Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #378

Anne: This week's discussion will be extremely short. I have a work emergency to tend to, in the form of fixing a data analysis. But I don't want to leave everyone hanging, and hope that someone has found something interesting to watch last week that they can share with the group.

I think we all know what I will be talking about this week. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, the name confounds me. I don't even know what "Eclipse" is supposed to mean. 

First, it is a very classic Novoland story, full of clans and empires with a touch of the "other". In this case, the "other" is the existence of mermaids and the pearls that are made from their tears. I have no idea why they are so valued, and after the first scene with the mermaid, this topic doesn't come back up again (at least by episode 7). The Tear Pearls are one of the many many reasons that our FL, Hai Shi, wants to kill the emperor. However, due to something (we don't know what yet), every wound the emperor suffers is experienced and transferred to her master, the ML, Jian Ming. 

The emperor is an A-hole of epic proportions, partly due to the fact that the love of his life, his empress, died. He's in a self destructive mode and really could careless about running his own country. Part of him really wish that Hai Shi will kill him. And to this he tells her, "You have to kill your master first." Which is very true, but Hai Shi only heard that her master is loyal to the crown and will protect the emperor at all costs. 

Second, everything is frame quite artistically. Even I, who almost always never pay attention to details, thought this was quite aesthetically pleasing.

Doesn't this look like one of those miniature rock gardens that people had on their desk to rake sand as a calming method? You can even see the "rake" lines. There are some very good camera framing work. 

I foresee some FF going forward...

Well...that's it for this week. I'm going back to data analysis and trying to get some sleep before tomorrow morning.