Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #395

Anne: Hello everybody! Isn't it funny that when my son wants to do a puzzle, that is like 200 or 300 or 500 pieces, somehow it always ends up being me finishing it for him? He's always asking "Mommy find a piece that goes with this one." Understand that it has to be ONE that fits into the one he's holding in his hand. If I found two other random pieces that fit together, his follow up comment inevitably will be, "Not that one. I need one that fits into THIS one." Yes, the concept of non-sequential order of doing things completely escapes a five year's comprehension level. I don't know how I manage to complete the puzzles and watch shows and spent hours upon hours trying to get QA to align with QC and wondering why two such closely related function have a communication problem. And how I end up with my timelines affected by groups that I have no control over. Oh well... life in a regulated industry. 

On to the more interesting things... I actually started a couple of new shows.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Thank you Nahaluk for turning me onto this Korean drama. I actually binged all 4 episodes over the weekend (and just ignored the work that I needed to catch up on). The ML, Do Bae Man, became a military prosecutor, when he was promised a high paying job at a top tier law firm after completing 5 years of service, and of course loads of money for every case he "fixes". It is hard to tell whether he "fixes" cases against the truly innocent, and whether he really puts anyone in jail who really doesn't deserve it. The two examples that we are shown in the first 4 episodes definitely deserved what they got. His aunt raised him after his parents were killed in a car accident. It is also important to know that his aunt is a police detective.

The FL, Cha Woo In, has her own agenda in becoming a prosecutor, specifically targeting the division that Do Bae Man is assigned. At first, we all see he as the newbie who is too naïve for her own good. And when she gets involved with a case (handled by Do Bae Man's aunt) she shows us a whole whole new different side of her. The girl is like a female John Wick. And as he starts to investigate her background, we start to realize that she planned everything, leading him down step by step on the path she wants him to follow to come to the conclusion that she wants him to acknowledge. Even the whole entire scene where she was taken hostage at knife point was most likely planned, including when Do Bae Man stopped the assailant from stabbing her in the face. Because it was this that led him to his suspicions about her identity. And how much do I love her expression, as she is watching about 15 guys try to kill Do Bae Man.

And she proceeded to turn on music and leaned back in her chair to watch the show. The only reason she intervened was because he was taking too long and they were going be late. 

And here he is, waking up in a hospital, and in a bed so SMALL that we can't even see it, after suffering from a car wreck that she purposely caused to jog a memory that he'd forgotten about the day that his parents died in the car wreck. 

It is an interesting story that is fairly fast paced. And now I just have wait...And can I say how much i LOVE the introduction song. It is very fitting to the genre.

Legally Romance

For people who like the time travel plots and Huang Zi Tao, this is a good one to watch. I mean Zi Tao pretty much plays the exact same character he always plays, but he is also adorably an idiot in this that it makes the entire thing quite a joy to watch. Qian Wei is a legal assistant to her nemesis, Lu Xun, who is  constantly picking on her. She remains an assistant because she could never pass the bar exam, most likely due to the trauma of her dad dying on the day of her first attempt at taking the exam. And her love life is going down the drain, when she realized that her boyfriend has turned into someone that would do anything to win. So when she finds herself having traveled back in time to her college days, she is overjoyed because she can now relive her life and focus on her studies to become a great lawyer. She realized that she needs to stop focusing on getting a boyfriend and instead focus on her studies. She also made sure that she can beat Lu Xun at every chance she gets, since she's always coming second to him in every "contest" in their college years. She decides that not only should she focus on being number one, but she also needs to derail Lu Xun from his track. And what does she do? She is going to find him a girlfriend so that he loses focus, allowing her to being able to get into all the opportunities' that he was afforded in college. And it is quite funny that almost everyone can see where his interest lies, except for Qian Wei. 

And this is it for this week. BTW, I also noticed that WeTV updated their upcoming shows for Oath of Love. Can it be that it will finally be released? Did they solve the naked toros/nipple issue that caused so much issues last year? Crossing my fingers...