Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #386

Anne:  Well...I spent last week quarantined inside the tiny little house with a 43 year old and a 5 year old. I am SO glad that I got a Nintendo Switch for the boys. With the exception of some background arguing about someone stealing someone else's gold and diamonds from their "base", most of my meetings went by without too many issues. I was the only one that tested positive, even though the three of us are literally within <1 foot of one another since New Year (and no one had any symptoms except me). I thought I had a sinus infection at first, which is fairly common for me throughout the year. But my work has mandated weekly onsite testing, and that's how I found out I was positive. Then a couple of days after that, I lost my taste and smell...it was so odd since I only noticed when I was eating lunch one day. It wasn't a completely lost, exactly. The best way to describe this is when I brush with minty toothpaste, I can feel the "coolness" of the mint, but I could not taste or smell the the toothpaste. It only lasted a few days...and you know how I realized that I can smell again? The smell of the trash in the kitchen started bothering me. You have no idea how nice it was for a few days when I could not smell those certain scents that usually drive me gaga. Of course, I also couldn't taste flavor, so that was a big downside. The entire family is fully vaccinated, including the 5 year old. Everyone is back to school and work tomorrow. And I will finally have a little bit of peace and quiet during the day ๐Ÿ˜„

All righty then, enough about my last week in quarantine. Without being able to go out and eat on the weekend, I did managed to catch up on some shows.


Yes, I finally finished it, with some liberal use of the FF button. I liked Imperial Coroner better. I'm not sure what is exactly rubbing me the wrong way. But I'm still amazed that these 3, with some very obvious lack in judgement, managed to figured out the entire scheme of the Lord Phoenix. I don't think he hid it very well...I mean, from the very beginning, he was one of the few who truly had a revenge motive against the entire royal family. Shen Fei's death was bad enough, did they really needed to kill off Si Yue? And even worse, she died at some random person's hands who was trying to kill her brother!?

Seriously, why couldn't someone just knocked the stupid arrow away. There were certainly enough people with swords around there. I was just so mad! There was no reason to kill her off. Why? Because Gao Bing Zhu could never be with her since he joined the spy agency? 

And the couple that actually go together was these two idiots!?

I literally FFed over every single scene that this couple had. This might be the first CP that I had such a hard time watching on screen. And kudos to the actress if it was intentional, but that whinny voice of hers is like chewing on foil. It made my teeth hurt. 

And then we have the highly in-tuned communication between the 2 MLs. 

I have to watch this explanation 3 times, and I still don't understand how Baili Hong Yi read so much "clues" into their conversation. I mean we are talking about a man who took like 30 episodes to understand his wife. (And did anyone figure out HOW they "removed" the bombs? Yes, I understood the undesirables were the ones who risk their lives, but HOW exactly.)

The best thing about this entire drama was that it was very pretty. Every scene is very cinematic. I just wished that plot wasn't so uneven and the characters were logical.

Bad and Crazy

Now, for a REALLY good show that is fast paced, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and extremely interesting, I would recommend everyone check out Bad and Crazy. I love this show! I love every character in this show! Granted, what Lee Hwa Ryong (the narcotics unit chief) tried to do was stupid in EVERY WAY! Why in the world would you rob the police evidence locker!? Just because the drug queen pin wanted you to?! It's not like you had to be threatened to the point of being stupid?! But it finally end the second arc of the story.

The best part about this entire show are the characters. 

The lawyer who doesn't look like he's old enough to have graduated law school. And who's mother calls him every five minutes. The conversations are hilarious! We only hear his side of it, and it's usually about him answering random questions about his every day life that his mom is calling to complain about.

And the Korean Russian mafia head who is almost always eating like massive amount of food. (I am very jealous sitting here with my ramen noodle.)

And she's freaking scary! I love it! (She killed a man with a lollipop stick in an elevator.)

And even the ad placement is a bit unusual.

When did Quizno's move into Korea? And while I have not eaten at one in a VERY long time. This is definitely not how I remembered the sandwiches. 

But the best character is the main ML, or rather, the main MLs. The other personality of Soo Yeol is really a completely separate entity. And if we keep in mind that this is literally just ONE person, it makes the following scenes just ridiculously funny with the absurdity of it all.

When you have to argue with your imaginary friend about drinking more water because you need to pee so badly.

When you have to act innocent and cut off your ex-girlfriend from talking about the last make-out session in front of a love-sick puppy, whom she cannot see, who worships the ground she walks upon. 

And then to have your other self threatening you about doing anything un-gentlemanly with his goddess. It's really another version of being jealous over your own self. A clichรฉ that always makes me giggle and sigh.

There are only 4 episodes left, and the last one veered off from the Korean Russian mafia and the drug cartel. The show took a little break to look at Soo Yeol's past and teased us with the fact that there is something that K doesn't want Soo Yeol to know. (I have a feeling I know what it is...considering the current case and the fact that it mirrors Soo Yeols' childhood.)

And that's it for this week...And the news coming out from the Zhang Zhe Han Saga...I mean, talk about conspiracy theories and some "major" force hiding in the shadows. I don't think they are doing themselves any service by making a tourism book published by the government disappear overnight. Now I really do wonder what started all of this?! It cannot just be because of companies trying to slander their competition's resources. It's just seems more personal.

Have a great week everyone!