Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #393

Anne: My memory these days is really lacking. As I'm starting this, I swore that I had something interesting to say about what happened last week...but for the life of me, I cannot remember what in the world that was. Okay...while I'm trying to remember what my past week was all about...let's just get right into the shows. Or rather...mostly just one show...

Autumn Ballad

We are only 4 more episodes away from the ending! And how cute was it this week when Liang Yi put the "handcuff" back onto Qiu Yan's wrist and his own? For the most part, this week's episodes had a LOT of "repeat" scenes. Yes, the angst between the CP is a lot of self sacrifice and letting the other person have enough room to grow. I do like the message. Liang Yi is giving her the freedom to do what she wanted. It's a very often used "separation" sub plot in modern dramas, but it is not as often employed in historical/costume ones. I do have to say that I was very moved when Liang Yi only broke down when he went back home after seeing his "wife" off to see the world. 

And how much do I love his myriad of facial expressions? I've said this in the beginning, he has such a great complexity in his expressions in this drama that clearly relates his thoughts. Above is the face of a man who just heard that the love of his life telling him that she was prepared to kill herself if she couldn't withstand the torture. As the audience, I can feel his disbelief, fear, and anger all from this one expression.

Qiu Min...geeze whiz girl...even the "act" of helping her family was in the end about helping herself. Does anyone actually think that Qin Xuan would have even thought about marrying her, if he didn't think it was to help her older sister? Liang Yi is fairly ruthless on his part, knowing exactly how to create a situation that took Qin Xuan out as his competition, with Qin Xuan completely willing to do it. Well...this sort of didn't quite end up where Qiu Min wanted... (this girl really has a very big mouth...I get it, she still feels that life is unfair and blaming her older sister for not taking better care of her). 

Well...the plan to go off and see the world didn't last very long, because Yuan Lang found someone to help him put Liang Yi in a very sticky situation. For a second, I thought this entire thing was Liang Yi's plan to trap Yuan Lang...that lasted until Song Jin's death. So...four more episodes...

Let's leave this week's episode with this last picture.

I'm usually not that picky about nonsensical things in dramas, but this one...I don't know why it bothers me so much. Come on! Have you ever had an arrow shot into your shoulder? The last thing you will be doing is to SLEEP on the it! 

But it was pretty funny when he continue to pretend that his shoulder wasn't healed just to drag out her taking care of him. Her reaction was the BEST! No passive aggressive behavior with this girl. 

Talking Bones 2

I watched all 12 episodes that were released. The crimes are short stories that span about 2 episodes. It' not really like the US series called Bones, which I really, really liked. Despite the name, the "bone" detecting isn't exactly as detailed as Bones. I do like it because it is just a Chinese "Law and Order", which I have seen every episode of the original, SVU, and Criminal Intent. So this might not be up to everyone's taste, but if you like dramas along the lines of everything I've mentioned above, you should find this quite enjoyable. 

And now I'm finding all the episodes of Talking Bones, season 1.


And because I started on a crime drama binge, I went back and started watching something I bookmarked on my Viki last last year. Compared to Talking Bones, this is a much better crime/mystery drama. I'm only on episode 9, and right now, I'm finding Song Bai Yu's character fascinating.  And goodness...The ML is super good looking. The pace is fairly okay, and each crime somehow leads to another crime and more behind the scenes of some sort of over arching conspiracy.

And this is it for this week. Dine with Love has only released 1 episode πŸ˜’

Have a great week everyone!