Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #368

Anne: So this week, the 5 year old told me "I'm want a wife who says poopie." And I just looked at him and thought, Odd that a 5 year old boy is talking about marriage/wife. And the very next thought I had was, Smart boy, you should always marry someone who has the same sense of humor. 

To continue my weekly streak of only discussing one show a week, I wanted to start this week with a show that was talked about a few weeks ago, Rainless Love in a Godless Land

The first thing I want to say is the title, which again is an interesting interpretation of the actual title, which is There is No Rain in a Godless Land. I do agree that Rainless Love sounds more poetic. I only watched the first few minutes due to my time constraints, and it starts with the plot that all the the "gods", which is a certain type of people, will leave earth before the last rain falls. However, some have developed human connections and want to take their "family", which is not allowed. The filming looks great. Hopefully, a reader will discuss the drama in the comments.

The King's Affection

I started this because I was waiting for new episodes of Danger Zone, which I probably will not start up again until nearly all the episodes for the second half have aired. There will be too many cliff hangers for my impatient mind to take.

The story starts with this weird thing about the forbidding having twins. I'm not sure why, but since this was fraternal boy/girl twin, I guess it was a sexist/male superiority reasoning. To save her daughter, the Queen "fakes" the baby's death and smuggles her out, and the guard left her in a temple. She was named Yeon Seon, and when she got older, she was sent into the palace to become a maid. It is here that Lee Hwi, the young prince meets her and uses the fact that they looked exactly alike (which I also don't get, but it's cute so let's go with it) that he uses her to "hide" the fact that he was sneaking out of the palace to visit his tutor, who was under house arrest. In the meantime, Yeon Seon, as a maid, meets a charming boy named Ji Woon, who was a bit of a dork.

However, the news of the "return" of the twin sister couldn't be hidden for long and the Queen's father, who originally wanted the baby girl dead when she was born, sent his henchman to kill the maid. The irony of course was that the maid was Lee Hwi, who snuck out because he received news that his tutor was going to be executed. The guard that smuggled out the baby realized the mistake but was no match in martial arts to the grandfather's henchman and the "maid" was killed. The Queen, when she realized what happened, convinced the daughter to pretend to be her brother. And as another punch to the gut, Yeon Seon found out that the father of the boy she liked killed her best friend. Yep, take that as a complicated issue, the loving father of Ji Woon killed two children, one in front of his own son.

What is great about this drama so far is that Yeon Seon plays a fairly believable man. Her actions and body motions are in character. And she survived because she is capable of doing everything that they expect her brother to do. She looked really cool on the hunt.

Here's an interesting thing that I don't understand, everyone had long hair at the time. The men just had their hair put up. So why would a man think that she looked "more like" a woman when her hair is down? Which was happened when her "uncle" in order to get revenge on her for taking his prize deer, shot at her, causing her hair to become unbound. (I mean they make fun of her already for being too feminine looking for a man...so I don't get it.) During the event, she felt her wrap around her chest loosen and she went to find some place to "fix" it.

I guess the "fog" was supposed to act as some sort of cover...but it is still out in the open. (I do like this entire shot. Very pretty.) And of course, someone is peeking from behind a tree.

At only two episodes a week... I might have to entertain myself with something else while I wait. But so far, this is looking very promising. And the leads are both so good looking!

That's it for this week. Hope everyone has a great week drama watching.