this week, but I don't feel badly at all because I'm only interested in one.  

Lots of people seem to be enjoying Flourish in Time. It looks like another nice school story.

And has anyone taken a look at the short episode drama The Other Half of Me is You. I'm confused. Is it a parallel universe that happened when he was drunk? And why when they switch gender characteristics are the guys wearing shorts? School uniform? I stopped watching not because I was confused but because I didn't like either of the leads enough (in either of their personalities) to watch long enough to find out. If you are watching, let me know if I should pick it back up again.


Sell Your Haunted House (final)

I enjoyed this show all the way through to the last half hour of the finale. The finale wasn't bad; it wrapped up a number of things like good finales do, but it seemed to drag. I was actually intrigued when they got rid of the big bad early on, which was a good way to emphasize that the show really wasn't about Ji Ah's fight against corruption but more about her relationship with her mother and her reckoning with what really happened in the past and who she is today. However, it didn't ruing the show for me because I liked her enough to really be invested in her being whole again. Jang Nara was excellent in this show. She always is, and I'm ashamed at how I quickly forget that until I see her again.

So I Married and Anti-Fan

I've watched up through the episode where the show they are filming is actually over, cut short I suspect by the CEO of Hoo Joon's company who seems to want to control him in a crazy way. I also don't get how much he seems to resent In Hyung and Jae Joon, but then again much of the intensity of many of the characters' feelings in the show don't make sense. The shows gives us enough information why they would have the feelings they have but not to the level they have them--still, and Iand there are only three episodes left. I'm curious to see what the over the top reaction will be to Hoo Joon kissing Geun Young at the filming site in plain view of everyone, and they need to get around to spending more time on the mystery of the ring. I'm wondering if Hoo Joon and Jae Joon are really half brothers or something.


Please Feel at Ease, Mr. Ling

I gobble up this show. It's not great, but it does enough interesting things to make me keep going. The couple actually communicates. It has the jealous scheming brother, who though scheming also seems to actually care about his brother. He's jealous and wants to win but not necessarily by any means. WE have the scheming girl who thinks he should choose her just because she has known him forever and claimed him long go in her mind, but he calmly counters everyone of her schemes, and though she makes our heroine jealous, the scenarios she sets up only make our main couple communicate more. I love watching shows where the couple fight things together and grow closer because of it. I also like that her best friend gets to move on from her crush on her brother because that was not a couple that would have worked on any level. I know we are far from over, and noble idiocy will most likely rear it's head, but they are building the couple's relationship so well that I'm not worried at all.


Love Kome no Okite: Kojirase Joshi to Toshishita Dansi/Romantic Comedy's Rules

I am completely caught up with this show, and I'm happy where it stopped because I'm pretty sure that we are at the spot where the angst comes in. Ruri finally has to address her real feelings when she thinks that Ryo's crush has turned up. Her breaking off of the deal causes him to really confess. Whew. About time! These two are good for each other and independently of each other, which I love. We are introduced to Ryo's brother who seems a decent sort when thanking Ruri for saving him, but turns into this passive aggressive manipulative person around Ryo. I don't get it. He has all the power and the money and even Ryo's former fiancé AND Ryo has walked away from it all. Why does he want him back into the fold? I wonder if secretly he has always been jealous that Ryo has had NO expectations and is successful living his life on his own terms. He needs a girlfriend who is established like Ruri to get through this. I hope she stays solid because it looks as though the brother is going to try to get to Ryo.