Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #402

Anne: This was the first weekend in a LONG time that I did not spent doing work. However, this technically means that I just ended up procrastinating, and that I probably would have used my time better if I caught up with some things. Do I regret it...Of course not! I got to spend time playing 4 rounds of Mahjong with the elders while the five year old kept announcing to the rest of the table how many "pairs" I have. Good thing that boy doesn't know how to play the game. 

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Well....everything ended as it should. All the bad guys were caught and sent to prison or executed. Cha Woo In got her father's company back, when Noh Tae Nam gave her all his shares of the company. The troubled boy who sealed his mother's fate at trial by testifying against her ended up in the place where he was the happiest: animal shelter. The Doberman remained with Do Bae Man, who remained in his role in the military. And our best supporting male lead, Kang Han Joon did not betray his friends after all, and deliberately entered into a criminal act with Moon Goo to get enough dirt to bring down the entire "secret" group. This is an admiration and devotion that I can never get my head around. 

And how cute it is that the only couple to get together in the entire show was Do Bae Man's aunt and his boss, Joo Hyuk.

It was a good watch.

Again My Life

I've posted about this when I started it a few weeks ago, and I haven't gotten back to it until this week. The beginning of this show did seem a bit slow and very cliché and going down the normal revenge drama's route. But the more I watch, the more addicted I've become to this story. The first two episodes were setting the stage, telling us who Kim Hee Woo is, why he died, how he was able to go back and re-live his life, how the things he changed altered the people he met and brought him new people he's never met before. The effect he had on these people's life, and what we are seeing is how he is building his group of people. The plot is intricate, and he starts to put together all the connections that Cho Tae Seob had built from the very beginning, and all the events that Cho Tae Seob set in motion to get to where he could order a hitman to kill anyone who stand in his way. 

This show has brought another actor into my favorite's list: Lee Joon Gi. I loved him in Lawless Lawyer, and I'm watching the Korean version of Criminal Minds because of him. I'm starting to watch Flower of Evil, even though this is certainly not my type of drama. With only one episode airing a week, I'm always watching the days.

And that is pretty much yet for this week. I got derailed by BL dramas on Viki and the short dramas on Mango. I've also started a bunch of shows....

Master of My Own (hm...it's okay but kind of like Secretary Kim without the delusional boss), 

The Wind Blows from Longxi (hm...really long winded and wayyyyy too serious for me right now...it's like the The Longest Day in Chang'an but without the action)

Love in a Loop (wow....the many ways that this man has died was in double digits by the end of episode 1, and it's only 30 minutes per episode...It's ridiculous...not the best acting...and some of the scenes are kind of laugh-out-loud funny.)

Have a great week everyone, while I try to catch up on work and make sure that I don't get too far behind!