Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #380

Anne: Hope everyone in the US had a good Thanksgiving break. I slept, not as much as I would like. I watched a bunch of shows, again not as much as I would like. This week's post will be a little different. The reason is due to random YouTube videos that popped up on my feed. I started watching one BL comic that led me down a road where now I've subscribed to a bunch of random sites. While I was immersed in the BL fantasy world, two very interesting trailers popped up. And since we are all, or most of us, are waiting eagerly for Luoyang to air on Wednesday, I wanted to devote this post to two other future dramas that caught my eye. 

Till the End of the Moon

Well...if I can't get Immortality, at least I have THIS to look forward to. Luo YunXi is taking a slightly different character, the Devil Lord. The story starts in a world where the Evil sect is in charge and all the righteous and immortal/celestial sects are in hiding and/or hunted. No one knew anything about the Devil Lord except his name.

Bai Lu plays the daughter of a immortal sect with the power to send her back 500 years into the past to kill the Devil Lord before he achieved his power. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the body of the pampered and favored 3rd daughter of a general who, turns out, to be married to a unfavored prince, Tantai Jin, who turns out to the be future Devil Lord. 

Of course, being me, when I read that this was based on a book I immediately looked for it. And proceeded to speed read through the thing during my break. It is quite an interesting story line. And I can't WAIT to see how Luo YunXi will play this character. In the novel, he was born cutting out of his mother's womb when she died in childbirth (and yes, you've read that correctly, the "baby" came out of his mother by himself). And thus, he was thrown into the cold palace and left to die. He was saved by his mother's maid, and proceeded to live through a very horrible childhood. But he was born with the  natural ability to summon the devil's power and was also born without any emotions. This combination combined with being abused, put him on the path that he eventually took. 

The 3rd daughter of the general was a spoiled brat who hated her husband because she was in loved with the 2nd prince, whom married her older sister. Before Bai Lu's character transmigrated into her body, this girl was the epitome of the evil female character in every drama we've seen. And she and her family treated her husband lower than a servant. And how did he end up being married to her? Well... you know that stupid move that every obsessed woman tries? The drugging of their heart's desire? Needless to say, she missed her target. 

It wasn't until later that we realized that the unfavored prince put himself into the position as a way to get out of the palace. His plan was to take back the throne from his uncle on his mother's side, and wage war on the royal family that abused him his entire life. Because he was born without the ability to feel any emotion, it meant that he felt no pity, no desire, no love. Of course with the exception of Bai Lu's character. However, he only realized that after she "taught" him a lesson that he will never forget. 

In the book, Bai Lu's character had a lot of movements through time, and Luo YunXi's character can recognize her every single time. I don't know how they will get this on film, but it will be interesting to see how they tell the story. SO EXCITED!

Immortal Samsara

I screamed a LOT inside my head when I saw this pairing! Everyone who saw this basically said the exact same thing... It's like a combination of Ashes of Love and Love and Redemption. The color palate, even the title Chinese characters all have the exact same stroke work. The plot itself is very typical, the FL is a demon who fell in love with the celestial lord. There will be a love trial and a mortal realm cycle. And again our FL will kill the ML at some point. And our ML will have a lot of suffering. Cheng Yi is just so good at being tortured. But I'm a sucker for this type of genre so of course I'm fan-girling like crazy.

This story is again also based on a book. I have also found it, but I haven't had time to read it yet. So except for the trailers and the synopsis, I have no idea what the story is really about. At least the novel isn't long. 

Heart of Jade/Heart of Loyalty 

This just popped up on Viki (or YouKu, depending on how you want to view this). And the only reason I started this mostly had to do with the fact that it has to do with solving cases. And because the ML seems so familiar...and after looking him up, I realized that I first saw him in Meteor Garden, the newest one that was on Netflix. I don't expect too much case solving, but it looks pretty okay. If someone has started this, let me know if you think the costume designer forgot that this was a period Chinese drama and not a Korean one.

But I do like the way the black/white photo looks.

A Camellia Romance

And for those who like quirky and completely non-sensical, this is quite cute. A girl who is trying to get out of her house, and a man who is trying to skirt around his mom's matrimonial plans. I'm only on episode 3, so it could get worse.

And that's all for this week. I've been spending the majority of the time watching Thousand Autumns, the anime. Good gracious, I need to read the book. Did Yan Wu Shi really dressed like that in the book, with his chest half exposed?! Hm...wonder if they will ever do a live action version of this? I mean after this whole censor thing blows over.