Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #359

Anne: Is it already another week? Where did all the time go? The only thing I seem to remember this week is going to Walgreens at least 3 times. Why so many trips? Because I always end up forgetting to buy the one thing that I was going to buy. Anyway, my life is pretty boring really, work and home, nothing too exciting. So let's not bored everyone with mundane things, let's get on with the discussions for this week. I do have to apologize as I actually do not have too much to post this week. I will focus mainly on one drama that has turned out to be super super addicting. 

Interesting...but I just don't have the time

Ideal City. I saw this pop up on iQiyi this past week. The pre-veiws were all very interesting. It's looks like a great story of a determined woman and her career journey breaking through the good-ole-boys network. And it has Mark Chao. But it's slated at 40 episodes, and it seems quite emotionally engaging (as in I will have to devote emotional energy into this). This is just not my type of drama to spend what little time I have to pursue. Let me know if anyone has tried it and your recommendation. 

My Queen

I truly do not even remember why I started this. The story line is fairly common and not all that unique. Jiang XiaoMeng is bemoaning her lack of a love life, when her TV tells her that she has been chosen to be a beta tester for a new VR game. (First of all...if I saw this come through my TV, I would have probably sprinted out the room and out of my house. I would NOT be even in the vicinity
 to hear what it had to say. I'm sorry but I have watched too many horror movies that all starts out this way, and ends with the person watching TV missing a vital body part.)

And of course our heroine, intrigued by the idea of playing a game where your goal is to find your true love (I used to think that these were all made up by the dramas...but nope, I realized that this is an actual game genre...who knew??) doesn't hesitate before agreeing to participate. She finds herself as a Princess (MengMeng, the 9th Princess to be exact) who is forever escaping the palace because she wants to be free and go on adventurers. On her very first day, she runs into someone who looks exactly like her most hated boss, and she obviously develops an immediate dislike to this "character", Murong Chen (5th Prince of a different country).

Of course, this being a game where she is supposed to find a boyfriend, she is ALL very excited when the System presents her with these four the very next morning.

Unfortunately for her, these are all her unmarried older brothers who were just messing with her because none of them could believe that she has anemia and doesn't recognize them. Her task of looking for true love seems to be heading in the right direction when her Queen elder sister decides to let her join the "husband" selection along with her older sister (4th Princess). They live in a Kingdom run by women, so very Tiger and Rose-ish. 

The husband selection: 1st test is beauty. And our ML on the left (Murong Chen, her nemesis) wins.

2nd test is intelligence. To solve the puzzle box by "opening" it. The "winner" is Song Che (the General), the MengMeng's childhood friend/sweetheart, who wins by "opening" the puzzle box with his sword...

3rd test is talent: And this was judged by their painting skills. In order NOT to win, Murong Chen trips another contestant and blocks the spilled ink with his "completed" portrait. Where upon, our very innocent Song Che thinks that he has this in the bag. He was SO happy, and didn't understand why no one else could see the greatness of his work of art.

The 4th test is courage/bravery: And it's to rescue either 9th or 4th princess in the forest. While the other contestants were completely serious. Murong Chen acted out his role as the clueless and slightly directionless Prince, meeny-miny-moed before heading out.

And a good thing too... because one of the other contestants was about to take him out of the competition.

As our 5th Prince explains, he can't win, but he has to lose with style. Of course, he proceeds to win, but not by choice, and is then engaged to the 9th princess...to both their displeasure. Whereupon both decides to figure out how to get the OTEHR one to cancel the engagement. Because, you know, it's just uncouth to be the one to do such a deed.

One of the best things about this show is Song Che, or rather Hu Wei, the actor who plays Song Che. I don't know if he just naturally has a talent for overexpression, but he does it very well. The confusion on his face when he rushes back to the starting point, thinking that MengMeng (9th princess) was rescued and then hearing everyone telling him that she isn't there. 

Despite being slightly on the literal side, MengMeng still holds high hopes for this childhood sweetheart, because he is very devoted, obviously in love with her, and kind of cute and very manly, being a great fighter and all. So when she ends up in his arms in the classic one arm sweep rescue...

she expects the next scene to unfold as such...

but instead...

he flicks a fly off her forehead.

Undeterred, she gives it another try, seeking him out one cold night as he was finishing his rounds as the palace guard. 

It's quite cold...hint, hint...

And she's all giddy when he takes off his outer coat...

folds it up and placed it beside his sword...

takes her for a jog because she'll be warmer if she exercises.
The best are his facial expressions. They are very puppy like every time he sees MengMeng.

And is ready to commit murder whenever he thinks the 5th Prince is trying to get "fresh" with MengMeng.

The disguises are funny and silly...

Even the ones that aren't meant to be funny

I'll give everyone ONE guess as to who this is.

And I don't really know why this scene makes me laugh out loud. I can't explain it except that I find his over exaggerated and very fake aggrievance after being "compromised" by MengMeng hilarious! 

Unforgettable Love

After reading Trot's previous posts on this drama, I started watching since it's finished airing. I just have one little comment... are these girls alcoholics? They always have an astonishing number of beer bottles on their table.

Happy week everyone! Let's see what surprises the Universe will bring us in the next few days!