Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #391

Anne: Happy Valentine's Day! Look at the loot that my five year old carried back from school!

He was really happy to get gifts from his friends. I spent the day sitting in front of my tiny laptop talking to people back and forth. I didn't even get to eat lunch until 2pm! But I did get my noodle soup... so a perfect day!

Most of my week was again spent doing a bunch of work and having strange welts popping up all over my skin. I think I should wash my newly bought clothes before I wear them. But I did make time to watch ONE show...

The Autumn Ballad

How good is this drama?! I didn't think it could get better, but it did! So many things happened in 6 episodes. Qiu Yan's mom died. Qui Yan accused her grandmother and father of conspiring to kill her mother (her father's main wife, not really her birth mother), and took this all the way to court. Liang Yi found the "key" to the handcuff that still remained on her wrist. But in one split second he changed his mind and decided to keep the finding of the key to himself, thereby keeping the matching handcuff that he also wore firmly on Qui Yan's wrist.

The next second, Liang Yi's enemy decided to kill his chance of aligning with the Yan family through marriage, and decided to frame Qiu Yan's father of embezzlement. The entire family is demoted to servants. While there, Qiu Yan's grandmother decided to tell her what really happened to her mother and why and how she died. Did anyone else see this coming?! And now Qiu Yan has inherited the family head position.

Grandmother might be cold and aloof, but she recognized that the only person in the family who could solve their current and future problems was this eldest daughter of her second son. Now...all Qiu Yan will need to do is dig her family out of trouble.

On the other end, Liang Yi knew exactly why the Yan family was framed. In order to get a chance to speak with Qiu Yan in the state owned brothel, he accused her of stealing the hairpin of his favorite courtesan. 

And only Qiu Yan would go all in and loudly accompany that man in performing an entire act of getting beaten. Although seriously, why no one thought with such loud screaming, that the only thing messed up was a little bit of her hair. Well...I never said that that this thing was good with details... And poor Qiu Yan, the look on his face, when that handcuff key fell out of his pocket, and he watched her happily unlocked the handcuff off her wrist. (I can only say that he's an idiot for keeping the key on him.) He lied and said that he just "found" it and was brining it to her. (This man sure knows how to lie.) 

And how much did I love it when she decided to go ahead and help out the front of house and become one of the courtesans' and her reasoning is why should she protect her virtue disregarding all else. Of course Liang Yi was definitely not going to let her entertain any other man but himself. He knew very well that the Yan family fell because someone wanted to "get" to him. And Qiu Yan's father saved him by admitting to the embezzlement charges (that he wasn't guilt of). 

Well...this is an interesting turn of events. Liang Yi's enemy actually took care of his engagement for him. 

I cannot wait for next week! 

Oh My Lord

I saw 4 minutes of this, and stopped when I saw this costume.

Is that a collar?! Why does it remain on his body when he removed his shirt?! And the plot synposis is a bit insane. The ML is a "pretend" eunuch, who is investigating a case. Hm...that's different. Not the cold case part, but the ML pretending to be an eunuch part.

Of course I'm going to continue...let's see how silly thing gets!

That's it for the week. Hope everyone have a great week. Sorry about the short post. Let me know if anyone is watching Sharp Shooter.