Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #369

Anne: The week passed by like any other, and the pace of my life just zipped on by. I did spent the entire Sunday seeing my cousins whom I have not seen in years, so that was very enjoyable. And the five year old got a Christmas present from two years ago, still in its wrapper. The decision on which costume for Halloween he should wear will depend on which one isn't too hot and which one he can remove enough to use the restroom at school. I will probably need to send him to school with some shorts he can change into. This is Texas after all. Maybe the cold front will come early this week.

I am still on my weekly streak of only watching a very limited number of shows. I managed TWO this week! Both with very slow airing schedules, which is probably why I was able to watch both of them.

The King's Affection

First thing I want to say... again... gosh this is one very very very pretty cast! Even her royal cousin (in the upper right) grew up to be quite the looker. And in episode 4 we are introduced to the "bodyguard" (lower left), what in the world!? I'm not crazy right? These are just very pretty people, men and women.

In episode 3, our ML, Ji Woon, gets pushed off the cliff by our FL as she's fleeing her guards and the court since she's completely de-dressed. You would think that the ML, after nearly drowning when he was younger would have at least learned how to swim as part of his "education". But nope. He nearly drowns again, and our FL saves him once more. Of course, Ji Woon thinks the mysterious woman probably drowned when he woke up alone. 

At the hunt, we now know that there is another assassin after her. And it is very likely the Queen, in the old tale of killing off the royal heir to put your own son in line for the throne type of thing.

And Hyun, her royal cousin who treats the Crown Prince quite "nicely". There is no way he doesn't know about her secret right? His interactions with her is odd for a cousin, not to mention a male cousin. Or have I just been watching too many BL dramas and everything is giving me hints of it? But then in episode 5, we find out about the TRUTH! He accidently discovered that she was a girl when they were kids.

There isn't anything truly different or unique about the plot or the characters, not yet anyway. But why do I get the feeling that I want to bite my lower lip every time Ji Woon and Yeon Seon are on screen!? I'm falling for every silly scene. The girl inside my head squeals just a little when the cute men appear. So far, everything works. The chemistry between the characters all work, and the minutes go by so quickly I never even realize the episode is over and nearly an hour has passed. It's one of those dramas where we are familiar with everything that is happening, but I still love every minute of it.

The "hat box" was too funny! 

Oh oh... Ji Woon is starting to have hallucinations about the crown prince. And with Ji Woon and Hyun being such good friends, I foreseeing a certain conflict coming up in the future. I'm such a sucker for this show!

Danger Zone

And on the completely other end of the spectrum...we have the crime drama that actually is not quite as bloody and morbid as the first 12 episodes. After getting exonerated by the witness, Liang Yan Dong is finally a free man. And as he was heading back to prison from court, the prison bus gets T-boned by an industrial truck. Everyone else but Yan Dong and the guard who bet on him is burned alive inside the flipped over bus as it exploded. In the middle of tracking down the person who tried to kill the lawyer, Ren Fei runs into their newest section leader, Yang Yu Lu. 

We finally understand the connection between Yan Dong and Ren Fei. Yes, the older man was the one that "protected" the young Ren Fei during the Christmas massacre, but now we find out that Yan Dong also lost his fiancée the same night. It was his disagreement with the police commission who "caught" the mass murderer that caused his resignation from the police force. 

We also know the man (above) behind all of this is running some sort of organ trafficking business out of the hospital that he controls. Ren Fei and his team finally catches the Watchman (sort of by luck), the serial killer whose victim was used to frame Liang Yan Dong in the first part of the series. 

The "crazy boy" is of course the old man's son. But what really threw me for a loop was that so far, it was explained as an adopted son. The serial killer was the son of the original owner of the hospital, and when his parents died, the old man adopted the young boy. His adopted father knew the boy had issues, when the boy killed his adopted mother when he was probably a pre-teen. When he was "cornered", the crazy boy throws himself off the roof...and why we ask? It is most likely due to a series of trigger words from the new section leader, Yang Yu Lu.

Is she the mole placed into this police precinct to keep an eye on the investigators? There are definitely suggestions that says yes, but then there are some suggestions that point to her trying to protect Ren Fei and the reporter, Ji Si Qi. 

Despite throwing himself off the roof, the crazy boy didn't die. And when your dad is a powerful rich man with a lot of connections (and his own organ transplant network), you can pretty much get everything you broke/damaged replaced with brand new organs that just miraculously appear. What I really don't understand is why the old man is so intent on keeping the crazy boy alive, no matter what. Is the control of all that money/business dependent on him being the crazy boy's guardian? It's the only thing I can think of, unless the truth really is that the crazy boy is his biological son. I'm only on episode 18, so who knows what new secrets will be revealed for the last 6 episodes.

But oh oh... Ji Si Qi has now been kidnapped by the old man. Let's see if they erase her video evidence of seeing the bodies of the migrant workers whom they were killing to the harvest organs. 

That's the end for this week. Hope everyone enjoys their Halloween weekend. And maybe I'll post a picture next week of the costume I decide to wear. Unless I pass out from the corset...