Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #366

Anne: Happy Tuesday Everyone! And is it sad that I'm looking forward to the weekend already? Those are the only two days when I can feel relaxed, even if I have deadlines. They just seem so far away...for the whole 48 hours. My life has been pretty boring, although I really wish that I can take a vacation. Do you think my people will hate me if I just dump all the work and left them for a week? Not only am I behind on everything, but I still have work that I need to do for a meeting with the Global Director tomorrow where I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting a lecture. (I erased everything I just wrote after this since I did tell people I work with about the blog...). 

But back to our discussion on dramas, or in the case of this week... the discussion of the 1 drama that I finished with some FF, that most people finished over a week ago. I do promise that I will make a more interesting posts when there are more interesting dramas. BTW, I'm waiting for History 5(?), even though I'm less than thrilled about the setup. If anyone has any recommendations please put it in the comments. I'm sure other readers would like to know about the new dramas that may be interesting that I just haven't gotten around to watching yet.

Oath of Love

Don't get excited, it hasn't aired yet... a whole month passed the original release date. I just wanted to rant a little bit about this. Yes, we are all familiar with dramas being pulled before their release. I mean, who can forget Novoland Eagle Flag? Or Addicted, that was even worse than not airing at all. We all know the episodes are there in storage, but NO ONE can get them out! Anyway, back to Oath of Love... was this really held back because some odd naked torso scene? In order to get me through this insanity, I just chant... "it'll all blow over". 

Forever and Ever

The show was very very very slow as was pointed out last week. I guess it was nice to watch all the detailed interactions as their relationship grow, for those with time. I did come to realize that this modern version really did pick right up from where their last life left off. The previous life was the courtship, and the modern life was the marriage. His modern family was insane. Am I the only one who didn't quite get the motivation of Zhou Wen Chuan? Yes, I understand about his bad business decisions and losing the control of the family assets just when he thought he had them. Why didn't he just kill his older brother instead of doing all of THAT? Did I miss some inheritance rule? Would it have gone to his second uncle then because of the surname? Poor Mei Xing... my question for him was did he realized that he missed out on someone he could love, or did he realize that he could have given Wen Xing a happier life if he just accepted her love? 

And in the end, Zhou Sheng Chen did the exact same thing he did in his last life, give up his rightful place as head of the house (or head of the empire) to a nephew he found with a worthy character. In both lives, he never wanted to control or own anything. But he was never-the-less put into the position where he could, even though he did all he could to avoid it, by being a general in the previous one and as a scientist in the modern one. Both lives, he spent as far away from the central home as possible. And in both stories, he was "trapped" during a party (wasn't it also a birthday celebration in the ancient life also?). The only reason his younger brother didn't succeed was because he was all alone. Of course, he also didn't expect Shy Yi to body tackle him off the second floor. 

All in all, a fairly okay story that could have gone a bit faster. The ancient story was a LOT more exciting. 

And one last thing... and this is really stupid, but every time time she says that she can't sleep without holding him, I get itchy. 

How does anyone sleep SO CLOSE to another person!?

My arm gets numb when I do that for 30 seconds, not to mention ALL night! I HATE having people close to me when I sleep. I wrap myself up like a burrito under the quilt. I don't even like to sleep face to face with someone. Feeling them breathing on me irritates the heck of out me! These scenes baffle me more than how well the room is lit when they are supposed to be asleep.

All right... that's all I have this week. Hope no one is working as hard as I am and can relax and enjoy the week as it flies or crawls by. Maybe we will all be surprised by something unexpected this week.