Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #401

Anne: The week continues moving on by like a speeding train...Unlike the very, very long cargo train that still runs through the middle of Houston, and right through some of the most expensive properties in the city. Can you imagine if you have to cross these train tracks on the way to work? I have seen people completely lose their minds when the train starts to slow down. It is great people watching when you are stuck in traffic for like 15 to 20 minutes. 

I am still catching up on Korean crime dramas adapted from US TV shows, the newest one is Criminal Minds (Korea). But, let's get to the shows that I've watched in the past week.

The Killer is Also Romantic

Let's start this week with a cute, funny, and short drama that I LOVED! I've posted before about these super short dramas that Mango puts out usually without much fanfare. The actors/actresses are never anyone I've ever seen. Sometimes the shows are horrible, but quite a few I found to be quite good. Take this one. It's about two people who met and fell in love, and both not knowing that the person they were married to was an assassin. As most people have pointed out, it is the Chinese costume version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

Si Xiao Nian owns a garment shop. Yan Wu Ming is a doctor. (Understand that neither of them really care whether they get paid or not because they are both very wealthy.) They fell in love and got married. Each episode is about 10 minutes and there are only 18 episodes. I love how the story started, with their personal servants praising each of their respective employers. But what they say versus what those respective employers were currently "doing" were completely at odds. 

Si Xiao Nian has a sister, Si Bao Er, with poor eye sight, who is a weapon maker and specialist. The best is watching Xian Nian trying to be quiet and docile when her true personality keeps popping through. She also tries to hide her love of drinking and hides alcohol all over her house. This led her sister to create a wine with no alcohol scent but gets you drunk twice as fast.

There is also Wen Fang, Wu Ming's personal servant who is constantly complaining about not being given any "missions". 

And how they each tried to "hide" their real professions are hilarious!

I highly recommend this. 

My Sassy Princess

I really, really tried to like this, but after 1.5 episodes, I don't know if I can handle any more of the princess's stalker behavior. I keep seeing fairly good ratings on this, and I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Does this get better and less cringy? Will I start liking the FL at least even a little bit? I'm watching this and can only think about every single villainous FL of every other show who exhibited this behavior. I will probably give this one more try and hope for the best.

Who Rules the World

This one, I liked better than Sassy Princess, mostly because the FL has something that she's doing, on her OWN! This scene pretty much covers their interactions in the first 4 episodes. Hei Feng Xi always around, helping in the background. And Bai Feng Xi is just not that happy to see him most of the time. The suppressed and very stifled mis-understanding is immense! I just need sometime to sit through 40 episodes. 

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

I started this because the Taiwanese BL Plus and Minus is so slow coming out with episodes. After only a little into the 3rd episode, I'm finding this a very sweet drama. It is obvious from the beginning that Tae Seong avoided Hae Bom for a very obvious reason. And it was only after they ended up in the same class that Tae Seong starts to spend more time with Hae Bom. I can't wait until I have more time to finish this!

KinnPorsche, the series

I finally started this and watched all 3 episodes in one sitting. Kinn's family is a massive mess of craziness. 

When Kinn's younger brother, Kim, was hugging his fish that died because Porsche peed into his pond, I was laughing instead of feeling sad for him. One, the fish isn't dead. You can clearly see the orange one's mouth moving. (I hope they put the fish back after filming.) I am little confused how this family remained in power, but I just figured that it's a Thai drama so we'll just go with it. I'm not exactly sure what the plot is except that for some reason Kinn's dad wanted Porsche to be hired as a body guard. Someone want to kill Kinn. And Kinn has a crush on Porsche.

Both leads are pretty hot though...so I am enjoying that!

That's the end for this week. Hope everyone has a great week show watching, and don't work too hard.