Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #370

Anne: Well... you would think that at my age, I would know my alcohol limit. However, under the glittering lights of an 80s disco ball with lasers streaming across the dance floor, those thoughts go right out the window. And I pay for it dearly the next day. On actual Halloween night, the five-year old reluctantly put on his Pacman head gear that his dad made out of cardboard and papier-mâché and went trick-or-treating down two blocks. Where upon he has enough candy to last an entire year, until next year's Halloween. I've also successfully held a virtual team building activity at work, where a bunch of PhDs, MSs, and BSs, made fake sushi out of candy. It was a good week peppered with interesting fun events in between very long hours at work and stressful debates.

Since the two current dramas that I'm watching only has 2 episodes a week, I've skipped this week so I can bank some episodes to binge through next week. What I ended up watching this week is something that a lot of readers on this blog has already watched, Qing Luo

And yes I admit, the little boy is a main reason for the charm and comedy of the drama. It is certainly not serious and definitely not at all accurate or rationale. But who really cares?! I remembered when everyone was going all googoo-eyed at the ML, and I keep see the drama stills and I didn't get it. Sure, the man is good looking, but I didn't think he possessed a face that can cause my knees to wobble with a wink. But oh, was I wrong...

I finally got it, after watching this man in action. The best part of this drama I have to say is probably the hair flip, when he lost his memory and reverted back to his younger persona and thought he was the playboy, Ye Pianzhou. I can't believe he worked that little dangling hair bang of his like it was a sword that he uses to make important speeches. And he's just so serious when she couldn't help but think that this was the most ridiculous, cutest thing that he has ever done.


Even his OCD issues were cute. And I loved how Qing Luo purposely knocked over every single one of his flower pots, except for one, just to get revenge. 

I still haven't finished yet, only on episode 17. But I can't wait to see how much more narcissistic he can get. The entire sequence when his younger brother explained how the ML spent an entire afternoon looking at himself in the mirror. The comments on his younger brother's drawing skills how human talent is inadequate to capture the perfection of his beauty. I loved it!

And what is with the synopsis of this drama in Viki? It literally has nothing to do with the story. The only things that are true are the character names and her trying to find her son's father. 

Bite Me

On a different note, has anyone watched this yet? I was going through my Viki watchlist and saw this checked. 

I started the first episode and it's pretty ok. Kind of light and cute. The food cooking scenes do make me hungry though. It is a dangerous thing, a show that makes me want to eat.

Out of the Dream

This is an odd thing that happened this week. IQiyi dropped all the episodes of Out of the Dream. I watched the first episode, and it was okay. It's an interesting start of a drama. I wonder if anyone has watched this? 

All right everyone, this is all for this week. Hope everyone has a great start of November! Maybe we will see some cooler weather in Texas?