Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #400

Anne: As I was updating the post number, I realized that we've reached 400! I really wish I had something tremendously interesting to post for this week. But alas, my work continues to drive me insane. 

Now in the middle of this work, I have a little 5 year old asking me to buy him his next planet that he...I mean "I", can dig out the treasures to be displayed on his bookshelf. Now, he was a little short on money because he spent his money getting the last two planets, and he only had 5 dollars left. He proceeded to inform me that he wished he could loose more teeth so he can get more money to buy stuff. I looked at him and say "You don't have to lose a body part for that, you can just clean your room". Then he looked back at me for two seconds and said, "The tooth fairy isn't real right?" I'm not even sure how that response was anywhere near logical to my suggestion.

While I did watch quite a few shows this week, unfortunately, mostly what I watched is the Korean version of Leverage, which I wanted to watch when it came out and I promptly forgot. This show is a remake of the US version, so there wasn't anything too different. The best part is Roy has a dog named Elliot. (For those who do not know, Elliot is the name of the same character in the US version.)

Plus & Minus

I have really high hopes for this one. This is the story of 2 friends who grew up together, and the montage in the beginning was a pretty good fast paced snap shot of their relationship all the way up to Fu Li Gong's 18th birthday, when his best friend got a little tipsy and sort of kissed him as he passed out. And of course we have Zheng Ze Shou's little sister who is obviously the "audience" of this drama teasing her older brother and his friend. There is a second couple, but we will just not talk about them for now. 

Li Gong and Ze Shou are super cute. The sabotaging of their blind dates were quite funny. The overacting and over the top "personas" are giggle worthy. This is like the story that we want to see for Mu Ren and Li Cheng. It's silly and funny and very Taiwanese.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Why do I get the feeling that the General is using the two prosecutors to help her get rid of all her "colleagues" that she sees as standing in her way? Getting rid of one of the members of the "Patriotic Society" and dealing a defeat to the lawyer Yong Moon Goo was Hwa Young's way of slapping down the men she looked down on. 

But...so disappointed in Kang Ha Joon... How can you be so smart and an idiot at the same time? So he hands over a major piece of evidence to bring Hwa Young down to Moon Goo. I mean sure, it's probably best to let these two fight it out between themselves and save everyone the trouble, but this is so NOT cool to betray your friends. 

And did Noh Tae Nam finally cracked under the pressure of the bullying in the military? I really do not appreciate these teaser episode endings...and I have to wait a WHOLE week!

I want to leave this week with TWO very exciting shows that I've only barely started, but will definitely have to watch.

My Sassy Princess, because I have a thing for Zheng Ye Cheng. The "Princess" has an evil stepmom and on her birthday escaped to a brothel (for women, very advance of this place) to hide out from the celebrations. Shen Yan is the head of the royal investigator bureau who accidently stumbles into the "brothel" and met the very drunk Princess. This is all I watched... But if you've read MDL's description, mine is about a whole 2 lines longer...

Who Rules the World, because I like Zhao Lu Si. I have no idea what this is about with the exception of the synopsis on WeTV, which was like one sentence. I'll find out more next week.

Have a great week everyone. Let me know if anyone else has started and any opinions on these shows.