Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #382

Anne: Where did this week's time disappeared to? I spent the week trying to figure out who I can visit so my son can stay at a hotel, specifically Home 2. I nixed his original idea. I am not spending money to go to stay at Home 2 in the same city where we have Home 1. I should record his speeches when he gets into the room and see if I can sell it to Hilton as a commercial.

Otherwise, I have done little but work this week. I did managed to at least finish one drama and started a couple of interesting stories that I will just introduce here. As for Luoyang, I haven't gone any further since last week. As for the The King's Affection, it will end this week, and I'm saving the episodes to do a final review at the end next week. 

Detective Koo

I've finished the series this week, and thank goodness all the bad guys ended where they should. Despite the masterful plan, there were quite a few holes that kind of just got plugged up with a word or two. Seriously, how in the world did they get to the gun to put in blanks? If they were able to do that, why didn't they also take care of the bombs that K planted? And our Detective Koo has a pretty bright halo above her head (not to mention her nemesis also), both of them should have died multiple times with the situations that they managed to survive through. 

What was the only lasting impression that I was left with after the drama? That the best looking characters are all psychopaths. 

The serial killer with an actual urge to kill people is a pretty little girl who is very childish and silly. Again, as I said before, if she wasn't a psychopath, her independent nature would actually be considered a positive.

And the little rich boy with the innocent face is a boy who caused a man to drown and just shrugged his shoulders. A boy whose own mother made him get a vasotomy, a procedure that he himself reversed. That led to him being blackmailed by a pimp of the prostitute whom he got pregnant. 

Even our Santa, even though he is trying to redeemed himself...indirectly led to the death of Detective Koo's husband, when he didn't speak up when there were rumors about the school girl and the husband.

Although the plot was loose and leaves me with lots and lots of question, I do like the characters of the core group. And I will still watch season 2, whenever or if ever, it is aired.

My Heart

Another off the wall drama staring a favorite actor of mine, ever since I saw him in Oh My Emperor. I think he found his niche when he started in The Wolf Princess. I LOVED his portrayal of being a lighted hearted carefree rascal who was really a true hero. And in this newest drama, he pretty much revised a similar character. 

The story is mostly a fantasy, with magical powers but no immortality or cultivation plot lines. In this world, there is a land what is full of spiritual energy, where everyone born there has spiritual powers. They are neighbors with another land that is devoid of such spiritual energy and no one there has any powers, and any of the people with spiritual powers will lose it when they go to this spiritual devoid land. Lu Qing Qing, the FL, was born with no spiritual powers in the land where everyone has powers. So she spent her entire life locked up by her dad, not allowed to go out, for her "safety". 

The ML is Nangong Yi Xin, the elder brother of the current young emperor, Nangong Ming Yang. Yi Xin has spent most of his life in the Devoid land and lived a life of just not doing a whole damn lot. Lu Qing Qing's dad is in collusion with the Empress to secure Ming Yang's throne and prevent Yi Xin from taking over, despite the fact that so far he never displayed any desire for the throne, and truly cares for and protects his younger brother.

Lu Qing Qing suddenly gets spiritual power...and she realized that it only happens when she's around Yi Xin. I don't think she has quite figured it out (by episode 6) that when they touch, she is physically absorbing his spiritual energy from him. And he is the only one that this has ever happened with...of course. The early episodes are a series of funny and obviously mistaken motivation from both sides. Qing Qing thinking that she has to "bite" him to get the power. And him thinking that she's in love with him.

Qing Qing has an elder sister, Lun Xi.

And I'll give everyone ONE guess to tell me the role she plays. I swear this actress is being type casted.
This elder sister is in love with Ming Yang, and whom Qing Qing could care less about. However, we cannot waste this setup with the brothers fighting over a woman, it is just too delicious to ignore. So, poor Lun Xi, who was chosen to be married to Ming Yang, was in the end, not chosen by Ming Yang himself. And this, partly, Yi Xin has no one to blame but himself. He was one of the judges for the selection, and he gave Qing Qing high enough points to put her in the top 3. I doubt he ever thought that his brother would choose her in the end.

The over arching plot is the Sprit Stone Saint, whom everyone is trying to find. She escaped to the Devoid land years ago and no one has any sign of her since. But upon Qing Qing's powers "awakening", the signs of her return manifested. 

I love everything about this drama. It is cute, funny, with just enough twist on a very old story line to be interesting. But really, I just love Yi Xin's character, the bad boy without any of the really bad characteristics. 

I Am the Years and You are the Stars

This is the newest one that I just happened to take a look at today. The title and the synopsis made little sense. Jiang Bai Ju is an immortal who is served for generations by the Liu family, whose current generation, Liu Chao (one of the two boys on the right and his cousin?) is now in charge of this Young Master. Bai Ju is immortal not because of any eastern folk lore, but he has some sort of mutation that can make him "transform" (think werewolf like without the actual wolfie parts). He is looking for a way to "cure" his immortality. It's not like he can't die. He can. He just pops right back up to life after some time. However, in order to knock him back into his sane human mind, you have to stab him in the heart with what looked like a pair of silver scissors. 

The FL is Jin Xiao Yu, who is a mortician with only one year left to live. And in her last year, she is trying to save enough money for her Master (who saved her from her dead mother's womb and raised her as his own daughter) to repay him. 

This entire plot sounded wacky. (BTW, the ML is the elder Lan brother in the Untamed and apparently the detective in Dr. Qin: The Survivor). I only watched one episode, and I already like the humor.

When your master asks who stabbed him, make sure you don't implicate yourself.

And we can see Lui Chao being the silly one, when his reply to Bai Ju telling them NOT to kill the woman who saw him "come back to life" is "OMG, am I witnessing the fabled love-at-first-sight?" 
And the reason why the young Master wants to leave the girl alive? Because when she touched him while he was all wolfied-out, he reverted back to his human self. 

I will definitely take a look at a few more of these.

Before we go, I do want to bring up one other topic that I've been seeing popping up...Who would have thought that someone with enough clout is coming to defend Zhang Zhe Han? Doesn't this entire thing seem like a fictional drama coming to life!? What in the world are we going to find out next, that this all started because some stalker girl wanted him to marry her and asked her daddy to destroy him?! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯