Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #394

Anne: And the Texas weather continues to surprise us with a 30F drop in temperature from 8am to 4pm. I wish I could say that my week was filled with nothing but relaxation and show watching...but no, it was filled with anxiety that only was made worse today by brick walls that kept popping up in the middle of roads that I thought I had beaten to a perfectly flat surface. I'm hoping somebody has spent a better week than I did. And on with the one show that I managed to catch up on.

Autumn Ballad

Well...it was a happy ending after a going in a VERY big circle of some (I thought) unnecessary plot challenges for the main CP. How many saw that collaboration between Liang Yi and Yuan Lang? Maybe I missed the intricacies of the difference between Liang Yi's scheming and Yuan Lang's scheming? Was there a difference? If someone can explain it to me, it would be great!

Qiu Min...Did anyone else thought that it was really suspicious that she knew where the head eunuch was hiding? When she casually "pointed" out that there were new crates where there were none a few days ago and then stepped in front of her sister to block the arrow, I swore that I thought this entire thing was a setup to get on Qin Xuan's good side. As to why anyone would nearly kill herself just to get a guy to like her? Well...we are talking about Qiu Min, there is nothing that I didn't think she would do to get the man she wanted. But...in the end, it wasn't, but I still think the entire thing was suspicious.

I'm not sure why it was necessary to have it in the plot that Liang Yi's mom as the person who poisoned his father. I understand the reason she said, but I just cannot make that connection. And why in the world did she felt like she needed to kill herself at that moment, and why did Qiu Yan felt like she needed to lie about it to prevent Liang Yi from going into depression?

And can ANYONE please explain the whole point of the scene with the random child? Was it just to make the audience think a lot of time has passed even when it didn't? Because the child was solely for the audience, to make us come to a certain conclusion that wasn't true. Although this "teasing" of the audience down the wrong path is a constant theme throughout this show, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

One last picture of Liang Yi...

I don't know what it is about him being in civilian clothes that bothers me. He just looks so much better in uniform. I guess this is why I never took to watching Novoland Castle in the Sky II.

And this is pretty much the only thing I watched this week. It is sad, I know. I continue on my binge of Chinese crime dramas. I've finished Talking Bone 1 and caught up with the second season. Still going through the Truth...and just passed episode 17...OMG!

Here's hoping everyone will have a better week than I will.