Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #399

Anne: This weekend I spent a good part of it helping the five year old "mine" the earth. It's basically a planet version of those excavator rocks for miniature dinosaurs. So now I have a half mined earth sitting in a layer of white dust in the middle of my husband's baking pan. So, I'll have to finish digging out all the loot to be able to use the baking pan for dinner one day this week. And like all our projects, I was the one who spent most of the time chiseling away at the "earth" and retrieving the precious stones. I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would. It is extremely satisfying as I take the little pick and scrap the "earth" away from each stone until they are freed. 

This week will be an extremely short post as I spent most of the week working as usual and watching one new show. 

Again My Life

Like the other Korean dramas on Viki, this follows a similar format of  >1 hour/ episode and with only two episodes broadcasted every week. This is a "rebirth" plot. Kim Hee Woo is a prosecutor whose purpose in life it to go after every single person, regardless of wealth or power, who is corrupt and breaking the law. Of course, his determination led him to go up against a man who has fingers into a lot people and a lot of government entities. And in his fight to take Cho Tae Seob down, he ended up being murdered by a hire killer of this target. In his death, the reaper gave him a second chance at life. She wanted Hee Woo to punish Cho Tae Seob in the mortal world, and it is obvious that this "reaper" has some grudge of her own.

Hee Woo goes back 17 years to when he was in high school. This time around, he knows what he needs to do, and is focused on fixing all the wrongs of his past. I'm only on episode 2 and he has met two people he never encountered previously, Kim Hee Ah and Lee Min Soo. And at the end of episode two, he also meets the person who killed him in his last life.

And now I have to wait about a week....

And this is it for this week. I did continue Military Prosecutor Doberman, and started and almost finished Under the Skin, based on Nahaluk and SOSsy recommendation... the crime drama is right in line with what I like. Have a great week everyone.