Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #364

Anne: Another week goes by and I think I need more sleep. And good gracious how many dramas aired last week? I didn't even have time to take a peek at most of them. I haven't watched the rest of Forever and Ever so we will leave these two love birds for discussion next week.

The Founder of Diabolism -- Final Season

If anyone has been watching the anime The Founder of Diabolism...it illustrated one of the MOST highly anticipated scene, the slightly funny, oddly romantic, and earth shattering moment when Wang Ji bounded Wei Wu Xian's hands with his hand band and proceeded to show him off to the youngsters. 

As most of you know...the ONLY person who didn't understand the meaning of this was the one being bound. Even the kids knew what was going on. Lan SiZhui wisely blocked the truth from spilling out...with that famous piece of chick leg.

The other interesting thing is that Wei Wu Xian did realize what the head band really meant. I never liked how they did this in the drama because that was done out of necessity to protect Wei Wu Xian from the "protective" spell in the cave. Here, and in the book, Wang Ji did it with the intention of declaring to the world that Wei Wu Xian was "his person". Yes, Wang Ji was drunk out of his mind, but this man is so repressed it's amazing he came as far as he did. 

Good and Evil

The fourth story is probably as close to BL as we are going to get for the rest of the year.  It was between Si Tong and his master Wu Yin. It the very familiar setup of the disciple falling in love with their master. Remember that unnatural fixation of the Scorpion King for his adopted father? It is almost the exact same thing here. The reason why I say that this relationship is much more along the CP line is because the female demon who tried to "make a move" on Wu Yin told Si Tong during their show down said something along the lines of "Don't think that I don't know how you see your master?!" The shock and shame of his inner most secret seen through by a woman who roofied his master to take "advantage" of him caused the boy to go a little bit bonkers. And he threw her off the ledge. Well...the boy then went evil, but then came back around when his master decided to die with him (no need for the details). 

Look how happy the boy is. Wishing them a next life where they can be together.

And as for our ML, well...he had a flower sprout on top of his head. Remember those old wives's tales about eating seeds? In Chinese fantasy, it really is a possibility.

I still haven't finished this yet. I'm only two episodes away. Pretty much all secrets are revealed. Chun Yao knows and "remembers" Han Sheng. Si Mao, after being rejected a million times...maybe he finally got the hint?

Your Sensibility My Destiny

I was intrigued by the synopsis. A female thief (Lin Chi) who accidently enters Mo Qing Chen's carriage (because she thought it was her master coming with the get-away vehicle after her breaking out of prison). Mo Qing Chen is a prince born without the sense of smell, touch, or taste. Upon his birth, the royal fortune teller told the emperor to kill this "bad luck" son. He didn't and the boy grew into a man alone and protected. But when Lin Chi enters his carriage, they accidently had skin-to-skin contact, and all of a sudden he can smell her hair. Not wanting to let this girl get away from him, he proceeds to kidnap her and bring her back to his house.

I'm only on episode 2 and it's quite funny. Think about what crazy thoughts you will have if some rich guy kidnaps you and constantly touches you and hold your hand. And when you take a hostage in order to force your way out of the strange house and your hostage shows you how to properly point the weapon to her neck... you know you are slightly out of your league. 

At one point, the Prince decided that he really would like to know what all the fuss is about being warm and comfy underneath a quilt. So he decides to sleep with Lin Chi, holding her hand.

I can seen hijinks galore in the future with lots and lots of skin contact!

Squid Game (Netflix)

This was what occupied my most of my week. Squid Game, a short Korean drama (meaning that there are only 9 episodes) about a bunch of people on financial ruin being selected to plays a series of games and whoever finishes gets a bunch of money (I think it's ~38 million US). It is quite depressing and ingenious at the same time. The ML is a man with a gambling problem, a child custody issue, a loan shark target, and who also steals from his own mother. The anti-hero is the man who went to the best school, had a great career, whose mom bragged about how successful her son was, and who also embezzled from his own bank and now has a warrant out for his arrest. And the only person who really enjoyed the game was player 001. 

Of course there is a bunch of rich men who bet on the outcome and the Front Man is connected to the cop who managed to sneak into the island where this was all taking place. I have to say that one of the biggest flaw is how much plot armor the cop had that he lasted so long running around everyone. I guess the masks helped. 

What are they going to do with season 2? So many open questions!! How did the Front Man get his job? Wasn't he a player? What happened to the cop? Who has taken over? And who is the scout, and how did he get HIS job?

I did watch Ferryman but ran out of time to put it in this week's post. Have a great week everyone!